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    Friday, December 12, 2008

    Criminal History for Dr Linda Shelton



    ARREST #/CASE NUMBERS                                   CHARGE                                ARREST DATE

                            WRONGFUL CONVICTION:           COOK COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT

     05 CR 12718-01                    720 ILCS 5.0/12-4-B-6  AGG BAT/CORRECT OFC     05/18/05

    Disp:               Guilty by jury verdict August 23, 2007 , ON APPEAL - see appeal brief and denial by  
                            Illinois Appellate Court - so now writng papers for higher courts
                            Sentenced December 3, 2007 – two years IDOC, presently on MSR in custody of IDOC
                            Parole Division
                            $100,000 bail, bonded out from CCDOC 5/27/05 with $10,000 D-Bond  (10% cash)

    Incarcerated 10/10/07 to 3/31/08 at CCDOC then Dwight Correctional Center then
    One year mandatory supervised release until 3/27/09

    Circumstances: Unlawful arrest and malicious prosecution for battery of correctional officer – in fact officer falsified records after attacking Shelton. There was no attack on officer and Shelton is innocent. Conviction was secondary to extreme judicial corruption and misconduct and Nifong-like prosecutorial misconduct. See details written in Shelton’s blog:  Appeal unconstitutionally affirmed based on an ad hominem attack on my character by the Appellate judges and their refusal to properly review my arguments including them ignoring the case law I provided. I can’t file appeal with the IL Supreme Court because they have banned me from filing until I pay past fees that they illegally refused to waive even though I am indigent, violating their own Illinois Supreme Court rule 298.  I am preparing an appeal and complaint for mandamus with the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Habeas petition denied for failure to exhaust state remedies by Fed. Judge David Coar and 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. Judge Coar ruled exhaustion of state remedies WAIVED by State due to ILLEGAL actions of Illinois Appellate Court in impeding appeal by denying four Motions to Compel Court Reporter to produce and file transcripts due to indigency status of defendant, then reversed his decision illegally.

    Also Judge Coar violated U.S. Supreme Court rulings in 3 cases [Niersheimer, Regan, and Loftus] and Il Supreme Court ruling in one case [Loftus] which state that there is no appeal of denial of a habeas by the local court in Illinois and that appeals of habeas petition denied in local courts must go directly to U.S. Supreme Court in Illinois.

    All Wrongful Arrests and All Malicious Prosecutions
    In Retaliation for Whistle Blower Activities and Legitimate Complaints

     02 CR 28530-01        720 ILCS 5.0/12-4-B-6  AGG BAT/PEACE OFC                       10/22/02
                                        720 ILCS 5.0/12-4-B-6  AGG BAT/PEACE OFC

                                        Charges Amended                                                                     04/05/04
                                        720 ILCS 5.0/12-3         BATTERY
                                        720 ILCS 5.0/31-1         RESIST PEACE OFFICER

    Disp:                Not Guilty, at end of prosecution case in chief, during Bench Trial on 8/23/2005 before
                            Hon. Judge Rhodes, who declared that Dr. Shelton “thoroughly impeached the State’s                              witnesses [two Sheriff Deputies – Doran and Caliendo]” at Markham Courthouse
    $10,000 bail and added illegal charge of violation of felony bail for above trespass charge (previous trespass was a misdemeanor class B not subject to a felony charge of bail violation) of $7,500 bail, taken to CCDOC and bonded out of CCDOC.  Total of $1,750 D-Bond (10% cash bond) A separate charge of violation of bail is not allowed on a class B misdemeanor or less. Appropriate increase in bail on the above trespass charge would have been from $1,000 D-Bail to $2,000 D-Bail – NOT new felony violation charge with $7,500 bail. The judge setting bail violated his oath of office by adding the violation of bail charge. Violation of Bail charge is Statute 720 ILCS 5/32‑10 and only applies to felonies and class A misdemeanors.

    Pre-Trial incarceration at CCDOC 10/22/02-10/23/02

    Circumstance: Unlawful arrest and malicious prosecution when Deputies Doran and Caliendo who violated the ADA and refused to assist Shelton with briefcase on wheels at security entrance to Bridgeview Courthouse. They pushed Shelton causing her to flail her arms and nearly fall, then falsified their records, committed perjury on the stand, committed felony violation of civil rights under color of law, conspired to violate rights under color of law, committed aggravated battery of a handicapped person, and attempted to prosecute Shelton for aggravated battery to an officer – later reduced to simple battery. SA Devine to cover-up their misconduct refused to prosecute the officers for perjury and aggravated battery of a handicapped person, as well as official misconduct in violating the ADA.

    04 CR 17571-03                     305 ILCS 5.0/8A-3-a     VENDOR FRAUD                   07/14/04

    Disp:               Not Guilty by jury verdict 2/24/09

    Bail $10,000 I-Bond, bonded out from courthouse at arraignment. Raised excessively to $100,000 composite with battery case (05 CR 12718-01) $10,000 D-Bond (10% cash). Bonded out 5/27/05 after incarcerated 5/13/05 for criminal contempt and judge stayed criminal contempt sentence. Bail raised illegally without notice, without hearing, without counsel, without formal charge for allegedly not showing up at court on 12/8/05, despite court being given notice on 12/7/05 that Shelton had filed habeas petition in federal court and Judge Filip had scheduled hearing on 12/8/05 at same time. Bailed unconstitutionally raised to “No Bond”. IL Appellate Court overturned judge’s orders and reduced bail to $10,000 I-Bond on 12/31/05 after petition by Shelton for review of bail. Judge Pantle again increased bail to $500,000 Bail or $50,000 D-bond (10% cash) on 1/6/06 claiming Shelton had “lied to Appellate court” without notice, without hearing, without counsel, and without formal charge or due process. Il Appellate Court again ordered bail reduced on Petition for review of bail by Shelton. She was released 1/20/06. However IL Appellate Court illegally reduced (actually raised bail from pre-incarceration bail of $100,000 composite to $100,000 independent from 05 CR 12718-01). Bail cannot be raised legally without due process hearing. Increase from $10,000 I-Bond ordered by Appellate Court on 12/31/05 to $100,000 D-Bail independent from other case required due process hearing which was NOT provided by Appeallate court order. Shelton’s family again posted an additional $10,000 D-bond and Shelton released 1/20/06.

    Illegally incarcerated 4 times for alleged criminal contempt or without formal charges by Dishonorable Judges Kathleen Pantle and Jorge Alonso – see “petty offenses” on
    5/10/05 to 5/27/05, 12/13/05 to 12/31/05, 1/6/06 to 1/20/06, and 4/13/07-4/20/07
    Medically neglected, battered and abused during incarcerations. Hospitalization or ER visits required after each release.

    Circumstances: See federal suits pending available on PACER website:  Habeas Corpus 08 C 4627 and tort 1:06-CV-04259 both pending and fairly complicated. For more information see Shelton’s website:  – where evidence of government corruption involving police, judges, prosecutors, state and county officials, and corporations is being detailed – after it has been turned over to the U.S. Attorney and FBI

    Essentially Shelton prosecuted without prosecutorial authority, in violation of the federal Medicaid Code and the Supremacy Clause, with a legally insufficient indictment, in violation of statute of limitations and speedy trial statutes, in a case of ID theft by two employees/co-owners of the group who were counselors and running a branch office.

    These women fabricated patient encounters, sent bills to the billing agents with their names as counselors and the billing agent without knowledge of Shelton or CEO Glass substituted Shelton’s name on instructions from the Medicaid Provider Service Unit (that all bills must be under a doctor’s name) without knowledge of the two women. The billing agent did this because she was ignorant and mistakenly thought that her contract to do billing allowed her to write the doctors names on any form. Billing agent actually forged Shelton’s signature on power of attorney and alternate payee forms.

    Bills were sent to Medicaid by billing agent the year before Shelton began working at Right Frame of Mind & Associates and while she was recovering from extensive surgery on her spine for congenital spinal stenosis causing paralysis and dysfunction. Shelton had given corporation her Medicaid number so billing agent could pre-register her so that after she recovered she could work at the group.

    Billing agent had committed fraud on the CEO because she held herself out at an expert on billing but really didn’t know well what she was doing. She also has continued to commit Medicaid Fraud for over 10 years because she bills by percentage (8%) which illegally ties her fees to the services of the doctors instead of to her services. (8% of a $50,000 heart surgery procedure is not the same as 8% of a $150 pediatric office visit, when both fees should be the same for processing one bill)

    AG Lisa Madigan has participated in this criminal conspiracy to deny mental health care to persons on Medicaid and retaliation against whistle blowers who are mental health service providers including Dr. Maisha Hamilton, Naomi Jennings, Dr. Linda Shelton, and Vernon Glass.

    Asst AG John Fearon and MFCU Director Patrick Keenan committed discovery violations and contempt of court by telling witness John Singley of IDPA NOT TO TALK WITH DEFENSE COUNSEL! This is an offense that should make the ARDC revoke John Fearon’s law license as it is forbidden by the attorney code of ethics and the Illinois Supreme Court Rules.

     2005-MC1-092079-01           720 ILCS 5.0/21-5         CRIM TRESP TO ST SUP LAND  01/14/05

    Disp:               Dismissed for lack of probable cause on 8/15/06

                            Bail $1,000 I-Bond (personal recognizance)

    Held overnight in CPD 1st Dist Woman’s Lock-up – medically neglected, collapsed in police station and taken to ER, battered in ER police room by police and ignored by ER staff because CPD staff covered up by telling ER staff Shelton was “faking” her medical problems. After return to CPD collapsed, released to ambulance and required treatment at a different ER

    Circumstances: Unlawfully arrested and maliciously prosecuted at office of Illinois Medicaid Inspector General in Chicago who invited Shelton to come to office and deliver documents regarding Medicaid vendor fraud case then gave receptionist memo that Shelton was a “danger to the building” in an act of defamation and ordered that they have her arrested for trespass when she showed up.

    State agents in Medicaid OIG committed perjury in stating to court that they did not have a copy of the memo. This past year they produced an e-mails where they talk about the memo in discovery on Medicaid vendor fraud case. The e-mail was written Daniel Fitzgerald, Director of Chicago officer of Medicaid OIG. Their attorney Gerstein approved participated. Medicaid OIG acting director Wyona Johnson directed her staff to prevent ANY calls from Dr. Shelton from reaching her and to inhibit any attempt by Dr. Shelton to make a meeting to discuss the issues or to do anything but submit “evidence” of her innocence and reason to release “withhold” of funds owed the practice she worked for in writing. She and Dan Fitzgerald instructed staff to prevent Dr. Shelton from bringing to their offices 54 patient charts that  proved her innocence. This was condoned by AAG John Fearon, Patrick Keenan, and Derrick Moscardelli, (chief of the bureau of internal affairs) along with John Singley (fraud and abuse investigator Medicaid OIG).

    2006-MC1-221401-01            720 ILCS 5.0/26-1-a-1     DISORDERLY CONDUCT   03/03/06
                                        720 ILCS 5.0/12-3-A-1    BATTERY                                         03/04/06
                                        720 ILCS 5.0/21-3-a-3      CRIMINAL TRESPASS TO REAL PROPERTY     

    Disp:               DISORDERLY CONDUCT charge SOL on 4/14/2006
                            BATTERY Nolle Prosequi 12/7/07

                            Bail:      $1,000 I-Bail (personal recognizance)

    Held overnight at CPD 1st Dist Woman’s Lock-up where officers assumed because of previous defamation and lies by their senior officers that Shelton always fakes her medical problems. Battered by lock up aid, Shell, when upon release Shelton tried to take her medication when it was returned to her. Documented by ER staff when Shelton taken to ER after beating. Medically neglected and when released had difficulty standing and no transportation – just thrown out in the cold, despite disability and condition at about 2 a.m. in inner city neighborhood. Officers when they found Shelton sitting on sidewalk next to police station in cold having difficulty because of medical condition then took Shelton to NMH ER claiming she was trying to take an overdose in order to harass her and cover-up their misconduct.

    Circumstances: Unlawfully arrested and maliciously prosecuted when Shelton attempted to read transcript at office of Clerk of Administrative Law Court at Thompson Center Office of IDFPR.

    Unlawfully re-arrested and maliciously prosecuted for battery of lock-up aide at CPD 1st Dist lock-up when CPD Aide Shell battered Shelton when Shelton was released and still in station at time Shelton –up attempted to take her medication from her medical bag that had been returned to her. Lock Aid falsely claimed Shelton kicked her at this time. Shelton claimed she went into a flashback after being battered by Shell and doesn’t remember this – but if she did it was in self-defense.

    Initial interference with review of transcripts and arrest directed by Adm Law Judge Fox, now chief of all employees at IDFPR, and George Jones, former FBI agent and now chief of investigations for IDFPR. This revealed bias by ALJ Fox which should have made him recuse himself.

    2007-MC1-272967-01            720 ILCS 5.0/21-5-a      CRIM TRESP TO ST SUP LAND  06/28/07
                                        720 ILCS 5.0/12-3-a-2   BATTERY
                                        720 ILCS 5.0/31-1-a      RESIST PEACE OFFICER

    Disp:               Nolle prosequi on 12/7/07

                            Bail $1,000 I-Bond, bonded out from Sheriff’s Lock-up (personal recognizance)

                            Arresting Agency:  Cook County Sheriff Courtroom Services

    Circumstances: Unlawfully arrested and maliciously prosecuted by a Cook County Sheriff Courtroom Deputy Robinson for refusing to leave the Daley Center and trying to go to the library on the 29th floor after leaving the courtroom of Judge Epstein who had committed gross misconduct against Shelton and ordered her to leave the building after she had left his courtroom in retaliation for her annoying him and pointing out his misconduct (she didn’t hear the order herself and Judge Epstein has no jurisdiction over the building outside his courtroom). Deputy grabbed Shelton as she was trying to enter an elevator and told her to leave the building (without saying she was under arrest). Shelton tried to push his hand off of her arm feebly with her hand and say stop assaulting me – he then arrested her for battery.

    2007-MC1-206817-01            720 ILCS 5.0/21-5-a      CRIM TRESP TO ST SUP LAND  10/10/07
    Disp:               Nolle prosequi on 12/  /07

                            Bail excessive at $25,000 – paid $2,500 (10 % cash)

    Immediately incarcerated at CCDOC, bail revoked on battery conviction where Shelton was awaiting sentencing.

    Arresting Agency:  Cook County Sheriff Courtroom Services

    Circumstances: Shelton successfully came through security at 555 W Harrison courthouse to go to clerk’s office to pick up paper (shown on video surveillance). Unlawfully arrested and maliciously prosecuted for “failing to go through security” when deputies in retaliation for previous suits against their friends falsified their records and arrested Shelton. Deputy right committed perjury on the stand stating that the Magnetometer beeped when Shelton passed through it. Video proves this didn’t happen as lights that flash when magnetometer beeped clearly did not flash.  Judge Petreone and other judges (Judge Joseph Kazmierski and Illinois Appellate Court) in acts of misconduct refused to this day to look at the videotape proving officers committed perjury.

    2009-MC1-223774-01            720 ILCS 5.0/21-3A-2   CRIM TRES TO REAL PROPERTY   4/1/09
                                        720 ILCS 5.0/26-1-A-1  DISORDERLY CONDUCT
                                        720 ilcs 5.0/31-1(A)       RESISTING A PEACE OFFICER                   

    Disp:               Nolle Pros 12/6/12

                            Bail      $1,000 D-Bond-paid $100 (10 % cash)
                                         Increased to $25,000 D Bond on 3/21/12 arrested by Cook County Sheriff and
                                         jailed for 5 days, quashed 3/26/12
                                         Arrested by Oak Lawn Police on 4/3/12 on invalid recalled warrant
                                         J. Chiampas refused to hold Oak Lawn Police in contempt for
                                         Disobeying her order quashing warrants
                                         Increased to $5,000 D Bond on 5/29/12
                                         Decreased to $5,000 I-Bond on 6/26/12
                                         Increased to $100,000 D-Bond on 11/27/12

                            Arresting Agency: Cook County Sheriff, complainant A/C Nolan badge 202

    Circumstances: Shelton tried to present a petition for indigency status to have service fees waived by the Sheriff to Judge Budzinski at the first hearing on a lawsuit Shelton has against an emergency room doctor., 2008 L 013288. Judge Budzinski refused to hear it, although she had the power to do so, instead transferring it to presiding law division Judge Maddux instanter, stating Judge Maddux had a “rule” that he hear all indigency petitions.  She refused to produce the rule. Shelton later received a copy of the “rule” (appended to this document) form Clerk Brown’s Chief Deputy Clerk, Mr. McNamara. However the rule only applies to NEW filings, not complaints that have previously been filed, as was the situation in Shelton’s suit.

    Shelton went to courtroom of presiding law division judge, Judge William Maddux, with a petition to sue as an indigent person and to have fees waived.  Judge Maddux ordered the Circuit Court Assistant Clerk to violate statutes that require the Clerk to “promptly” provide the litigant with the order form the judge granting or denying the indigency petition. It is common practice in every courtroom for the Clerk to immediately, in the courtroom, give all attorneys or pro se counsel on a case, a copy of any orders signed by the judge. Instead Judge Maddux ordered the Assistant Clerk to carry the orders to the Clerk’s law division office on the 8th Floor of the Daley Center and specifically NOT to give the litigant a copy of the order in the courtroom and NOT to inform the litigant of the disposition of the order. The litigant then has to go down to the 8th floor law division office and ask the clerk there for a copy of the order. Days later Shelton went to a supervising assistant clerk in the law division office and the clerk insisted that Shelton “pay” for a copy of the order.

    This is a direct violation of statute and is also a violation of the U.S. Constitution’s due process and equal protection clauses as the United States Supreme Court has ruled in Griffin v. Illinois, 351 U.S. 12, 19 (1956), that when a court procedure is written into the statutes of a state, this invokes due process rights under the Constitution. Therefore, it is a violation of equal protection and due process to make a pro se counsel pay for an order outside of the courtroom and give an order free to a private attorney or state attorney in the courtroom. This is a violation of Clerk Dorothy Brown’s oath of office. It is a criminal act of aiding and abetting a felony civil rights violation for the Sheriff to refuse to enforce the law that the litigant must be “promptly” given a copy of the order.

    Shelton requested the Sheriff deputies in the courtroom to stop the clerk from going down to the 8th floor and to order them to follow the law (statute 735 ILCS 5/5-105 “The clerk of the court shall promptly mail or deliver a copy of the order [application for indigency status – order] to the applicant”). The deputies refused. Shelton went to Sheriff Dart’s office, room 704 Daley Center and sat on a chair in the public lobby area of the office. She asked the secretary Lynn to ask for the Sheriff’s counsel to intervene. Mr. Kaufman said he would not intervene. Shelton then was harassed by Sheriff staff including Asst. Chief Sheriff Nolan, in charge of the courtroom services in the Daley Center, who also refused to recover Shelton’s documents (including her personal court file on the case – she had previously filed the complaint and had a date stamped copy that she had lent to Judge Maddux to review when considering her indigency petition – the Asst. Clerk had also illegally taken  possession of this document and refused to return it when asked – this was a “theft”).

    Therefore, Shelton called the Chicago Police and when they arrived asked them to take a complaint of theft and to go to the 8th floor and recover her documents (personal court file and her copy of order from Judge Maddux). They at first listened and then when A/C Nolan took them out in the hall, they came and said they would not intervene because that was court procedure. The CPD and A/C Nolan refused to produce any document stating this was “court procedure.”

    Shelton then called Dorothy Brown’s office and spoke to her attorney in the office, Phillipe Akem, and asked her to intervene and recover my file and the order.  refused. Then A/C Nolan arrested me when I said I was staying in the lobby of the office until the Sheriff or the Chicago Police, or the Clerk’s staff recover my court file and the order, give it to me, and take a criminal complaint against the Clerk’s staff for theft of my court file and obstruction of justice. Without the order and file-stamped copy of Shelton’s complaint to make copies of, Shelton was unable to serve the Defendants as the Sheriff’s staff refused to waive service fees without a copy of the order.

    It is illegal for the Sheriff to arrest Shelton when she was in the public area of this office during normal business hours, quietly sitting on a chair, simply responding to their assault of her and exercising her right to have my Constitutional rights enforced, with legitimate business that HE was supposed to perform. It was illegal to arrest me in order to cover-up his criminal conduct of aiding and abetting violation of law and Constitutional rights (illegal penalty on the exercise of Constitutional rights).  There was absolutely no probable cause for an arrest. This was also harassment of a federal witness as I have suits against Sheriff staff for excessive force, unlawful arrest, and malicious prosecution (two filed and several in preparation), and  I have reported a long series of misconduct by Sheriff staff similar to this to the FBI. This is also official misconduct by the Sheriff staff, harassment, and obstruction of justice.

    Several weeks later I went to Clerk Dorothy Brown’s office and one of her attorneys went down to the 8th floor law division office with me and despite the assistant clerk insisting I pay for copies of the records, she personally copied my file and the order and handed them to me without charge.  Dorothy Brown and Chief Judge Timothy Evans have been fully informed of this matter and have none NOTHING to correct the errors of their staff or the unlawfulness of this arrest.

    For more details see the Motion for Supervisory Order filed with the Illinois Supreme Court, asking them to enforce the law and order the Clerk to give litigants copies of orders without charge, promptly in the courtroom, and to order Judge Maddux to cease and desist his violation of law – they illegally denied this motion and therefore the only option is to take it for certiorari with the United States Supreme Court or to request an injunction from the Federal District Court, in order to enforce the law.

    On 5/29/12 instead of going to court, because I was ordered to have a trial after Judge Chiampas illegally ordered stricken my motion to dismiss for a speedy trial violation, motions to compel witnesses to comply with subpoenas, motion to comply with ADA,  and motion for substitution of judge for cause with PREJUDICE, while ordering that she would not allow any more continuances and that there would be a trial on 5/29/12,  ensuring an unfair unconstitutional trial, I went to the Canadian consulate (I am a Canadian citizen) and asked for their protection and they agreed to write letters to officials for an investigation if the laws of the United States are being followed in my case, which they are not, and so I would have time to write petitions for writ of habeas corpus and file them as soon as I am in custody. Of course the judge struck the motion for substitution of judge I asked him to file for me on 5/29/12, an act of judicial misconduct and she issued arrest warrants.

     2009-MC1-123821-01           720 ILCS 5.0/2105        CRIM TRES TO STATE PROPERTY  5/13/09
                                        720 ILCS 5.0/26-1-A-1  DISORDERLY CONDUCT
                                        720 ILCS 5.0/31-1(A)    RESISTING A PEACE OFFICER                   

    Disp:               Nolle Pros 12/6/12

                            Bail:      $1,000 I-Bond (personal recognizance bond)
                                         Increased to $25,000 D Bond on 3/21/12 arrested by Cook County Sheriff and
                                         jailed for 5 days, quashed 3/26/12
                                         Arrested by Oak Lawn Police on 4/3/12 on invalid recalled warrant
                                         J. Chiampas refused to hold Oak Lawn Police in contempt for
                                         Disobeying her order quashing warrants
                                         Increased to $5,000 D Bond on 5/29/12
                                         Decreased to $5,000 I-Bond on 6/26/12
                                         Increased to $100,000 D-Bond on 11/27/12

                            Arresting Agency: Cook County Sheriff , complainant Sgt. Jennifer Griffith badge 1048

    Circumstances:  Virtually identical to above, except instead of going to Sheriff Dart’s office, Shelton sat on bench outside of Judge Maddux’s courtroom after Deputies refused to recover order illegally not given to Shelton in courtroom and instead taken down to 8th floor law division clerk’s office. Case number was a filed different suit 2008 L 013289. Again I called Chicago Police and they came and refused to recover Shelton’s documents. Again A/C Nolan illegally arrested Shelton. There was no resisting. Shelton could not walk and sat in hall because she was beginning an asthma attack and didn’t feel well. A short while later an ambulance had to be called to the lock-up due to the asthma attack. Refusing to walk was NOT resisting arrest.

    Again it is unlawful for a Sheriff deputy to refuse to enforce the law and then to cover up their misconduct with an unlawful arrest. This is also official misconduct, violation of civil rights under color of law, and an illegal penalty on the exercise of Constitutional rights, as well as unlawful arrest and malicious prosecution.

     2009- MC1-258392   720 ILCS 5.0/2105        CRIM TRES TO STATE PROPERTY  7/6/09
                                        720 ILCS 5.0/26-1-A-1  DISORDERLY CONDUCT
                                        720 ILCS 5.0/31-1         RESISTING A PEACE OFFICER
                                        720 ILCS 5.0/12-1(a)     ASSAULT

    Disp:               Nolle Pros 12/6/12

                            Bail:      $1,000 D-Bail – paid $100 (10 % cash)
                                         Increased to $25,000 D Bond on 3/21/12 arrested by Cook County Sheriff and
                                         jailed for 5 days, quashed 3/26/12
                                         Arrested by Oak Lawn Police on 4/3/12 on invalid recalled warrant                                                           J. Chiampas refused to hold Oak Lawn Police in contempt for
                                         Disobeying her order quashing warrants
                                         Increased to $5,000 D Bond on 5/29/12
                                         Decreased to $5,000 I-Bond on 6/26/12
                                         Increased to $100,000 D-Bond on 11/27/12

                            Arresting Agency: Cook County Sheriff, complainant D/S Angela Dodson badge 1196

    Circumstances:  Shelton went to the Daley Center to deliver complaints for Supervisory Orders from the Illinois Supreme Court (process) to several judges and Dorothy Brown per Illinois Supreme Court Rules which require that Petitioner serve the Respondents. At the entrance after successfully passing through security D/S Dodson assaulted Shelton by grabbing her walker and stating that she had to wait for an armed escort as she was on a “list” of persons who could not be in the building without an escort. She claimed that Shelton was in the “book”.  Shelton stated to cease and desist the assault and that there was no legal “book” and that she didn’t have to be escorted, there was no judicial order requiring such nonsense and that the deputy was violating the law, especially as Shelton was serving official process and therefore the Deputy was committing the crime of interference with a process server. 720 ILCS 5/31‑3, “Obstructing Service of Process”

    Both senior Sheriff staff and the office of Chief Judge Evans have signed affidavits that there is no “book” or other list of persons not allowed in the Daley Center without an escort. This is fantasy made up by A/C Nolan and his senior staff and used for several months to purposely harass Shelton every time she came in the Daley Center. There was absolutely no legal reason to “escort” or tail Shelton while she was in the Daley Center. This also amounts to per se defamation of Shelton’s character.

    Shelton was then unlawfully arrested for the above allegations, all of which are bogus. Again the Sheriff staff committed crimes including official misconduct, assault and battery of Shelton, interference with service of process., falsification of records, felony violation of civil rights, and an illegal penalty on the exercise of Constitutional rights.

    Sgt. Griffin badge 1048 made false allegations of “assault” when Shelton, because Sgt. Griffin is constantly harassing and making false allegations against pro se litigants including Robert More and Shelton, said that she was going to “kick your ass in federal court when I sue you for civil rights violations!”.  Sgt. Griffin falsified her records and wrote that Shelton threatened to physically harm her. This is beyond silly as Shelton is a weak disabled woman who uses a walker and has spinal cord injuries with a partial right hemiparesis and congenitally weak arms, while Sgt. Griffin is a stout, strong, and large woman, who is clearly younger than Shelton. Sgt. Griffin is a bully and uses her police powers illegally to harass and falsely arrest those she doesn’t like.

    2009-MC1-260540     720 ILCS 5.0/21-5(a)     TRESPASS TO STATE SUPP PROPERTY  8/7/09

    Disp:               Nolle Pros 12/6/12

                            Bail:      $1,000 I-Bail (personal recognizance bond)
                    Increased to $25,000 D Bond on 3/21/12 arrested by Cook County Sheriff and
                                         jailed for 5 days, quashed 3/26/12
                                         Arrested by Oak Lawn Police on 4/3/12 on invalid recalled warrant
                                         J. Chiampas refused to hold Oak Lawn Police in contempt for
                                         Disobeying her order quashing warrants
                                         Increased to $5,000 D Bond on 5/29/12
                                         Decreased to $5,000 I-Bond on 6/26/12
                                         Increased to $100,000 D-Bond on 11/27/12

               Arresting Agency: Cook County Sheriff, Complainant - Cook County Supervising Asst.
    Clerk Gloria Legette Criminal Clerk at 2650 S. California, 5th Floor

    Circumstances: Shelton had ordered the record on appeal to be prepared from the clerk’s office and came to the clerk’s office to pick up the record. This was for the vendor fraud case above for which Shelton was acquitted.

    Shelton had filed a notice of appeal that she was appealing the pre-trial order denying her motion for dismissal due to lack of jurisdiction of the court on the grounds the vendor fraud case had an insufficient indictment, the Illinois Attorney General had no legal authority to prosecute this type of crime per law, and that there was no charge stated as the alleged act was legal per the United States Medicaid Code and the supremacy clause of the Constitution. The United States Supreme Court on four cases had previously ruled that an appeal can proceed in a case where there has been an acquittal if there was still a justiciable issue and if the double jeopardy clause would not be invoked. That is the case in this instance.

    Clerk Brown had illegally, in violation of statute and her oath of office refused to transmit the notice of appeal to the Illinois Appellate Court so Shelton hand delivered a file stamped copy to the Illinois Appellate Court three weeks later.

    The Illinois Appellate Court had illegally dismissed the appeal based on a few sentence motion from the State Appellate Defender that had been illegally appointed by the Illinois Appellate Clerk over Shelton’s objection as she was representing herself pro se. The SAD claimed a case where there was an acquittal could not be appealed. This is a violation of United States Supreme Court holdings and therefore a violation of due process.

    Shelton was told that since there “no longer was a case” she had to pay $200+ dollars for the record on appeal even though Shelton was declared indigent by the court. Shelton objected and insisted on talking to the supervisor, Ms. Legette who wouldn’t budge on this issue. Shelton had a legal right to appeal the dismissal to the Illinois Supreme Court and then the United States Supreme Court. She obviously needed the record on appeal to appeal. Again this was a denial of Shelton’s due process rights.

    Shelton sat on the benches in the public area of the office and called Dorothy Brown’s office to speak to her attorney to try to resolve the issue and obtain due process. Ms. Legette called the Sheriff’s office and had them tell Shelton to leave.  Shelton was not interrupting anyone, but just had insisted on her constitutional rights as held by the United States Supreme Court, who had previously decided that indigent defendants have a right to waiver of fees in preparing records for appeal and transcripts.

    Sheriff deputies came and told Shelton she had to leave and Shelton said she had business in the office so they arrested her illegally for trespass.

    The Sheriff staff and Clerk violated their oaths of office, committed official misconduct, interfered with Shelton’s exercise of her Constitutional rights, conspired to violated Shelton’s Constitutional rights, assaulted Shelton, committed felony violation of civil rights under color of law, unlawfully arrested her and are maliciously prosecuting her.

     2009-MC1-261096-01                       720 ILCS 5.0/26-1-A-1  DISORDERLY CONDUCT     8/31/09

    Disp:               Nolle Pros 12/6/12

                            Bail:      $1,000 I-Bail (personal recognizance bond)
                                         Increased to $25,000 D Bond on 3/21/12 arrested by Cook County Sheriff and
                                         jailed for 5 days, quashed 3/26/12
                                         Arrested by Oak Lawn Police on 4/3/12 on invalid recalled warrant
                                         J. Chiampas refused to hold Oak Lawn Police in contempt for
                                         Disobeying her order quashing warrants
                                         Increased to $5,000 D Bond on 5/29/12
                                         Decreased to $5,000 I-Bond on 6/26/12
                                         Increased to $100,000 D-Bond on 11/27/12

                            Arresting Agency:         Cook County Sheriff, complainant Inv. Cynthia Sofus badge 547

    Circumstances: Shelton went to the jail to pick up the property of inmate MH who was being transferred out at the request of the Social Worker Robinson and MH. Shelton had called the Sheriff’s office , the legal office, and the Executive Directors office and asked for an escort so she would not be falsely assaulted by staff and they all said there would be no problem picking up an inmate’s property from Division 3 during visiting hours. Shelton went to the jail on 8/27/09 and picked up half of the property (several paper bags of papers). She told them she would return in a few days for the rest of the property.

    When Shelton returned on 8/31/09 she was assaulted by Lt. Prescott in Div. 3 who stated she could not pick up anything in Div 3 and who wouldn’t listen that Social Worker Robinson, etc., had arranged it and the pick-up was approved by all higher offices. Shelton was assaulted and battered by a number of deputies and told she couldn’t pick up the property. Shelton went into a syncopal episode due to her medical problems and an ambulance was called, but Shelton had recovered in the ambulance and declined treatment. When she tried to re-enter to pick up the property she was arrested. Inv. Sofus made a false report stating that there was no property to pick up.  Prof. Coyne of the Kent School of law, assigned to represent MH after Shelton filed a habeas petition on behalf of MH came and picked up the remaining property a few weeks later, proving that Inv. Sofus LIED.

    Again this was official misconduct in filing a  false arrest report, unlawful arrest, malicious prosecution, and assault on Shelton. This denied MH and Shelton the Constitutional right of equal protection as other inmates are allowed to have their property picked up. Also Prof. Coyne was allowed to pick up the property and later turn it over to Shelton. Sheriff staff cannot refuse to allow a person to do something legal that another person is allowed to do. This is also harassment of a federal witness (Shelton against Sheriff staff) as well as violation of rules of the jail.

    2009-MC5-008136-01            720 ILCS 5.0/12-3         BATTERY                               10/21/09

     Disp:              Nolle Prosequi

                            Bail:      Excessive $50,000 D-Bail - $5,000 paid (10% cash)
                                        [Misdemeanor bail is generally $1,000, unless serious prior convictions where it
    might go up to several thousand]

                            Arresting Agency:  Cook County Sheriff Courtroom Services (officers who are friends of
    Deputies Doran and Caliendo who committed perjury in case above and Sgt. McCollum who participated in above arrest where these deputies committed perjury.

    Circumstances:  Shelton was in courtroom of Judge Hyland and Bridgeview courthouse where she was defending a fraudulent trespass charge. Shelton was representing herself pro se and therefore had the right to speak up like an attorney. Judge Hyland may a statement that was an error of law and Shelton spoke up politely to provide a correction. Judge Hyland had a temper-tantrum and yelled at Shelton for speaking up (actually an assault by the judge on Shelton because she threatened to arrest her for contempt if she spoke and Shelton had a legal right as pro se counsel to object to false statements in the court) and then through her out of the courtroom.

    When called back in Shelton held up a copy of a statute proving Judge Hyland had made a legal error and that Shelton’s statement correcting it was in fact legally correct. Deputy Norris then grabbed Shelton’s arm in an assault and apparent attempt to shut up Shelton. Shelton loudly stated “Stop assaulting me” and the Judge again had a temper-tantrum yelling at Shelton. Deputy Stanislawski then placed himself in front of Shelton’s walker bumping into it and falsely accused Shelton of ramming him with her walker. He said: “If you are charging her [Deputy Norris] with assault, I’m charging you with battery.” Then Shelton was arrested for battery.

    When Shelton was in the lock-up she suffered an episode of choking, which caused respiratory distress and a brief inability to talk. The Sheriff staff called an ambulance and in an act of defamation told the paramedics that Shelton was a mental case. The paramedics abused Shelton along with the Sheriff staff and this caused Shelton to go into a flashback (she suffers from PTSD due to previous attack on her by Sgt. Salemi and becomes briefly out of touch with reality and flails her arm trying to protect herself from Salemi’s blows thinking she is being suffocated again – she also crys and cowers, she is a danger to no one in this condition because her arms are weak and she is not able to defend herself). The paramedics took Shelton to Palos ER where the doctor and nurses committed medical battery by immediately injecting her with an overdose of sedatives (to which Shelton is known to have adverse reactions) without checking into her medical history or allergies (medical papers were in her briefcase as always and her father and doctors were available by phone). They held her in the ER for 22 hrs repeatedly injecting her with these drugs producing adverse effects of confusion and agitation and terror (from repeatededly inducing the flashbacks).

    Judge Feerick illegally held a bond hearing while Shelton was in the ER and based on fraudulent statements from the Asst. States Attorney that Shelton was a mental case with a history of violence and four bail forfeitures she set a high and unreasonable bail.  There are no bail forfeitures.

    Shelton recently did an audit of over 35 criminal records in the Clerk’s office and found an error rate of about 37% regarding disposition reported to the Illinois State Police Criminal Database. Therefore, the rap sheets that he States Attorney uses to tell the judges prior history are totally unreliable as illustrated by the fact Shelton has NO bail forfeitures and the rap sheet says there are four. Four times Shelton was in hospital or the Sheriff failed to take her to a court hearing resulting in a warrant and preliminary order for bail forfeiture. All warrants and forfeitures were quashed but the Cook County Circuit Court Clerk failed to inform the ISP, as they are required by law, that the bail forfeitures had been quashed.

     11 MC1 241978-01                   720 ILCS 5/12-3-A-2     Battery simple                                       8/23/11
                                                    720 ILCS 5/31-1-A        Resist/Obstruct Peace Ofc       
                                                    720 ILCS 5/21-5            Crim Trespass to State Supp Land
                                                    720 ILCS 5/12-3-A-2     Battery simple
                                                    720 ILCS 5/26-1-A-1     Disorderly conduct

    Disp:                 Guilty by void jury trial by Judge Chiampas with no jurisdiction due to
                            Violation notice, speedy trial, SOJ statutes, ADA laws, compulsory process as well
                            as violation of Suspension Clause and 735 ILCS article X for failure to hear petition
                            for writ of habeas corpus due to legally insufficient complaints and perjury by
                            complainants 12/6/12 sentenced to 48 days jail (time served)

                            Bail:       $1000 D Bond
                                         Increased to $30,000 D-Bond on 10/3/11 and arrested by Oak Lawn Police
                                         Increased to $25,000 D Bond on 3/21/12 arrested by Cook County Sheriff and
                                         jailed for 5 days, quashed 3/26/12
                                         Arrested by Oak Lawn Police on 4/3/12 on invalid recalled warrant
                                         J. Chiampas refused to hold Oak Lawn Police in contempt for
                                         Disobeying her order quashing warrants
                                         Increased to $5,000 D Bond on 5/29/12
                                         Decreased to $$30,000 D-Bond on 6/26/12
                                         Increased to $100,000 D-Bond on 11/27/12

    Circumstances:  Went as courier to divorce court to deliver an envelope that said “emergency letter to court from plaintiff due to accident at work and hospitalization. A party to the case was hospitalized and asked me to inform the judge he would not be in court by delivering this envelope.  During court I went up to the clerk and quietly handed him the envelope. The court clerk, while the judge was on the bench handling a case, threw the envelope on the floor in front of the bench.  I, disabled and using a walker, picked it up and handed it back to the clerk. He threw it on the floor again and I picked it up again.  The judge then said to the deputies to throw me out of the courtroom and a deputy grabbed me. I then spoke up and said “Mr B asked me to inform you with this letter that he fell at work and is hospitalized, possibly with a broken spine, so he wants a continuance. The conduct of this court is outrageous.

    Out in the hall the deputies insisted that I leave the building.  A deputy sheriff, S Ateca, grabbed my walker and wouldn’t let me move.  I said you have no right to do that.  I did not disturb anyone or violate the law and I have to go to the law library. I said OK I’ll follow you downstairs. She walked in front of my walker and another deputy walked behind me.  I accidentally bumped her with my walker wheel as she was walking too close to my walker and I am a bit unsteady and tremulous due to my neurological condition.  On the 1st floor we were met by a half dozen deputies and a sergeant.  I said that they had no right to limit my use of public access to the Cook Count law library.  The Sgt then told them to let me go to the library.  However, they kept escorting me.  I decided this was harassment and that I would go to the Sheriff’s office on the 7th floor and make a complaint.  When I stopped the elevator there, the deputies said no, you can only go to the law library, which was an assault on me.  I got off the elevator and walked to the Sheriff’s office but they ran ahead of me and two deputies stood in the doorway of the double glass door that was half open and wouldn’t let me in.  A dozen or more deputies then crowded around me.  I was forced to stand still.  My medical condition (severe neurocardiogenic syncope) does not let me stand still or I pass out and can even go into cardiac arrest.  I told them they were assaulting me and had no right to order me to leave the building and I wasn’t leaving until they let me into the Sheriff’s office to make a complaint. Then as I began to pass out they said I was under arrest for trespass and a large officer picked me up and carried me to the lock-up.  See the following for description of why I get PTSD flashbacks.

    In the lock-up Deputy Sheriff Ataca and her colleagues fabricated false charges against me for battery for accidentally bumping into her with my walker while she was walking in front of me, disorderly conduct for not leaving the building, trespassing and resisting arrest (do you see a pattern yet!!!!)


    I also have post-traumatic-stress disorder due to several times when the deputies in the jail and Chicago police heavily battered me (Correctional officers Levy, Connally, and Ruiz held me on the floor and kicked me with their boots, Sgt. Anthony Salemi sent away the female officer and in my cell in the jail grabbed me by the neck in my wheelchair, stumbled as the chair lurched backwards with the force of him lunging at me, then he flipped me out of the armless chair while ripping the chair out from under me, onto the floor, falsified his records and said I attacked him by “bumping” him with the wheelchair, charged me with felony battery of an officer, committed perjury, and I was convicted and sent to prison with a 2-yr sentence, Chicago Police officer in the police office at then Michael Reese Hospital handcuffed me and shackled me to the feet of a desk then got on the floor and pummeled me with his fist all about the body, Chicago Police officers when they were letting me go and gave me my possessions in the police station and I tried to take my mediations that they had been withholding from me while in the lock-up on an above false charge, allowed lock-up aid Shell to batter me and grabbed me and arrested me again for batterying her – which I did not do – charges later dropped,  officers have several times under illegal orders of corrupt doctors including Dr. David Carrington at Cook County Jail and Dr.Daniel Girzadas Jr at Christ Hosp ER to inject me with psychotropic drugs without investigating the truth of officers’ false statements that I was ranting and crazy  in violation of the Illinois Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Act,  - at Christ Hospital upon being tied to the stretcher in 4-pt restraints by the guard and illegally forcibly injected against my will with Haldol and Ativan after I had been given 10 mg Valium to sedate me for an MRI, despite my warning that this was contra-indicated because of my respiratory condition [I said to Dr. Girzadas “if you inject me I may die”] I went into respiratory arrest and had to be brought back with an emergency IV placement and drugs – this produced the initial PTSD because I really thought he was killing me and was frightened out of my mind  - each episode of tying me down and illegally injecting me or battering me exacerbated this attack on me by Dr. Girzadas Jr – Christ hospital kicked me off of the staff when I asked for an investigation and discipline against Dr. Girzadas Jr. , because his father, Dr. Girzadas Sr was a board member at Advocate Christ hospital and they were protecting Girzadas. – now I am extremely claustrophobic and go into flashbacks crying and saying don’t hit me and cowering in corners or under tables, not knowing where I am, when restrained and in back of police vehicles that are very tight or in small rooms with no windows or when tied down [always illegally in order to inject me and shut me up from complaining loudly or asking for a complaint form or supervisor]. I saw a psychiatrist for a year, Dr. Robert Galatzer-Levy for treatment of PTSD and he told me that I talk loudly and get verbally defensive just before I go into a flashback.
    05 CR 22504                  720 ILCS 5.0/12-4-B-6  AGG BAT/PEACE OFC                      11/27/12

    Disp:               Pending                      
                            $150,000 bail, bonded out from CCDOC 12/23/12 with $15,000 D-Bond  (10% cash)
                            Bail unlawfully and unconstitutionally raised to “no bail” by Judge Dianne Cannon on
                                         3/15/13 due to arrest on fraudulent charge 13 DV 50121
                            Despite 13 DV 50121 being dismissed on 7/31/13, Shelton was kept on illegal no bail
                                         until 1/21/14, when Judge Reddick decided no bail was not legal
                            Bail unlawfully increased from original bail – where it was automatically as of 7/31/13 as
                                         the case 13 DV 50121 was dismissed and therefore the violation of bail became
                                         void, (decreased from no bail) to $300,000 on 1/21/14, bonded out by paying
                                         additional $15,000 on 3/27/14

    Incarcerated 03/15/13 to 3/27/14 at CCDOC

    Circumstances: Unlawful arrest and malicious prosecution for battery of correctional officer – in fact I had a court disability coordinator agreement that the Sheriff staff would NOT trigger a PTSD flashback and if they did, then they would “back-off” until it passed. Judge Chiampas in 11 MC1 241978-01 purposely violated this and caused/ordered the sheriff staff to essentially trigger a flashback and then they arrested me for “touching an officer’s ear and pulling her hair” [during a flashback] and can ask for a sentence, if convicted, of 3-14 years in prison. IL Constitution Article I Section 9 forbids no bail orders unless charged with murder or in a due process hearing the defendant is found too dangerous to release!

    In case Tennessee v. Lane, 2004, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Mr. Lane could sue the state of Tennessee for violating the ADA and arresting him for failure to appear in court, as he was paraplegic and the courthouse had no elevator, his case was on the 2nd floor, and the judge charged him with failure to appear because he refused to crawl up the courthouse steps to get to the courtroom. Lower court rulings in that case essentially found that the charge was not legal as it was caused by the state violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    The charge against Shelton is also illegal as it violated the ADA triggered agreement between Shelton and the Court Disability Coordinator, Millissa Pacelli..
    13 V 22504                    720 ILCS 5/12-3.2 Domestic Battery                                         02/05/13

    DISP:               Nolle Prosequi on 7/31/13
                            $5,000 bail, posted $500 bond and released at night

    Arresting Agency:  Oak Lawn Police without presence of Cook County Sheriff

    Circumstances: Alice Dale,  Shelton’s sister with borderline personality disorder – with multiple psychiatric hospitalizations and suicidal gestures used in manipulation, as well as severe depression and shared episodes of psychotic paranoia with brother, Donald Lorincz – who has untreated bipolar disorder, shared paranoid psychosis with Dale, forged a Trust document on father, Allan L. Lorincz’s, MD death bed while Shelton was unlawfully jailed (I lived with my father, merged my household with his and cared for him as he was dying for years) changing the trustee from Shelton to Dale, changed the property going into a trust that allows Shelton to live in it rent-free for life (from the house they shared to a 3rd floor walk-up condo that is difficult for Shelton to live in as she is multiply physically disabled with severe balance problems), ransacked the house and stole many of Shelton’s possession, as well as passport, bank records, work product, and other personal records, committed fraud on the court and evicted Shelton illegally while jailed 9 days before the eviction case was DISMISSED – the police and court are unlawfully refusing to assist Shelton and take a criminal complaint or hear a complaint for  contempt of court, etc.

    The complaint for domestic battery was nolle pros’d on 7/31/13 which means dismissed and reverts to the situation to that BEFORE THE ARREST.

    Alice Dale on 2/5/13 told the Oak Lawn Police that she was owner of the house at 9905 S Kilbourn in Oak Lawn, IL and had an order of possession (she obtained a fraudulent order of possession by false statements to the court, but the OOP was legally on hold as I had timely filed a motion to dismiss the eviction case, which automatically places the order on hold. The law says that ONLY the Sheriff and NOT municipal police may evict a person or break into a house on a CIVIL matter. The Sheriff was not present. Therefore, when Dale had Lorincz and a locksmith under watchful eye of OL Police break in while Shelton was out, they committed the criminal acts of unlawful lock-out, breaking and entering, trespass, damage to property, etc.

    When Shelton arrived, her key did not work so she broke a back door window and reached in to open the door (her med for chronic intractable pain and vertigo were due at that time also so it was important that she enter) and Lorincz grabbed her hand (the one with a chronic painful neuropathy) so Shelton pushed her can handle against him to try to get him away from the door and her hand. Then Don Lorincz laughed and asked the police to arrest Shelton which they did for domestic battery. As the police and Lorincz were the offenders and the Sheriff was not present, the charge was void as fraudulent, as well as it is an affirmative defense if one defends oneself or one’s property against an intruder. Lorincz had been removed from the property for assaulting Shelton in the presence of their father, in 2006, and Shelton had told him not to enter or it was trespass.

    Lorincz had not lived there for more than 30 years and was not trustee and had no legal right to be on the property.

    Shelton had posted the order from the court continuing her motion to dismiss the eviction case on the window so that the Sheriff would not enforce the OOP but the Oak Lawn Police illegally ignored that order. Therefore, this was an unlawful arrest and malicious prosecution.
    Petty Offenses:                       Cook County Circuit Court

     03 MC5 002031-01       Municipal ordinance violation - disorderly conduct                        3/4/03

    Disp:                 Nolle Prosequi

    Circumstances:  Unlawfully arrested and maliciously prosecuted for coming to Clerk’s office at Bridgeview courthouse and filing and trying to file a pleading as a pro se defendant after Chief of deputies in the building had illegally told Shelton she could not come to the building except to the courtroom.

     No case number                       Alleged violation of bail with no formal charge                             5/13/05

    Disp:                 No formal charge ever written so jailed illegally. Bail order of “No Bond”
    overturned by Illinois Appellate Court on 12/31/-05 to $10,000 I-Bond and immediately released from  CCDOC.

    Medically neglected, battered and abused at CCDOC. Ill when released but able to self treat at home.

    Circumstances: Judge illegally and unethically issued arrest warrant 12/8/05 when Shelton did not appear in court after Shelton on 12/7/05 had informed court in writing that she had a hearing in federal court and would be late on 12/8/05. Shelton called co-defendant’s on 12/8/05 after federal hearing and co-defendant told her that judge had failed to appear so they had re-scheduled hearing for 1/19/06. Judge came several hours late to court and despite agreement from co-defendant’s attorney and prosecutor to continue hearing to 1/19/06 and despite written notice of federal hearing, judge issued arrest warrant. and on 12/13/05 refused to vacate it and ordered Shelton held on “No Bond” without notice, counsel, hearing, or formal charge in violation of her oath of office and constitutional due process rights.
    No case number                        Alleged violation of bail with no formal charge                             1/6/06

    Disp:                 No formal charge ever written so jailed illegally. Bail order of $500,000
    overturned by Illinois Appellate Court on 1/20/06 to $100,000 bail separate from battery case and immediately released from CCDOC when bond paid.

    Medically neglected, battered and abused at CCDOC. Immediately taken by person picking up Shelton from jail to UIC ER and admitted for severe dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, contusions and joint  pain, and inability to stand.

    Circumstances: Judge illegally and unethically raised bail to $500,000 form $10,000 I-Bond fraudulently stating Shelton had lied to Appellate Court and that she was incarcerating Shelton because she refused to answer questions at illegally ordered fitness exam (a statutory right where the court is not permitted to change bail to achieve the exam) without notice, counsel, hearing, or formal charge in violation of her oath of office and constitutional due process rights.

    ACC 070057-01            Criminal Contempt                                                                     4/13/07

    Disp:                 Summary sentence of 30 days in CCDOCAPPEALING
                            reduced to time served on 4/20/07

    Medically neglected and abused in CCDOC, requiring ER treatment.

    Circumstances: Judge Alonso made summary finding of contempt when Shelton told him upon him taking over case from Judge Pantle who had been transferred to Chancery Division from Criminal Division that the vendor fraud case was illegal bullshit, and Judge Pantle was Dishonorable for illegally failing to hear Shelton’s fully briefed pleadings to dismiss case as void without jurisdiction for over two years.

    The fact is that Judge Pantle had violated law extensively, was extremely corrupt, and the case against Shelton for vendor fraud was fraudulent, malicious, and state actors had consistently refused Shelton due process or a meeting for her to present evidence of such.

    While in jail severely beaten by jail sheriff officers Levy, Ruis, and Connally who held me down and kicked me with their boots.

    ACC 100083, 93, 93      Criminal Contempt                                             5/11/10

    Disp:                 Summary convictions and sentences, by Judge McHale sitting I for Judge Biebel,                        
                            for 4, 6, and 6 months to run concurrently for 16 months with good time jail credits  
                            denied – later order to deny good time jail credits and for 1st and 2nd sentence to be 
                            concurrent was dismissed and had to serve 6 months of this totally unconstitutional 
                            and illegal sentence – APPEALING

    Circumstances:  I had tried to file a next-friend petition for writ of habeas corpus to have hard before the presiding criminal division judge, but Judge Biebel kept not being available.  He was substituted by Judge Kazmierski and Wadas who sent me to the trail judge Brosnahan – all of them refused to hear the habeas petition illegally stating that a non-attorney could not file it. Then I got to Judge McHale and he declared that filing it as a non-attorney was “illegal.” This is a violation of the Constitution’s Suspension Clause [the right of habeas corpus cannot be suspended except in times of war], U.S. Supreme Court rulings in Boumediene v. Bush 2008 [Boumediene is a Guantanamo Bay prisoner who the court held could have his father file a next-friend habeas petition to try to get him released], and Illinois Statute [736 ILCS Article X that states that a person other than the prisoner and a non-attorney – on behalf of the prisoner could file a habeas petition].

    Over a protracted discussion and then hearing on the contempt over several days, when I protested and quoted the above law and case law, as well as said any judge who violates this was committing an act of treason and quoted the U.S. Supreme Court on their definition of treason which included knowingly and willingly violating their rulings, statutes or the constitution, he arrested me saying I had committed criminal contempt and incorrectly charged me with three “cases” and not “counts” of contempt.  Annabel Melongo, on behalf of whom I filed a next-friend habeas petition, is still in jail as of today, 6-2-12 without a trial and without probable cause – so this remains an act of treason by these judges. For details read:

    Although I am indigent and on SSI (social security disability), the Illinois Appellate Court, in violation of Illinois supreme Court rule 298 (requiring waiving of fees for indigent persons), and in violation of U.S. Supreme Court rulings that require criminal courts to waive fees for indigent criminal defendants, refused to waive fees and therefore dismissed my appeal when I did not pay the filing fee. The Illinois Supreme Court made the same error (I presume maliciously and purposely) and therefore cannot file with them. I am preparing a U.S. Supreme Court complaint for mandamus to correct this injustice that amounts to an act of treason by four (4) judges, in C[r]ook County, which is nationally known for corrupt judges [remember Graylord convictions?].

    Petition for Writ of Mandamus to U.S. Supreme Court 12-6561 denied, Petition for rehearing pending


    11 MC1 600086             Criminal Contempt                                             4/25/11

    Disp:                 Summary sentence of 1-day time served declared “void and for naught”
                            By Judge Burch on 8/26/11, Judge Chiampas has refused to hear motion to
                            Correct error and to vacate and strike case instead of “purging” it. She illegally
                            Struck motion to correct on 3/21/12

                            Bail: $25,000 on 3/21/12 by incompetent, manic, crazy, and malicious Judge Chiampas
    when I got sick and went out into the hall and she got mad.  She made bail orders of $25,000 on all my pending cases – not bothering to read that this was not a pending case, but was just before her on my motion to correct the record from “purged” to “vacated and expunged by Judge Burch”. I was taken into custody on all the warrants and kept in jail five (5) days during which I was tortured with withholding of my correct medication dose and other medical neglect. Then she reduced bail to “previous order to stand”.

    Circumstances: Judge Burch had verbally granted my request to waive Sheriff service fees for subpoenas and declared me indigent and told me to write up the orders. When I gave him the orders he declared I had committed contempt by writing that the sheriff deputies would serve the subpoenas.  He said he only granted my motion to waive fees.  I protested and wrote formal complaints against him and motions to quash, etc.   He eventually recognized his error but tried to save face by stating on the record that I had apologized, which I did not and declared the case void.  The clerk made an error and said that the sentence was “purged” on the docket.


    Under penalties as provided by law pursuant to Section 1-109 of the Illinois Code of Civil Procedure, the undersigned certifies that the statements set forth in this instrument are true and correct.

                                                                                        Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                        Linda L. Shelton, Pro Se
    December 24, 2012

    Linda Lorincz Shelton, Ph.D., M.D.


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