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    Sunday, December 20, 2009

    Computer professional fraudulently prosecuted in political/criminal cover-up

    Annabel Melongo is a computer professional, born in Cameroon, who has lived and worked in the Chicago area since 2003. From December - April, 2006, she worked for the Save-A-Life Foundation (SALF), a nonprofit whose charter was to teach first aid to children in public schools. Founded in 1993, SALF was a member organization of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and over the years received close to $9 million in federal and state funding. Since November 2006, SALF has been the subject of about a dozen news reports around the country that raise serious concerns about the organization's claims, activities, and finances.

    Melongo discovered extensive fraud in applications for government grants and fraud about the founder/president's credentials. Then, in October 2006, Melongo was fraudulently charged with destroying SALF's files, among them financial records (that prove SALF has committed fraud), likely to cover-up the misconduct of SALF's founder and president. Those charges were entirely based on claims made by SALF's founder/president Carol J. Spizzirri of Grayslake, IL. According to multiple news reports, Spizzirri has a history of serious fabrications, including the false claim that she is a Registered Nurse; that she worked as a renal transplant nurse in a Milwaukee hospital; and that she earned a BSN degree from a Wisconsin college whose name she misspelled on her CV. According to a recent sworn affidavit, in 1985 a Milwaukee court-ordered psychologist, Dr. Burton S. Silberglitt, diagnosed Spizzirri as "paranoid schizophrenic."Nevertheless, based on Spizzirri's word, the offices of Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and the Cook County Prosecutor have indicted Melongo.

    Facts indicate they have indicted Melongo in order to cover-up SALF's longstanding relationships with powerful political cronies and funders. These include Attorney General Madigan and her father Mike Madigan, longtime IL House of Representatives Speaker of the House and Chairman of the Democratic Party of Illinois.

    After more than three years of such legal harassment, the following web site was launched in an attempt to bring public attention to this abuse of the legal system. Illinois taxpayers may wonder why the state's top law enforcement officer and Cook County Prosecutor Anita Alvarez are expending so much time and public money to prosecute this trumped-up case against Melongo rather than investigate what happened to the millions of tax dollars that went to the Save-A-Life Foundation. This site presents documented information that may help answer that and related questions. If you have more questions, comments, or information, please don't hesitate to send Melongo an email at

    Lisa Madigan: Illinois Attorney General
    Diane L. Saltoun: Illinois Inspector General
    Patricia A. McConnell: Director Of Investigations, Office Of The Inspector General
    Anita Alvarez: Cook County State Attorney
    Dick Devine: Former Cook County State Attorney
    Judge Paul Biebel: Cook County Chief Judge
    Joseph Kazmierski: Cook County Supervising Judge
    John J. Fleming: Cook County Judge
    Mary M. Brosnahan: Cook County Judge
    Prosecutor Lynn Palac: Special prosecutor, Rolling Meadows
    Prosecutor Kyle French: Prosecutor Attorney General office, High Crime Tech Unit
    Prosecutor Joseph Podlasek: Cook County special prosecutor
    Prosecutor Julie Gunningle: Cook County Prosecutor
    Prosecutor Scott Biestek : State attorney, Rolling Meadows
    Pamela Taylor: Cook County Court Reporter Office, Assistant Administrator
    Laurel Laudien: Cook County Court Reporter
    Commander Daniel Schultze: Schiller Park Police
    Detective Martin: Police detective, Schiller Park.
    Shahna G. Monge: Forensic Examiner, Attorney General Office
    Carol Spizzirri: CEO And Founder Save A Life Foundation
    Annemarie Tabor: Court Reporter, Rolling Meadows
    Annabel Melongo: defendant. Software Engineer. Computer Networking.

    The story about fraudulent prosecution of Annabel Melongo

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