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    Monday, February 7, 2011

    Cook County Court Clerk records to State Police criminal database grossly erroneous

    The job of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Dorothy Brown, is primarily to keep and transmit accurate court records or disposition of cases. She is required by law to notify the Illinois State Police criminal database of disposition of cases and orders such as warrants related to cases. Analysis comparing court orders, clerk's records, and the Illinois criminal database (rap sheets) reveals that there is a 37% error rate making the rap sheets useless.

    Rap sheets are used by judges to set bail and decide sentences (aggravating factor). Their use, in view of the error rate should be banned until the records are corrected and Dorothy Brown should be impeached for failure to perform her main duty.

    Please note the cases were dismissed by the court in both cases described at the bottom of the following article. Both cases were brought against defendant without probable cause or in an act of police corruption and false arrest, in retaliation against a whistle blower - who talks about police corruption (false arrest, excessive force, defamation of defendants, perjury by police).

    For details read here.

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    How may I join the movement, fighting with 3rd District