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    Wednesday, November 12, 2008

    Corrupt Blagojevic Considers Corrupt Lisa Madigan to Replace Obama in Senate

    News media are reporting that Gov. Rod Blagojevic is considering appointing Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan as a United States Senator from Illinois to replace President-Elect Obama who must now resign his Senate seat.

    This makes perfect sense for Blagojevic. Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan has been constantly challenging and impeding the Governor's agenda so that Blagojevic looks bad to the voters. His agenda is to replace Blagojevic with his daughter, the least qualified and most imcompetent Attorney General in the history of Illinois.

    Ask yourself who controls the political fund "Friends of Madigan" which rumor has it is used to launder the 10% kickback (bribe) needed to obtain contracts in C[r]ook County and Illinois. Perhaps US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald has traced the money trail from contractors to this fund, but I doubt it as the US Attorney's office and FBI work SOOOOO slow!

    AG Madigan hasn't even been able to handle a simple matter that is her responsibility - providing parking spaces for the handicapped. Look at downtown Chicago as well as the Daley Center courthouse. It is impossible to find handicapped parking. Look at the new Domestic Violence courthouse at 555 W. Harrison - 4 handicapped spaces that are always filled by 7:30 by employees. A handicapped person has to pay for parking next door at a high fee and the lot is probably owned or invested in by some friend of the cabal of corruption in Illinois, C[r]ook County, and Chicago politicians. Everything in Illinois is handled by nepotism or patronage. We generally don't go with the most qualified person - that would not permit bloating the payroll with unnecessary patronage jobs so that the politicians have an army of supporters at their beck and call. The only other option is parking 3-4 blocks away.

    I wrote her office a letter asking her to deal with this issue and despite the fact that is one of her responsibilities as AG her staff concluded they could not get involved. I have referred this issue to the disabilities rights section of the Justice Department in Washington, D.C. I don't expect action however, as the U.S. Attorney's office is pretty dysfunctional and slow.

    Look at AG Madigan's handling of sex offenders. All hot air! She has done nothing to improve safety in the community by helping them find places to live where they are not concentrated in poor inner city communities, or ways to decrease recitivism by helping ex-cons find jobs. It doesn't prevent sex crimes to harass 95 % of sex offenders who really are low risk to the community (Johns who were serviced by unknowing to them underage prostitutes, 19 year olds having sex with 17 year olds, etc.). We need to focus on the 5 % or so sex offenders who are truly dangerous and find ways to monitor them and supervise them better. All we are doing is teaching 95 % of sex offenders to be thieves or commit other crimes as they now have no place to live and no means of support.

    With our failed 40 year experient on being "tough on crime" where we have incarcerated 40 times the number of people as any other civilized country, where we have eliminated rehabilitation in prison (no education available other than high school equivilency, cooking, training dogs, a little furniture assembly, and beautician school), have made parole and re-integration into society a joke with a parole call-in number that is busy even after calling it 30 times, with parole agents that are the poorest trained in the nation, with almost no programs for job -training in prison or after prison, no health care when a person is released, no place to live and no help getting a place to live, and no job opportunities or drug treatment (except for a new but have you effective pilot program at Sheridan) we now are reaping the benefits of this failed program. There is a huge increase in new releases from prison (> 600,000 per year in U.S.). All these ex-cons who have been denied rehabilitative training in prison and given long prison sentences are now being released, without drug addiction treatment or mental health care. I expect a rapid increase in the crime rate over the next decade. Has AG Madigan shown ANY leadership in this area? We have only punished and destroyed potentially useful lives (and their families), as well as added to our economic crisis (10 % of population is employed in prison-industrial complex, all those prisoners are not contributing to the tax base, and their families end up on welfare and are a burden to taxpayers), including many who are innocent with our runaway [in]justice system. This only leads to anger which will spill over on the streets.

    Why would we want a Senator who hasn't even shown leadership in her present job?

    Perhaps the Press will look into several Federal Habeas Petitions pending before Hon. Judge Coar that reveal that Lisa Madigan has violated her oath of office and is without legal authority maliciously prosecuting providers of mental health care to persons on Medicaid in a scheme to deny payment for mental health care for persons on Medicaid. This will save the State plenty of money, increase the crime rate because those with mental illness may not obtain treatment and end up on the streets or committing crimes [I do NOT want to imply that mental illness necessarily means a person will commit a crime, but it is true that those that are seriously mentally ill with psychosis and drug addiction are disproportionately represented in the prison population in Illinois]. I believe that if our society did provide adequate mental health treatment for all that thousands would benefit by being able to be productive members of society and the many crimes resulting from their psychosis or drug addiction would vastly decrease.

    She should be helping providers service Medicaid patients instead of decimating mental health care in Illinois!

    The federal case numbers and name of both cases, where the pleadings can be obtained on line through PACER are: Shelton v. Cook County Circuit Court; 08 C 4627 and 08 C 6216. I also have a federal civil rights suit against Lisa Madigan for violation of civil rights under color of law, malicious prosecution, false imprisonment, etc. See: Shelton v. Madigan 06 C 4259.

    Look also at my other posts on this blog concerning Cook County Jail and the civil rights violations, abuse of prisoners, illegal drugging of prisoners, and murder of prisoners by guards, as well as the post about the scheme of Illinois Medicaid to deny mental health care to those on Medicaid. Has AG Madigan done anything about these crimes? No! - she just covers it up and is part of it. Read my federal suits!

    If Blagojevic appoints Lisa Madigan Senator to replace Obama, then he will do what all good politicians do to get rid of an unwanted rival - promote her to a position where she is out of the picture. Typical Illinois politics! I await the day when both Blagojevic and Lisa Madigan are indicted and put away. Illinois doesn't deserve these criminals. I just wish that US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald wasn't so slow about indictments. Justice delayed is justice denied and it costs lives!

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