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    Sunday, July 19, 2009

    Illinois Parole System a Fraud - Endangers the Public

    I have now filed an Illinois Appellate Court appeal of a civil case I brought, pro se (through self-representation) in the public interest. If there are any pro bono attorneys who care about society and wish to help me, please contact me at

    If you are reading this blog, you are aware that I was wrongfully convicted of aggravated battery to a correctional officer in 2007 and sentenced to two years IDOC and one year mandatory supervised release (parole). I served the minimum of 6 months and one year parole. The facts are that I am innocent. The corrupt officer, Sgt. Anthony Salemi, attacked me in my wheelchair while I was wrongfully incarcerated, falsified his records, said I attacked him, committed perjury at trial, and the prosecuters committed extreme prosecutorial misconduct while the judge denied due process. See my appeal:

    During the parole time, I discovered that the parole system is a sham with incompetent sociopathic and undertrained parole officers who are not supervised properly. My parole officer, Victoria Dockery (alias Pork), supposedly supervised by P/A Dana Travis falsified her records and issued an arrest warrant for me that was on the books for five months and the fugitive apprehension unit of the IDOC NEVER EVER attempted to capture or find me.

    I am disabled, live with my father, was hospitalized several times during this period for a heart procedure and stroke like symptoms. Therefore, I am NOT difficult to find. I also appeared in both federal and state court on criminal cases and on my civil cases more than 30 times and no officer even attempted to arrest me for this warrant, despite the fact I am on their "escort" list as a danger for unknown reasons (because I sue corrupt officials). Apparently the fugitive apprehension unit is a joke and exists on paper only. The Director of the parole division of IDOC was informed of all this and has done nothing. Apparently he is also being paid fraudulently for doing nothing.

    The Dir. of IDOC also admitted to me in writing that the IDOC contracts with a private agency to maintain a parolee check-in telephone number but they don't have a contract. The comptroller has confirmed this agency, Protocol Services, Inc., has been paid by the state of IL $6 million per year for the past six years. It is illegal in Illinois to give this much money to a contractor without competitive bidding and a contract. Therefore the Dir. of the IDOC is admitting fraud and corruption.

    The IL Attorney Gen. Madigan is defending these acts of violations of law. This is outrageous. She should recuse herself from this case, work with the US Attorney, and recommend that corrupt officials be indicted. The lack of a functional parole system in Illinois not only wastes money through fraud, but is a danger to the public.

    The acting Dir. of the IL State Police, Mr. Monken is refusing to investigate these crimes. He therefore, should NOT be confirmed in his position by the Illinois Senate. I have reported all of this to the FBI, but they have not done anything yet. They are slow as malasses.

    Mr. Birkett and other candidates: What are you going to do about this corruption?

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