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    Saturday, April 17, 2010

    Ald. Ed Burke - the most powerful man in Illinois

    Chicago Alderman Ed Burke is likely the most powerful man in Illinois (except for those quietly sitting behind him like James Thompson) and I believe the most corrupt, except for perhaps Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives Michael Madigan.

    His wife Illinois Supreme Court Justice Ann Burke is likely the most powerful and corrupt woman in Illinois, except for perhaps Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

    Does anyone notice that Illinois is run like a kingdom with inherited lordships. Or is it just me?

    For information about Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan see:

    Corruption in Illinois:

    Illinois for too long has been under the control of the Kingdom of former Gov. James AKA Big Jim (Prince John) Thompson and his Lords:

    Chicago Mayor Richard M. and Cook Co. Commissioner John Daley (sons of former Mayor Richard J.) - their brother William (Bill) Daley also has great influence as a former member of Cliniton's cabinet and midwest director of Chase bank;

    County Board Pres. John Stroger Jr. (son of former County Board Pres. John Stroger);

    House Speaker Michael and his daughter Attorney General Lisa Madigan (one of the least qualified state officials in Illinois history);

    Alderman Ed (buddy of Fast Ed[dy] now convict Vrdolyak) and his wife Illinois Supreme Court Justice Ann Burke;

    Former Sheriff (of Nottingham) Michael Sheahan and his lap puppy now Sheriff Thomas Dart; and

    Former Cook County State’s Attorney Richard (Gisbourne) Divine now Cook County States Attorney Anita Alvarez;

    As well as other Lords such as former Sen. President Emil Jones and now his son Emil Jones Jr.

    and the Beavers, the Lipinskis, the Steeles, etc. etc. etc.

    Political office is inherited in Illinois; elected by political patronage; paid for by bribery as 10% of all contracts SHALL be donated (kicked-back) to political funds such as “Friends of Madigan” and “Friends of Blagojevic”, and decided in closed back room “deals” (bribes, pay-to-play, tit-for-tat, nothing to do with competency or experience, etc.).

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