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    Friday, July 1, 2011

    IL Medicaid Fraud Control Unit & State Police commit fraud on federal government to obtain millions

    A state Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (MFCU) is authorized by federal law to investigate Medicaid Fraud and obtain funding from the U.S. Dept. of Health and  Human Services (DHHS).

    There are two different categories of states. In the first (44 states), the state's attorney general under the state's laws has jurisdiction and authority to investigate and prosecute Medicaid fraud. In the other group are states (six) where the state laws do NOT allow the state's attorney general (AG) to prosecute Medicaid fraud alone without approval of charges by another agency or permission from another agency. Illinois falls in the second category.

    This is why, in Illinois, the IL MFCU is NOT in the IL AG's office, but is found in the Illinois Police Agency.  IL AG staff, however, are assigned to the MFCU. Asst. AG John Fearon and Murphy are the attached IL AAGs who are knowingly violating federal law and aiding and abetting this felony fraud and retaliation against federal witnesses to corruption.

    In Illinois Medicaid fraud can be investigated by the MFCU, but all prosecutions must be done by the county states attorney, in state court, or the U.S. attorney, in federal court. The Illinois AG may consult and with an invitation and good reason may participate in such prosecutions. Only under extreme circumstances, with approval of charges by the county state's attorney and approval by the court, may the IL AG prosecute Medicaid fraud, without the participation of the county state's attorney.

    The state MFCUs apply for certification with the Office of Inspector General DHHS (OIG-DHHS) as a MFCU under federal law and for federal funding. Writer/Shelton requested through the federal Freedom of Information Act (Fed-FOIA) a copy of the IL MFCU's applications for recertification from the OIG-DHHS in 2006.  Pres. Bush had actively discouraged government agencies from answering FOIA requests. However, Pres. Obama made an executive order requiring agencies follow the FOIA law. In 2010, Writer/Shelton, therefore, finally received these documents.

    In them, the IL State Police Director states that in IL the AG may not prosecute Medicaid fraud and that they refer such prosecutions to the U.S. Attorney.  Yet, the IL AG has indicted Linda Shelton, PhD, MD, Vernon Glass, MS (psychology), Naomi Jennings (a nurse who directed a counseling group) and Maisha Hamilton, PhD (psychologist) for Medicaid Fraud falsely claiming they did not provide services and billed for them anyways.  Shelton was found not  guilty at trial, but financially made bankrupt, illegally thrown in jail during the six-year prosecution four times for contempt of court because she kept telling the court that they had no jurisdiction since the indictment was fraudulent and the AG had no jurisdiction to even bring the charges, and that she had not received ANY evidence from the state that she was involved in Medicaid fraud.  Two of the alleged contempts have already been overturned. Shelton was tortured and abused each time she was jailed.

    Glass (Right Frame of Mind, PC) was bankrupted and died due to the stress before trial. He told Writer/Shelton, on his deathbed, impoverished by this wrongful prosecution, that he would stop taking his anti-organ rejection  drugs because he just couldn't take it anymore after Judge Alonso yelled at him that the trial was going to proceed even though he was sick (yellow skin, bloated belly, awaiting a second liver transplant). Judge Alonso was a heartless creep who should be removed from the bench. Glass died two weeks later.

    As a person is denied payment from Medicaid for services rendered during the time they are awaiting trial, this essentially bankrupted Glass and Shelton. Although the constitution guarantees that a person may not have property (money) removed without due process of law under the 5th and 14th amendments, obviously this civil right isn't worth the paper it is written on. Our constitution means nothing now! We have to fight to get it back.

    Jennings (Youth Empire Services) was wrongfully convicted and is suffering greatly from health consequences due to the stress. Hamilton (Hamilton Wholistic Health Care) was wrongfully found guilty, spent more than a year in jail, is impoverished and unable to work, having suffered a civil death, as has Writer/Shelton. Jennings, Shelton, Glass, and Hamilton were accused of ghost billing. The federal law allows doctors to bill for services of their employees as if they did the services themselves (like a nurse drawing blood or giving a vaccine). Yet AG Lisa Madigan claims that if a psychologist or psychiatric counselor provides services in a doctor's office that this is illegal  billing!  All services were  provided yet Madigan claimed that Jennings and Hamilton did not provide the services! IL AG Madigan has no authority to change federal law!

    The IL MFCU application for recertification from 2001 that Writer/Shelton received in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, admits that the IL MFCU is federally funded and that the IL AG has NO JURISDICTION to prosecute Medicaid Fraud and that they refer all such cases to the U.S. Attorney or County State’s Attorney, can be seen here. You can read the application, the indictment against Writer/Shelton and see the forged signatures on documents allowing billing Medicaid under Writer/Shelton's name (not Writer/Shelton's signature and therefore proof of ID theft and proof they knew there was no probable cause to charge Writer/Shelton – Writer/Shelton got these documents from AG Madigan in discovery before trial) here.

    This act of telling the OIG-DHHS in writing that the IL AG cannot prosecute Medicaid fraud and then obtaining millions to prosecute Medicaid fraud is an act of fraud upon the federal government, a felony, and proves the state of IL and the IL-MFCU with the attached employees of the IL AG are criminals.

    Of note: The IL-MFCU and IL AG ONLY ILLEGALLY PROSECUTE WITHOUT ASSISTANCE OR CONSENT FROM THE COUNTY STATE'S ATTORNEY OR U.S. ATTORNEY alleged Medicaid fraud if the alleged offender is a whistle blower with evidence against corrupt officials, judges, or police. The fact that the IL AG ONLY prosecutes illegally whistle blowers like Jennings, Hamilton, Shelton, and Glass and refers legitimate prosecutions for Medicaid fraud to the U.S. Attorney,Writer/Shelton believes is proof that this is a felony conspiracy to violate rights under color of law; an act of retaliation against whistle blowers. This is a violation of the federal law, 18 U.S.C. sections 241 and 242 (felony violation of civil rights under color of law and felony  conspiracy to violate such rights).

    In Hamilton's case, we have proof that the MFCU investigator, William Reibel forged the name of a physician, in Hamilton's handwriting on many bills submitted for psychological services to Medicaid. He cut out handwriting examplars and pasted them on the bills then faxed them to t he IL crime lab. Hamilton was forced to sign a doctor's name 40 times on a sheet of paper for the investigation.

    In Shelton's and Glass' case, a year before she worked at Right Frame of Mind, PC, after Glass had given Louise Moore of DataMedical Works (a billing company) Shelton's Medicaid provider number so Moore could register Shelton's new work address with the state for billing purposes in anticipation of Shelton working for the group practice, two women working for Glass and without Glass' knowledge made fake bills and submitted them to Moore, who without Shelton's consent forged Shelton's name on electronic data transfer agreements with state billing agencies and on a power of attorney form. This allowed Moore to send in bills using Shelton's Medicaid provider number as the service provider without Shelton's or Glass' knowledge or consent.

    All fake bills using Shelton's  ID number in an act of ID theft, were submitted while Shelton was in neurosurgery or recovering from such for spinal stenosis and spinal cord injury in July 2000 and for the next year! The IL AG and IL MFCU were grossly incompetent and malicious in their prosecution of Shelton. Judge Pantle and Judge Alonso were grossly malicious and incompetent in allowing this illegal prosecution in which the IL AG had no jurisdiction to bring the charges and therefore the court had no jurisdiction to try the case.

    The real perpetrators of this fraud, Itadel Shalabi and Nareman Taha, along with Louise Moore of Data MedicalWorks have never been arrested or charged.

    The FBI, US. Attorney, IL State Police are fully aware of all this information. They have done NOTHING to overturn the convictions of Jennings and Hamilton and to hold the IL MFCU, Inv. William Reibel, AG Madigan, Louise Moore, Itadel Shalabi or Nareman Taha accountable. Obviously the administration is NOT serious about Medicaid fraud and is allowing fraudulent prosecutions for use as retaliation against whistle blowers who have evidence of corruption among President Obama's friends. This is a disgrace and proves we live in a totalitarian police state.

    Destroying the agencies: Hamilton Wholistic Healthcare, Right Frame of Mind, PC, and Youth Empire Services, severely impacted the provision of mental health care to Medicaid recipients on the South and Southwest side of the Chicago area.  Lack of mental health care increases family break-ups, increases reliance on government assistance, increases crime, and hurts the long-term mental health of children.  It is disgusting that the IL AG, Judges Pantle and Alonso, and so many other government officials and police are and have conspired to destroy mental health service providers and their clients, perhaps just to save the state money and decrease the cost to the  state of mental health services. This is penny wise and pound foolish.  Eventually they will be exposed and huge damages will be owed those that suffered from this corruption.

    Please protest this criminal conduct by writing to:
    Assistant U.S. Attorney in charge
    Task Force on Medicaid Fraud
    United States Attorney’s Office
    Federal Building
    219 South Dearborn Street, Fifth Floor
    Chicago, IL 60604


    Assistant Attorney General                                                                                   
    Civil Rights Division
    Criminal Section
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest
    Washington, DC 20530         

    Senator Richard Durbin

    711 Hart Senate Building
    Washington DC 20510
    202.224.2152 phone
    202.228.0400 fax

    Senator Mark Kirk
    524 Hart Senate Office Building
    Washington DC, 20510 
    202.224.2854 phone
    202.228.4611 fax
    Write YOUR representative - this is my representative: 
    Representative Daniel Lipinski
    3rd Congressional District IL
    1717 Longworth HOB
    Washington, DC 20515

    202.225.5701 phone
    866.822.5701 phone
    202.225.1012 fax


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