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    Thursday, February 12, 2009

    Will Blagojevic Sing?

    IF Blago sings Democrats and Republicans will fall. How do you think his father-in-law Alderman Mell keeps getting re-elected after his district has turned so Republican? Why do you think Blago appointed the King of all corruption, Jim Thompson, as Chief of his transition team when he took office?

    When there's corruption the difference between Republicans and Democrats disappears. They are a cabal of corruption that crosses party lines. Vrdolyak and Burke are the Kingpins of the older generation and Orlando Jones was the Kingpin of the younger generation. When they sing everything will be exposed. Vrdolyak will not sing as he knows how the mob deals with that. After indictment a bullet walked into Jone's head. I don't believe he killed himself. Sooo he won't sing.

    Blago is small potatoes, just a pawn in the chess game, taught by the older generation and doing things the way that EVERY politician in Springfield, Cook County, and Chicago have been doing for decades.

    Corruption will ONLY be vastly reduced when it sees the light of day. When Illinois has a "truth commission" where amnesty is given to those who fully confess, it will be exposed, the fear of retaliation for confessing will disappear, people from all over from the secretaries at IL Secr. of State office and the Cook County Sheriff will confess that they were forced to sell tickets to fund raisers on public time,the Cook County Sheriff's staff will confess to campaigning by polling places on public time, almost every vendor in Illinois will confess to paying a 10% kickback into political funds to keep the machine going including the guy who sells baloney to the prisons, etc.

    Until the fear is reduced which is pervasive in Illinois we can indict thousands of people and they will be replaced by thousands more and corruption will continue. Back room deals, nepotism, kickbacks, patronage, etc will continue until corruption sees the light of day. "Truth Commissions" worked in South Africa and they can work in Illinois. It will be a LOT LESS COSTLY to have a truth commission and move on than to endlessly indict and prosecute literally hundreds of people, which is a drop in the bucket considering the tentacles and spider web of corruption in Illinois.

    I don't believe Blagojevic is a kingpin, but I believe he knows a lot and can take down many if he sings. The risks for singing however are great. Ask Orlando Jones, John Stroger Sr's godson, who carried out the orders for patronage hiring, fraud, and corruption.

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