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    Friday, February 27, 2009

    Dr Shelton NOT GUILTY - IL Attorney General Corrupt, Judicial Corruption, Denial Mental Health Care to Persons on Medicaid

    Linda Lorincz Shelton, Ph.D, M.D.
    Founder and Director

    February 27, 2009
    Special Agent Robert Grant
    Director Chicago – FBI
    2111 West Roosevelt Road
    Chicago, IL 60608-1128

    Dear Dir. Grant:

    I am writing to further inform you about the dysfunctional status and unconstitutional conduct of the Illinois Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, as well as to inform you about the facts pertaining to evidence I have of a crime of Medicaid Fraud including violation of 18 U.S.C. 371 mail fraud, 18 U.S.C. 1341 filing false claims, and 18 U.S.C. 287 fraudulent claims, a violation of 18 U.S.C. 1347 health care fraud. I strongly suggest that your office take over all Medicaid fraud prosecutions and investigations being done by the IL MFCU and the IL Attorney General immediately, as well as review the wrongful convictions of Dr. Maisha Hamilton Bennett and Naomi Jennings by these incompetent corrupt officials.

    As you know, I was under indictment for the falsely alleged state crime of Medicaid vendor fraud. Please be informed that I was found NOT GUILTY by a jury. After unconstitutional rulings by Circuit Court of Cook Co Judge Alonso that fixed my trial and made wrongful conviction certain unless there was jury nullification I didn't show up for my State trial on Medicaid vendor fraud for which I am innocent. The jury made a finding of NOT GUILTY and Judge Alonso quashed the warrant for arrest on the basis of jumping bail and disobeying his orders because he said "what's the point." Your office has engaged in defamation against me including claiming that I have a mental health problem and that I am psychotic about corrupt officials being after me. Maybe you should change your tune and take me more seriously as if you don’t eventually your incompetence will be revealed and much evidence I and others have will have been ignored.

    Now why don't you read what I sent you and get the Cook County State's attorney to arrest Itadel Shalabi and Nareman Taha for perjury [they are the ones who fabricated bills for Medicaid to get payment for patients they didn't see] and indict Louise Moore of Data Medical Works for Medicaid fraud [she bills for her billing services for the last ten years by percentage (8 %) which amounts to fraud as you know] and also for forgery as she forged my name on a power of attorney form, blue cross/blue shield electronic partner trading agreement, and alternate payee agreement so that Moore could put my name as a doctor and my Medicaid provider number on the invoices sent to Medicaid for services not done and encounter forms fabricated by Shalabi and Taha, and then Shalabi and Taha who were partners of Vernon Glass the CEO , could sign checks to themselves when the money came into the business Right Frame of Mind & Associates.

    Why don't you arrest MFCU Inv. Reibel for falsifying his records and take over all Medicaid Fraud investigations in IL before the dysfunctional MFCU mucks up any more? Vernon Glass is innocent too, yet he must also stand trial? I want to talk to you and give you all the evidence which I now have to prove the above. What's wrong with you?

    Read my blog: for more details, as well as all the documents I have sent you in the past five years or so.

    Why aren't you going after Lisa Madigan and other members of the real cabal of corruption in Illinois? As I told you, only a "Truth Commission" will really bring the light of day to corruption so it can no longer thrive. Why are you and the U.S. Attorney being so sloppy and ignoring your best witnesses such as Vernon Glass, Maisha Hamilton, me [Dr Linda Shelton] and so many others I can refer you too. The cabal has been destroying us as witnesses by falsely accusing us of crimes or defaming us with false accusation of mental illness. You and the U.S. Attorney are puppets of this cabal by your ignorance and actions ignoring us and feeding these false rumors.

    Unbelievably, the jury was a group of well educated individuals who lived primarily in downtown Chicago. They saw through the lies of the prosecutor and the judge's unconstitutional rulings and came back with a verdict of NOT GUILTY. Then the judge gave up, said "what's the point" [of the arrest warrant he issued on 2-18-09 when I refused to come to the trial and disappeared".] He then quashed the arrest warrant.

    So now I am home and I will pursue a suit for malicious prosecution, wrongful arrest, conspiracy to violate rights under color of law and violation of civil rights against the sham prosecutor IL Atty Gen Lisa Madigan who had no legal authority to usurp the powers of the State's Attorney and indict or prosecute anyone. The Constitution and laws in Illinois specify that ONLY the State's Attorney can decide charges, indict and prosecute most crimes. The AG is given authority by law to alone prosecute about 8 crimes such as gambling and environmental crimes. Medicaid vendor fraud is NOT one of them.

    The SA was never involved in this case. Since the IL AG had no jurisdiction, the court had no jurisdiction. Therefore, the prosecutor and the judge lose absolute immunity. Lack of jurisdiction is the only reason they lose immunity. So I have a suit in federal court now against IL AG Madigan, Judge Pantle, Judge Alonso, and the State Police personal at the IL Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. I wish the US Attorney would get involved as the IL MFCU is so sloppy at investigations that they arrest the wrong people, destroy evidence against the real criminals and allow themselves to be used as a weapon against whistle blowers for political benefit.

    I am astonished that you have not interviewed Dr. Maisha Hamilton Bennett, who was wrongfully convicted of Medicaid fraud, Naomi Jennings who was wrongfully convicted, me (Dr Linda Shelton) or Vernon Glass on the issue of wrongfully alleged Medicaid fraud in Illinois and the illegal and unconstitutional actions of the IL MFCU as well as the scheme by IL Government to deny mental health care to patients on Medicaid.

    Denial of mental health care to those on Medicaid violates federal Medicaid law. This is a big economic issue as failure to treat mental health care increases crime, welfare costs, and Medicaid costs. You are contributing to economic failure by failing to properly deal with this issue! This is also an act of felony violation of civil rights and ADA violations by IL Government! Why aren’t you acting?

    As you know, I am always available and ready to talk with you and discuss the evidence I mention above. Why don’t you do your job? Please share this with U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.

    Thank you for your time in consideration of this matter.

    Linda Lorincz Shelton, Ph.D., M.D.

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