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    Saturday, August 1, 2009

    Another Corrupt Government Agency in Illinois, Cook County, and Chicago - the schools

    The feds have issued search warrants for the records at the Illinois Secretary of State's Office and convicted George Ryan, Governor's Office and indicted Rod Blagojevic, Chicago City Hall and convicted Sorich, Illinois Department of Corrections for taking bribes and convicted the former Director, Illinois Department of Professional Regulation - investigation pending, Cook County Human Resources - investigation pending, etc., and now has issued search warrants for the Chicago Public Schools because of questionable placement of students in highly selective schools. The U.S. Attorney has issued a 98 page report detailing extensive pattern of civil rights violations at the Cook County Department of Corrections. Even college admissions are being looked at as corrupt in Illinois State schools.

    I have successfully litigated against the Cook County Sheriff for violation of Freedom of Information Act. I am presently litigating in civil court against the Illinois Department of Corrections for violation of State laws in running a sham parole system that commits fraud in excess of $36 million, for failing to follow law as to Prisoner Review Board orders to parolees for mental health evaluation and treatment. I have won a suit against the Illinois Department of Corrections for violating the Freedom of Information Act. I have won a suit against the Illinois Human Rights Authority for failing to do their constitutional duty and investigate abuse of mental health patietns. I am suing AG Lisa Madigan, several judges and the State police for unlawful arrest and malicious prosecution in a scheme to deny mental health care to persons on Medicaid and to fraudulently attack legitimate mental health service providers so they can claim they are tough on fraud.

    I and a number of whistle blowers have lots more evidence of fraud, kickbacks, and other corruption in Illinis, Cook County, and Chicago by corrupt officials. Please contact me and help financially support our efforts to expose and eliminate corruption in Illinois. Stop allowing 10 % of your tax dollars to be used for kickbacks and fraud. Stop allowing State, County, and City jobs to be given out according to race and patronage. Stop excess incarcerations and failure to rehabilitate that may make more prison jobs but makes Illinois more unsafe as unrehabilitated addicts and criminals are released and not properly supervised.

    Illinois, Cook County, Chicago, and its suburbs are a cesspool of patronage, kickbacks, bribery, fraud and corruption at the expense of the taxpayers and to the detriment of all its citizens. Stop voting for the same corrupt officials over and over. Go to the polls and vote them out of office, including all those who inherited their positions. Stop allowing political dynasties to rule our State. Vote against the Burks, Madigans, the Daleys, the Strogers, the Beavers, the Steels, the Hasterts, the and their loyal servants, Dart, Alvarez etc.

    Contact me at with evidence of corruption in Illinois, Cook County, and Chicago. Give me permission to publicize that evidence on this site. If you are an attorney consider taking one of our issues and making it into a class action suit. Contact me for documents we have already filed. Consider taking one of my cases in civil court pro bono. Go to courts on your free days and days off and observe the corruption in our courts, take notes, and send me them to post on this site. Contact Shelton through comments on this post and offer to help organize regular meetins to share, discuss, and disseminate the evidence in our possession about corruption. Donate money to help Linda Shelton pursue her civil litigation and fight further unlawful arrests at:

    Shelton legal fund
    C/O Albukerk & Associates
    3025 W 26th Street 2nd Floor
    Chicago IL, 60625

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    Mike said...

    That is nearly as bad as the corruption currently being perped against the cities in Hildale UT. and Colo. City, AZ. The State of AZ went in to the local school office with armed deputies and confiscated all school records to try to implicate parents and city people in their crusade against the FLDS. In this case, the innocent were the local school district and administrators. The Conspiracy includes FBI, LDS and Baptist Churches along with State and County Law Enforcement.