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    Monday, August 24, 2009

    Illinois Appellate Court Intentionally Violates Constitution, Illinois Supreme Court Rule, & United States Supreme Court

    The Illinois Appellate Court is proving how corrupt it is by snubbing its nose at United States Supreme Court precedent ("stare decisis"), snubbing its nose at the United States Constitution's due process and equal protection clauses, and violating Illinois Supreme Court Rule 607, all of which are the basis for the standard practice in American Law to provide free transcripts to indigent defendants so they can pursue their constitional right to a direct appeal of their conviction.

    Corruption is pervasive in Illinois politics, Illinois courts, and Illinois policing agencies. American justice is a myth in Illinois. Illinois is a totalitarian police state.

    Anyone who wishes to donate expertise at contacting the press, expertise at spreading the word on the Internet in order to bring the light of day to this corruption, pro bono legal expertise in assisting in bringing this case to the United States Supreme Court, or provide support in some other way, please contact me. I could use all the help I can get.

    I have filed a criminal appeal on a case where I as a disabled person in a wheelchair was attacked by Cook County Sheriff Sgt. Anthony Salemi, he falsified his records, accused me of attacking him, committed perjury and I was wrongfully convicted:

    The trial court declared me indigent and ordered the court reporter to file a free copy of the transcripts with the court for an appeal. The court reporter has refused to follow the court order. The trial judge refuses to enforce the order because he said he lost jurisdiction to the IL Appellate Court.

    The IL Appellate court has six time refused to enforce the court order and compel the court reporter to file the transcripts or hold her in contempt. My appeal is therefore delayed due to the illegal and unconstitutional acts of the Illinois Appellate Court First District.

    The costs of copying documents and writing them, mailing costs and delivery costs are being paid by loans or gifts from friends and relatives, but is not quite enough to continue all necessary litigation on all my issues. I am indigent due to disabilities and retaliatory false arrests and malicious prosecutions against me as I am a whistle blower in Illinois exposing government corruption and fraud.

    The Illinois Supreme Court also has denied a motion for supervisory order to compel the court reporter to file the transcripts and compel the IL Appellate Court to enforce the order.

    The IL Appellate Court granted the Cook County States Attorney's motion to compel me to pay for the transcripts and file them, instead of the court reporter. This is fraud upon the court as it violates a previous court order and is contempt as it also violates the United States Supreme Court holding (precedent) in a case where they ruled that indigent defendants are entitled under the due process and equal protection clauses of the U.S. Constitution to a free transcript for appeal. Illinois Supreme Court Rule 607 also mandates that indigent defendants are entitled to free transcripts filed with the court clerk by the court reporter.

    Therefore both the Illinois Supreme Court and Illinois Appellate Court are committing illegal acts.

    The Illinois Appellate Court has now vacated their order to compel me to file the transcripts as I moved for them to vacate order as they illegally granted the motion from the State two days too early according to IL Supreme Court rules. They also allowed me to file immediately (instanter) my response to the States Attorney's motion to compel me to file the transcripts. This response clearly spells out the illegal acts of the IL Appellate and IL Supreme Courts in refusing to uphold previous court orders, and statutory and constitutional rights as previously decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. These are impeachable intentional acts by these corrupt and dishonorable judges. I hope the IL Appellate Court recognizes its mistakes and doesn't just vacate the order to re-instate it several days later when the law allows them to make a decision.

    It is incumbent upon the IL Appellate Court to compel the court reporter to file the transcripts and hold her in contempt if she fails to do so.

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