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    Friday, October 10, 2008

    Sheriff Dart like convict former Gov Ryan - Trying Something Big to Distract from his Crimes

    I own[ed] a building in Evergreen Park with my former medical office on 1st flr and former home on 2nd flr. Evergreen Park police illegally in violation of safety codes allowed my neighbor Veterinarian Whalen to brick over the bedroom windows making it a safety hazard and unlivable per the building code (on the other side is a gas station so there would be NO escape from bedroom if there was a fire). By law life and safety codes trump other rights such as building to the property line in a business district. The building had been built as a home 50 years ago.

    I owned half and my son own undivided half. Dart gave Joe Varan from GoIn Realty ( a real scumbag company that buys tax and other liens in Sheriff's sales and then without adequate notice to resident or renters evicts them (stealing their property).

    Dart gave a fraudulent full deed to the property when Judge Jaffe and then Epstein illegally ordered me to pay $30,000 to Whalen for attorney fees when I filed a complaint for injunction to stop bricking over the windows and lost due to the violation of law by the senile judge at the time, Judge Jaffe. Then my half interest was sold in a lien sale when Whalen put an illegal lien on my property. Varan took this court order specifying that 1/2 interest in the building should be sold and Dr. Shelton should be evicted. I had no property that I owned in the building at the time.

    Then Dart allowed Varan to evict my renters (a relative had bought the contents of my office for safe-keeping and a friend was storing her business and personal property there while out of the county). NO NOTICE was given to the renters or to me. If a notice was mailed to me, it was mailed to the building and Varan had stolen my mail and locked me out of the building illegally.

    Sheriff Dart and his staff, with the help of Evergreen Park police and Varan stole, knowingly (they had a copy of a letter from Varan's attorney acknowledging that they only owned half of the property, yet the deed was to the whole property) > $ 1 million of property including 2000 children's medical records (I can't give them their shot records now), all my medical books and personal books, drugs, syringes, a $15,000 ring, three fur coats from renter, all of her records of patients as a psychologist, all her personal belongings and family momentos, Elijah Mohammed's violin (she had been his neighbor), priceless documents and historic photos from my father's career as an academic dermatologist, computers, all of my tools of the trade, my sons property, all my business records.

    The renter is a potential federal witness who had on her computers not only patient records in psychology in the baby T case, but a lot of evidence of criminal conduct of elected officials to give the FBI, including evidence that Daley's office knew of the bribes to truckers.

    There are hundreds of syringes on the streets now due to Dart. The FBI has been informed and has done NOTHING.

    Dart is also in charge of a jail where the US Attorney recently released a report documenting murder of inmates by guards, denial of medical care resulting in amputation, and torture. Dart should be jailed for a century. I don't understand why US Atty hasn't indicted anyone. Its no different then investigating a gang and then going to a gang and saying - Oh my you committed murder, rape, drug dealing, prostitution and that's not good so I'm going give you a little time to clean up your act. How unbelievable! We live in a totalitarian police state!

    My family trust was the mortgagor. I and my son defaulted on the mortgage. As the first lien holder the family trust has now foreclosed on the property and we should get it back in foreclosure proceedings. I am preparing a suit for wrongful conveyance and will keep hounding the FBI to take criminal actions until they do. I am also filing petitions to void all orders dealing with denying the injuction and ordering me to pay court costs, as well as the lien sale.

    If any attorneys wish to assist me pro bono, I would be greatful. Jim DiChristofano from River Law North Law Group is handling the foreclosure.

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