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    Sunday, March 15, 2015

    Dr Linda Shelton attacked by Cook County Court injustice system & Cook County Sheriff

    If you want to see more posts from Shelton and evidence of corruption in the Cook County injustice system, then stand-up for Shelton by coming to court and assisting her with finding civil rights and defense attorneys as well as help her raise funds for her defense.  Read more here.

    Friday, November 9, 2012

    Stop police and court abuse of children in child protection cases - Urgent issue - Thousands of U.S. children in harms way

    Courts in this country under the guise of nice sounding laws daily take children from loving parents for profit based on hearsay and without due process. This is a national crisis. The numbers are staggering. This produces life long affects on mental health, education, and productivity, as well as destroys the family structure, something that in the U.S. is being clobbered from all sides. Please read this post and ACT.



    Also send your request to the U.S. Attorney Eric Holder at:

    U.S. Attorney Eric Holder
    U.S. Department of Justice
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20530-0001

    e-mail =

    Office of the Attorney General of the United States (202) 514-2001


    Sunday, November 4, 2012

    Candidate for Illinois Supreme Court accepts bribe to fix case

    The following are links to the evidence proving that Cook County Circuit Court Probate Judge James Riley accepted bribes to fix a case. This is the tip of the iceberg of Graylord 2.
    Also the links for three cases presently before the U.S.Supreme Court concerning judicial corruption and treason are also presented that reveal extensive pervasive and systemic corruption and lawlessness in the Cook County Courts. Please write U.S. Attorney Eric Holder and ask for an investigation:
    U.S. Attorney Eric Holder
    U.S. Department of Justice
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20530-0001
    e-mail =
    Office of the Attorney General of the United States
    (202) 514-2001

    These three cases are presently pro se before the U.S. Supreme Court.

    U.S. Supreme Court Docketed 12-6561

    The links to the Appendices for this petition (3 volumes) is as follows:
    U.S. Supreme Court Case no 11-10814
    The first Supplement to this petition is as follows: Supplement-to-Petition-for-Writ-of-Mandamus-to-U-S-Supreme-Court
    The third Supplement to this petition and the appendix to the supplement are as follows:
    I filed a 2nd Supplement - a transcript which I haven't posted yet, but which is attached. I am scanning them into the Scribd web site and will have a link soon.
    Note that Shelton was also unlawfully and maliciously arrested by order of this arrogant, ignorant, malicious, and dishonorable Judge Peggy Chiampas on a case which she had won by the Oak Lawn police and on warrants that had been withdrawn, who likely were told to do so by corrupt Cook County Sheriff staff.
    The supplement to this petition that was filed with the U.S. Supreme Court is as follows:
    We have also uncovered millions of dollars of felony federal funding fraud in divorce cases. You can read about this at the web sites that follow about Cook County Judges, although this is happening in all counties in Illinois.
    U.S. Supreme Court case no 11-10790
    The following petition for writ of certiorari, U.S. Supreme Court case no 11-10790, is just one case that illustrates the systemic problems in the court system. It is concerning a divorce case where David Bambic wrongfully, unconstitutionally, and unjustly lost custody of his children and falsely is accused of being dangerous to his children due to lies and hearsay from his drug addicted ex-wife, Catherine Wood, who was given custody, while the court is refusing to acknowledge that the Department of Children and Family Services invested the accusations against him by his ex-wife and determined them to be unfounded which proves the judge’s orders for custody and the divorce are illegal and void. Coincidentally Ms Wood worked in an Indian American Health as a drug-addiction counselor. She steals drugs from her clients.
    This reveals that it is a systemic problem that judges deny due process, violate statutes and give kids to the abusing parent based solely on hearsay.
    I hope you will spread around these links. Any assistance in obtaining pro bono legal assistance and press coverage will be appreciated.
    A lot more information about this systemic and pervasive corruption throughout the Cook County Court system can be found at these web sites:
    I and many others have sent out hundreds of FOIAs and have now been able to determine the paper trail as to how federal funds are being misused.
    The machine however has a strangle hold over the press and none of you will cover any of this.
    The US S Ct denied the latter two cases and petitions for rehearing are pending. Clearly if they don't issue summary orders concerning these cases then they are refusing to enforce their own rulings and constitutional rights.
    Linda Lorincz Shelton, PhD, MD
    Stop Illinois Corruption
    David Bambic
    Illinois Representative for

    and many others including 400,000 members of

    Thursday, October 4, 2012

    Judge Polito in Will County, IL, watches porn on court computers and still a judge!

    Judge Joseph C. Polito, in Will County, IL, in the Twelfe Judicial Circuit Courts was caught using court computers for six months to look up porn sites, yet the Will County States Attorney has not indicted him for misuse of funds or illegal use of government property.

    He gets paid $170,000 by taxpayers to look up and watch pornography.

    This picture of David Bambic protesting this fact says it all!  "Pornlito" has presided over many family court cases.  They should all be reviewed due to his biases. How many sexual abusers have been wrongfully given custody of their children?


    Monday, September 3, 2012

    Illinois eavesdropping law ruled unconstitutional - Melongo released after two years in jail - Lisa Madigan's "role"

    Good news is that Annabel Melongo is now out of jail after being wrongfully incarcerated for two years with grossly excessive bail set by the incompetent and Dishonorable Judge Mary Margaret Brosnahan on two fraudulent charges of eavesdropping ($30,000 bail) allegedly for recording phone conversations with a court reporter and for remote computer tampering ($500,000 bail increased from personal recognizance when arrested for eavesdropping then reduced to $300,000 and then reduced to personal recognizance bail when eavesdropping  charge dropped).  Tell me why recording conversations with a court reporter, a public employee, is a crime! Write your legislator to change this law!

    The complete story about Melongo is on a web site that purportedly was written by Melongo here. Apparently Carol Spizzirri, CEO of now defunct Save-A-Life foundation that had through fraud obtained millions in government grants from Homeland Security, Illinois, Chicago Public Schools and many other agencies by snowing such prominent politicians as Chicago Public Schools Chairman (now Secretary of Education) Arne Duncan, Sen. Richard Devine, Rep. Jan Shakowsky, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and many others, who failed to use due diligence to check her out. Spizzirri put on her government grant applications that she was a senior nurse, although she was never more than a candy striper. She is a big con artist.

    It is particularly surprising that Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has not indicted her and cannot explain how the $50,000 her office gave to SALF was spent.

    Melongo is still fighting the charge of computer tampering.  Her pending motion to dismiss is here.

    Dr. Linda Shelton tried to get her out of jail with filing two next-friend petitions for writs of habeas corpus - read them here and here.  For this LEGAL act she was charged with contempt of court and summarily, unconstitutionally sentenced to 16 months in jail.  The Illinois courts all the way up to the Illinois Supreme Court have been violating the law.  So her appeal has now been sent to the U.S. Supreme Court - read it here. Her complete story about this whole situation with many links is on this blog here.

    It appears that the State of Illinois, pushed by IL AG Lisa Madigan and certain judges will go out of their way spending millions on fraudulent prosecutions of Shelton and Melongo to discredit them and keep this story out of the public eye.

    Its time the public spoke up.  PLEASE WRITE THE FOLLOWING OFFICIALS AND COMPLAIN about the wasteful use of your tax dollars and the cover-up of corruption and fraud!

    Cook County Board President Tony Preckwinkle
    118 N. Clark Street Room 537
    Chicago, IL 60602
    Phone: (312) 603-6400
    Fax: (312) 443-4397

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel
    City Hall
    121 N. LaSalle Street
    Chicago, Illinois 60602
    By Phone:
    Dial 311 (within Chicago)
    If calling from outside of Chicago, call: 312.744.5000

    The Honorable Eric Holder
    United States Attorney
    Attention: Public Corruption Task Force (Re: Judiciary)
    U.S. Department of Justice
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20530-0001

    US Attorney for Northern Illinois
    United States Attorney’s Office
    Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division
    219 S. Dearborn St., 5th Floor
    Chicago, IL 60604
    Phone: (312) 353-5300

    United States Judicial Conference
    Care of Honorable Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court
    The Honorable John Roberts
    United States Supreme Court
    1 First Street, N.E.
    Washington, DC 20543

    The following are excerpts from Melogo's Internet web site which gives all the details about her cases including copies of all legal documents, discovery, and orders.

    How It All Started

    ·  April 27th, 2006 : discussion arose between Carol Spizzirri and Annabel Melongo on salary issues. Carol Spizzirri wanted to pay her 47K for being both the computer software and network administrator but Annabel wanted 60K. An agreement was never reached, so Annabel was fired.
    ·  April 28th, 2006: Annabel called to inquire about her check. She's told to pick it up coming Monday, May1st, 2006.
    ·  May 1st, 2006: Annabel stopped at SALF on her way to Chicago. While waiting for her check, Saquan Gholar and Bob Cokinis informed her of computer issues. She's told some people can't access the network to view files whereas some can. This is later confirmed by other employees. After receiving her check, she demanded to see Carol . Carol was in a meeting with Rita Mullins, the former palatine mayor. On her way back from Chicago, she stopped again at SALF to see Carol, which still wasn't available. She then called Vince Davis, one of Carol's manager and she's told that the computer issues were taken care of and that her help wasn't needed. Later that day, she gets an email forwarded to her, in the email she's accused of creating the incident. She replied to the email by forwarding it to various SALF employees and calling Carol a pathological liar. Other than requesting tax documents months later, that's the last time Annabel was in touch with SALF officially. Little did she know that this small incident will spawn a case that will challenge Illinois' political and legal system.


    Timeline With ABC Report

    For an untrained eye, it seems ABC investigative report has nothing to do with Annabel's case. Well, not so fast!!! ABC report might have well triggered the senseless complaint even though the investigation conducted by the Attorney General Office didn't warrant such charges.

    Let's look closer at the timeline. At the end of the report, [Emmy award-winning investigative reporter] Chuck Goudie says, "After terminating that interview three weeks ago...." The report aired November 16th, 2006. Which means the actual interview took place around October 26th, 2006. The charges, the arrest warrant, the complaint and the detective visit to Annabel's apartment all happened on October 31th, 2006. More over, ABC didn't just walk to SALF without warning. Common sense dictates, a notice was given to the organization to prepare for the interview. The nicely decorated room testify to that. Let's say ABC gave SALF 3-4 weeks notice, it then becomes apparent that SALF knew of ABC's visit around September 29th - October 6th, 2006. Are you curious to know when the Attorney General Office called the meeting to determine the charges? October 20th, 2006. Bingo!!!

    Here's what might have happened. SALF had an ongoing project estimated at around 40M with the Homeland Security which would have propelled the organization nationwide. However, it had no statistics proving the 1.6 million children being trained claim. Also it was legally in big troubles for unaccounted federal and state money. With the help of Lisa Madigan office, a black ship had to be created. Annabel, the helpless black sheep, was then charged to have remotely deleted all the files in the organization along with all the quickbooks and the annual reports that SALF ever had. Moreover, Carol's credibility having taken a toll at the end of the interview, the charges became the means to discourage further investigation. In that way, even when the ABC report aired, she still had the weapon to tell America and the Homeland Security ( See Section 'Who's Carol Spizzirri' ) to overlook her lies and to consider the fact that over 1.6 Million children were trained even though she couldn't prove it. Very clever!!!
    By unknown on web site

    Like actor Jack Nicholson in the movie A Few Good Men [from Wikepedia - "a 1992 American drama film directed by Rob Reiner and starring Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, and Demi Moore. It was adapted for the screen by Aaron Sorkin from his play of the same name. A courtroom drama, the film revolves around the court martial of two U.S. Marines charged with the murder of a fellow Marine and the tribulations of their lawyer as he prepares a case to defend his clients"]

    Here's "what [Illinois Attorney General ]Lisa Madigan might say [about corrupt Save-A-Life Foundation and their felony funding fraud - obtaining government grants from Homeland Security, Chicago Public Schools, State of Illinois, etc.]
    You can't handle the truth. Son, we live in a world with expensive political campaigns and those campaigns need to be financed by someone. Who's going to do it? You Annabel Melongo? You ABC? I have a greater gubernatorial ambition that you can possibly fathom. You weep for the money and curse Carol Spizzirri. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what a campaign costs. Carol Spizzirri's though full of lies and deceptions saves political lives. My refusal to prosecute Jon Burge though calculated and incomprehensible to you saves my career. I don't want them prosecuted because deep down I know that's what we do in Illinois. I need Carol Spizzirri in that role. I want her in that role. In Illinois we use words like earmarks, connections, pay-to-play. We use these words as the backbone of our politics. Other states use them as punch lines. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to people who rise and sleep under the blanket of the legal system I provide and then question the manner in which I provide it. I would rather want they say thank you and go on their way otherwise I suggest they go through a campaign. Either way, I don't give a damn what people think they're entitle to.” “
    Illinois Pay-to-Play articles:


    Articles by Shelton:

    Wednesday, March 14, 2012

    Illinois House Endorses Extortion of Parents in Family Court

    The family courts allow court-appointed child representatives and guardian ad litems in divorce court (family court) to extort families and impoverish them by ordering payment to them of $300 to $1200 per hr - often with final bills of  >> $50,000, in addition to paying outrageous rates to private attorneys for each parent, as well as paying for psychological counselors and other court appointed persons who evaluate the family situation.  As the average American family makes around $40,000 - $60,000, this guarantees that families will be impoverished. then the judges order the families home sold, children's college funds  confiscated, and all assets sold to pay these fees.

    This surely is not in the best interest of the children as the state law mandates!

    Stand up and be counted - complain to the press, your House Representative, your State Senator, you Illinois Senator Durbin, and your Illinois Representative,  and your Cook County Board Member.

    March 14, 2012
    TO: All Members of Judiciary I- Civil Law Committee

    FROM: Milijana Vlastelica, On behalf of all victims of court-ordered child representation

    Subject: The Judiciary’s Objection to $150/Hour Fee Cap to the Court-Appointed

    Children’s Attorneys as Provided in House Bill 5544 Deviates from the

    Legislature’s Established Practices; Some Possible Solutions

    Most of us are still recovering from the Judiciary’s objection [February 29, 2012] to establishing the fee caps for the court-appointed children’s attorneys in divorce cases especially that this objection is not in sync with the Legislature’s well-established practice to set the exact hourly rate for other types of court-appointed attorneys. For example, in death-penalty cases, the Legislature did not leave it up to the court-appointed private attorney to set his own hourly rate, but it capped his fees at $125/hour (adjusted for COLA) per 725 ILCS 124-10. In non-death penalty cases, attorney’s fees are based on 725 ILCS 5/113-3, set at $40/hour for court time and $30/hour for non-court times.

    Therefore, it is difficult to comprehend where this rationale, which some Representatives expressed that the court-appointed children’s attorney should be making as much money as privately retained attorneys, comes from.

    Our research indicates that nowhere in this country are the court-appointed attorneys allowed to set their own hourly rate except in Illinois in the Family Court.

    Per the attached research article entitled, “Issues Relating to Guardians ad Litem”, dated January 2003, the Hawaii Legislative Reference Bureau conducted a study of the practices that exist in Hawaii and on the mainland with respect to guardian ad litem and appointed counsel in child protective cases and in the Family Court. The Bureau’s research reveals that the court-appointed guardians in other states are paid either flat fee per case or block of cases per contract or fixed hourly rate. For example, in Alaska attorney GALs receive $70 to $80 an hour; in Arkansas, guardian ad litems are salaried between $37,000 - $57,000 per year depending on experience; Attorney ad litem contractors who are part-time receive $800 per case per year; In California, Contract attorneys are paid flat rates per event. The juvenile court panel of attorneys are compensated at a rate of $75 per hour in court and $50 for out of court work. If an attorney had twenty-five cases, the attorney would receive $20,000 per year; In Colorado, some attorneys were compensated on an hourly basis and others on a flat-fee basis; most attorneys who represent children in dependency and neglect cases currently are paid a flat fee of $1,040 per case for 24 months of representation. If the case has not yet closed after 24 months, attorneys may bill at hourly rates of $45 for out-of court work and $55 for in-court work (which is the same rate paid to other public attorneys in Colorado).

    Upon the Hawaii Legislative Bureau’s comprehensive research, the Bureau concluded and recommended that, “Attorneys providing guardian ad litem services should be compensated equivalent to other ‘public service’ attorneys”.

    Here in Illinois, without any formal studies, some members of Judiciary concluded that the court-appointed children’s attorney in divorce cases, should be making as much money as mom’s and dad’s privately retained attorneys. As shown above, this practice deviates from the well-established standards that the Illinois Legislature adopted in the past which is to cap the fees for all court-appointed attorneys; and, it also deviates from the standards established by the rest of the United States.

    Therefore, this letter is a plea to those members of Judiciary to reconsider their position, and to realize that the only solution is capping the fees at $150/hour or establishing some type of flat amounts.

    If we set the court-appointed children’s attorneys fee to be a flat $1000 per case as some other states are doing it, but with the explicit provisions that they cannot withdraw from the case until the case is concluded, and that they must attend all hearings and all status dates where they are not needed (because they are currently doing it, and billing the parents), I guarantee that all the cases would be concluded much faster. The divorcing parents would have money left for their children’s education; the courts would not be overbooked; we may not need as many family court judges, and this would help the Illinois budget as well.

    In the alternative, if some Representatives continue objecting to the fee cap of $150/hour and/or insist that the court-appointed child representative should be making as much money as privately retained mom’s and dad’s attorneys, then, perhaps the Legislature can afford the parents some remedy by revoking the absolute immunity that the Courts recently gave to the court-appointed children’s attorneys. If the court-appointed children’s attorneys want to be, and deserve to be at the same pay level or higher than the mom’s and dad’s privately retained attorneys, then they also should be held accountable for their actions and professional negligence. If mom’s or dad’s attorney provides substandard level of service, he or she can be sued for legal malpractice. The court-appointed child representatives, on the other hand, cannot be sued for professional negligence or intentional tort no matter how much they damage the child. Nowhere on Planet Earth does this exist that a private professional in a capacity of a court-appointee sets his own hourly rate, can make as much as one million in annual revenue, and not be held liable for his work or lack thereof.

    In addition, I would recommend that the judges have no input as to which private attorney is awarded these appointments. Currently, the same judges always appoint the same child representatives. This practice, where a trial court can award an extremely lucrative business to a private attorney, provides a breeding ground for corruption, whether it is happening or not.

    Saturday, January 28, 2012

    Torture of Dr Linda Shelton in Illinois prison after wrongful conviction

    In Albuquerque, N.M. a federal jury awarded $22 million to Stephen Slevin, 58, for civil rights damages because he was kept in solitary confinement for two years and forced to pull his own tooth after being arrested for drunken driving, even though never convicted. He never saw a judge! Slevin was arrested while driving through the southern New Mexico county of Dona Ana in August 2005. He ended up in solitary confinement because he was suffering from depression and someone checked a box on a form indicating he was suicidal according to his attorney Matt Coyte. Although given drugs for depression he never saw a doctor until weeks before his release. Slevin was released in June 2007.  "He was stuck in a 6-foot-by-11-foot cell with a concrete bench for a bed. And he sat in that cell. We had documentary evidence that he didn’t get out for anything — for recreation, a shower — for months at a time,” according to his attorney. For more details see Washington Post article here.

    The same thing happened to me (Dr. Linda Lorincz Shelton). I was wrongfully convicted of aggravated battery of an officer (ramming him with my wheelchair) - when Cook Co Dept of Corrections Sgt Anthony Salemi attacked me, falsified his records, and committed perjury. I was sentenced to two years.

    For details of what happened and why I am innocent, read my appeal here and another blog post here

    Read the outrageous improper unconstitutional IL Appellate Court decision where they ignored my arguments and the law and denied my appeal based on defamatory ad hominem attacks against me making all sorts of false statements about me that were not in the trial record and that they got through hearsay from other corrupt officials here.

    Read a detailed description of what happened here.

    At the IL Dept of Corrections Dwight Correctional Center, despite being disabled and very sick at the time (unable to walk due to starvation and dehydration and having diarrhea all over myself), I was punished with solitary confinement for months- denied water for four days when I arrived, while unable to sit up and get to the water fountain in the cell - denied underwear, wash cloth, towel, soap or anything in the cell except a suicide smock and two inch mattress on the floor - yes this means I was swimming in diarrhea and yelled at for messing myself - because the Cook County Jail falsely told them in order to torture me that I was faking my medical problems ( I have a partial right hemiparesis, heart and lung disorders, and chronic pain) - denied appropriate medications - not let out of the cell for even an hour a day - denied all phone calls - they ignored everything I said. They failed to forward, even rudimentary medical records or follow up on them for days. I did not shower for months - as the shower in unit was so cold it aggravated my neurological problems and when I did shower made my legs turn blue and painful for hours, etc.

    When I had a severe, life-threatening reaction to the food (all the meat is soy substitute and heavily loaded with artificial chemicals, flavors and coloring), (briefly stopped breathing with severe respiratory distress requiring emergency IV medications - a nurse saved me), they said they "fixed my allergy to the food" by pureeing the food! That's like giving peanut butter to someone allergic to peanuts! The Director of the medical unit was a nurse practitioner!!! So, instead of playing Russian Roulette with the food, I didn't eat, starved and lost 60 lbs in a few months. I was so dehydrated with such abnormal blood tests that I had to be treated in an emergency room immediately after being released. The prison Dr. Shiker said nothing was wrong with me!! The medical care is provided by incompetent staff from Wexford Medical Group. They make profits by not sending inmates to the hospital, even when it is needed.

    This happened in 2008. I am still fighting to be vindicated and to have Sgt Anthony Salemi arrested for perjury and battery of me. Another  post containing details of this unlawful arrest and wrongful conviction is here. I am still fighting to have the Cook County Assistant States Attorney John Maher and Andrew Dalkin arrested for Nifong-like prosecutorial misconduct and Judge Joseph Kazmierski removed from the bench for judicial misconduct. It was like the Salem Witch Trials in terms of denial of due process and allowing illegal defamation of me by the prosecutors.

    The bottom line is I am innocent. My physicians, both Dr. Joan Briller in cardiology and Dr. Boris Vern, a neurologist testified that it was  physically impossible for me to have raised both legs and kicked the officer in the chest due to spinal cord injury and partial paralysis of right leg, along with the severe dehydration (and resulting weakness proven by blood tests). The law states that if a doctor testifies to a situation and his testimony is not refuted by a doctor from the other side (state's attorney) then the statements made by the doctor must be considered true by the juryIn Interest of Ashley K., 212 Ill.App.3d 849, 156 Ill.Dec.925, 571 N.E.2d 905, 930 (Ill. App. 1st Dist.. 1991) [“Expert medical testimony and medical evidence are by their nature too recondite to be refuted by nonmedical testimony. . . . It is therefore plain that the circuit court erred. The circuit court cannot disregard expert medical testimony that is not countervailed by other competent medical testimony or medical evidence. Moreover, the circuit court, itself, cannot second-guess medical experts. If the circuit court does not follow medical evidence that is not refuted by other medical evidence, the circuit court is acting contrary to the evidence.” ]

    Please write the U. S Attorney General and ask her to assign a team to investigate this and interview me. They need to clean up the IL Dept of Corrections (IDOC). They need to clean up the Cook County courts and arrest corrupt judges. They need to clean up the corrupt prosecutors and make them lose their law license.

    Please contact the news media and ask them to cover this story. Send them a copy of this post. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I have lots of evidence of this happening to others.

    Please write to:
    U.S. Attorney General, Loretta E. Lynch 
    U.S. Department of Justice
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20530-0001