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    Monday, March 23, 2009

    Cook County Jail Staff Daily Commits Assault with a Deadly Weapon

    Jerry Brown, the Attorney General of California has indicted a doctor, a nurse, and a pharmacist for elder abuse and assault with a deadly weapon for forcing high doses of psychotropic medications on Alzeimer's and other patients to shut them up and keep them in a zombie like state. Three patients died due to results of these wrongful acts.

    In Illinois it is illegal to involuntarily force psychotropic drugs like Haldol, Zyprexa, Ativan and even Benedryl by injection on patients unless they are an immediate danger to their own life or someone else's life and then a court order must be obtained to continue the medication involuntarily.

    CCDOC officers constantly request nurses to give such medication to shut up complaints by inmates, to quiet them even though they are not harming anyone and are locked in their cells, and in retaliation for disagreements with the officers. Nurses call doctors on the phone and ask for prescriptions and the doctors illegally prescribe the medication without examining the patients. Even if they examine the patients doctors at CCDOC under the direction of the Director of Psychiatry, Dr. David Carrington, continue to violate ethical standards and the law with such prescriptions when they are not needed and when there has not been adequate evaluations or diagnoses that require such medication. Even if the medications may be indicated, they cannot be given involuntarily except under strict guidelines.

    I complained to the Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commissions Human Rights Authority Branch that by law must investigate complaints of violations of the Illinois Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Code. They sustained my complaint that psychotropic drugs were being given illegally to inmates to shut them up. After the HRA warned Dr. Carrington that this illegal practice must stop, Dr. Carrington and his staff with assistance of the officers are continuing to violate the law. Each act of forcing psychotropic drugs on an inmate/patient without proper diagnosis and without documentation that they are a danger to their own life or the life of others is a class A misdemeanor.

    For more details about this "Haldol Menace" see:

    Dr. Carrington should be disciplined, his license revoked, the nurse's involved licenses revoked, and the officers retrained to understand the law and how to properly help in the mental health care of mentally ill persons without assaulting them.

    If this was California, Dr. Carrington would be charged with abuse of patients and assault with a deadly weapon and face up to 11 years in prison. Why is State's Attorney Anita Alvarez doing nothing? Why is the United States Attorney who came to the same conclusion about this medical battery and malpractice doing nothing? We need a public outcry, legislative hearings, and indictments and action by the Illinois Department of Professional Responsibility.

    Please complain to:
    Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez, Cook County State's Attorney, 50 W. Washington, Room 500, Chicago, IL 60602,
    Patrick Fitzgerald and Joan Laser, Asstant United State's Attorneys at 219 S. Dearborn, 5 th Floor, Chicago, IL 60604, and
    the press.

    This barbaric medical battery and abuse must stop! Injection of these drugs into asthmatics or others without careful review of their medical records and careful diagnosis is malpractice, assault with a deadly weapon, and medical battery. It may cause death in certain persons (fatal laryngospasm in asthmatics) and permanent brain injury. Haldol has now been documented to cause brain atrophy in long term use and has a half life of 8 days in the brain - and leads to serious complications in at least half of people it is given to.


    ELois Poole-Clayton said...

    Patients at Chester Mental Health Center(in Chester, Illinois)(my brother, D.Poole, included), are being FORCED these drugs, on a daily basis and have been RAPED by guards.
    He was retaliated on for NO reason, at (13) years old and is NOW 51.
    CMHC,concocts "incidences" DAILY, to keep receiving the FISCAL monies, from the government. We are forced to file WRITTEN COMPLAINTS against them.
    The admin. there, IS, involved in the COVER UP of ABUSES(including sexual) on patients there.
    The DHS, O.I.G., Equip For Equality and the HRA, are NOT diligent enough, with prosecuting the employees responsible for these assaults on him.
    The GUARDS there(one in particular Chris Robinson), has even THREATENED to KILL him, if he looses his job AND has threatened to have him transferred to Unit B3, where another patient was BEATENED with a chair.
    A story was spreaded(trying to blame my brother for it), that that patient was MURDERED, from this beating.
    We have another sister, who was JAILED for 30 days, because she(as well) REFUSES to be intimidated by these abusive guards.
    FALSE REPORTS are constantly written on him, even as recent as 04-06-2011.
    He is currently on "Red Level", because he spoke UP, for himself, from a guards(who retrieves forks at dining hours), for PUSHING a CHAIR on his leg, for NO reason(an an attempt to intimidate him).
    The guards EAT goodies that patients families mail them and they don't even have the right to accept(after patients are in many cases intimidated to give),things from them.
    The guards take from other patients and give to others, for the purpose of starting fights and pasifying one they think they are use to being abused.
    We have been battling these state employees and their ILL/perverted/lieing behaviors, for YEARS and we will NOT, back down.
    They have been overheard, discussing who they can try and keep OR who they think will be easy to munipulate AND who they will need BURLY GUARDS for to FORCE into restraints, for their OWN perverted reasons.
    One (X) patient(rodney I've had the opportunity to meet;even spent time at his home, has HELP us confirm, that these EVIL behaviors ARE happening by the adminsitration at CMHC and while he was at Menard CC, where the warden Stephen Hardy, was administrator.
    He assisted RAILROADING several(including Mr. Yoder),TO CMHC, when he was suppose to be released.
    Mr. Yoder overheard them outside his room, discussing him, stating that "Yoder is a keeper".
    He faught(just as we still are and will continue to), and was released in January of 2005.
    I have in my possession, DOCUMENTED MEDICAL RECORDS PROOF, of the injuries that has been bestowed on my brother, for NO reason.
    He was RAPED!
    He is NOT schizophrenic!
    He had a nervous breakdown and has been INTENTIONNALLY been misdiagnosed.
    It's ALL to receive the FISCAL monies that they get every year.
    My sister and I, visits were illegally stopped, caused by LIES told on us, just as they are constantly being told on my brother.
    As far as I know, the last lie(and his Social Worker, Travis Nottmiar, is responsible for this FALSE write up), was told was concerning the fact that they BLAMED HIM, for the guards behavior, when the CHAIR was harshly PUSHED on his leg, causing him pain.
    Nurses(such as nurse June, Donna and LCSW Tracie Mott and others) are ALL involved in the abuses on patients there.
    His transfer OUT, has been deliberately delayed, because of the corruption that exist there.
    His next TPR(phone conference) takes place on 04-13-2011, with I.
    I WISH, you could HEAR how they lie, as they recently did to my sister.
    They tell her one thing and I another.
    WE corroberate EVERYTHING they say.
    DRUG (blood test), need to be done on the employees(guards included) there, for their behavior(violent) is just NOT normal.

    ELois Poole-Clayton said...

    David Dunker, Patricia Kelley-Mosbacher, are about to retire.
    Chester Mental Health Center, employees(guards included), are operating just as Dr. Carrington and has been for MANY YEARS! Lila Lee, Carol Metzer, Chris Roberts/Robinson, Clarence and other BURLY guards, has been/is STILL ABUSING patients.
    D.Poole(my brother), has been raped there. WE have DOCUMENTED MRDICAL PROOF of ALL sorts of injuries done for NO reason, other than he DEFENDING imself, by the guards anf volent patients who are put up to instigating fights, if the guards aren't trying to FORCE fights AND MORE psychotropic drugs. The methods being used is a reminder of what ( OVERHEARD them saying outside his room before his atty., faught and got him released in '2005', saying, "yoder's a keeper".
    THEY do NOT have the RIGHT to ABUSE patients.
    It's as if they have that Dr. Carrington character and they should be STOPPED, ASAP!

    Anonymous said...

    ATTN: After (20) years of Chester MHC LIES, we have received (2) 'SUBSTANTIATED' COMPLAINTS, against guards who has abused our loved one David P.!
    ATTN: On June 23, 2014, guard(Chris Roberts, who threatened to kill David if he looses his job AND threatened to have him transferred to Un it B3 and have him beaten with a CHAIr and threatened to have his wife's sister beat I(David's sister, ELOis) up, the next time I visit David), was taken out of Chester's GYM, on 06.23.2014, in HANDCUFFS!
    Chris Roberts(the guard being discussed), is one of the guards who RAPED my brother and he should be prosecuted to the FULLEST extent of the law!
    He told that SAME lie on David to COVERUP the fact that HE(Roberts), is a RAPIST and have been raping patients for years at Chester MHC!
    The LIE that was told on David(in Elgin(, was used because Elgin was not satisfied with the money that facility was getting and that LIE was used to RAILROAD David to Chester(maximum)(from Elgin, medium), where he was sentenced to for trying to stop abuse of a young lady in fron tof our then home.
    David's story, has been twisted to suit the culprits, but we will continue to fight for justice for him.
    I(David's sister;Mrs. Clayton) can be CONTACTED at (773)826-2591, if you are interested in assisting my family at gettign a RALLY to take place at Chester MHC.
    I'm thanking you(in advance), for any HELP you are willing to provide to get justice for our David.
    Mrs. Clayton