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    Sunday, May 17, 2009

    Judge Maddux Runs Law Division Cook County Court as Criminal Enterprise - Dr Linda Shelton Unlawfully Arrested

    Circuit Court of Cook County Law Division Presiding Judge William Maddux blatantly violates constitutional rights of litigants and runs the Circuit Court of Cook County Law Division as a criminal enterprise to enrich the County of Cook Circuit Court Clerk’s Office and Sheriff’s Office. He requires indigent plaintiffs to pay-to-play in regards to enforcing their rights to redress of grievances by filing a suit. He illegally denies indigency petitions. He illegally orders his clerks to refuse to give the litigant a copy of the order granting or denying the indigency petition.

    Dr. Linda Shelton unlawfully arrested by A/C Nolan of the Cook County Sheriff's Office when she tried to get Sheriff to enforce her right to sue as an indigent person. Sheriff Dart and Court Clerk Dorothy Brown aiding and abetting, or participating in this RICO crime. This is racketeering to enrich a criminal enterprise - the Circuit Court of Cook County and the Cook County Sheriff's Office. This also illegally denies the right of citizens in Illinois to sue corrupt officials and police in C[r]ook County Illinois and Chicago.

    For details please read the following document:

    If you wish to help fight this corruption please donate to Dr Linda Shelton's legal fund:

    Make checks payable to J. Nicolas Albukerk & Associates
    Write on them - "for Dr. Linda Shelton legal fund

    C/O J. Nicolas Albukerk and Associates
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