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    Saturday, January 31, 2009

    Illinois Reform Commission Should become Truth Commission and Corruption Will Falter

    Corruption is so ingrained in Illinois politics that thousands of indictments won't change anything. Corruption croses party lines and invades the 1/10 Illinoisans who work for the State, Counties, or local governments.

    There have already been hundreds of convictions and as the corrupt are ousted more step into replace them. Until corruption sees the light of day; until back room deals are exposed and stopped; until meetings can no longer be confidential or "executive"; until corruption also known as patronage or inherited office in Illinois is exposed, corruption will continue.

    All contracts will continue to require 10% kickbacks to political funds. Whistle blowers will be defamed, falsely arrested, wrongfully convicted, and destroyed. Political offices will be inherited.
    The only solution is a truth commission. Like in South Africa if people are given immunity for confessing fully their involvement in fraud, patronage, corruption, back-room dealings, etc., then fear of losing a job, not getting a promotion, or retaliation will be eliminated. Thousands will testify to the true workings of Illinois government and will feel better for it. Faith in government will be restored.

    The masses will come out of the woodwork and state how they have been coerced to pay kickbacks, campaign on government time, put campaign signs in their lawns even if they didn't like the candidate, and intimidate and harass all that tried to expose them.

    This will cost a LOT less and take a LOT less time, than endless indictments, accusations, and status quo. Fear is the driving force behind corruption in Illinois. The light of day will destroy it.
    I endorse the reform commission. The inspector generals and internal affairs offices, etc., are part of the corruption. They don't reveal their findings. Everything is confidential. They keep the facts in the dark and are therefore only able to cover up instead of expose.

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