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    Tuesday, December 9, 2008

    No Clemency for Convict former Governor George Ryan

    Ryan whines that he’s already paid a price with loss of pension, not seeing his sick wife, and loss of reputation. He belatedly is expressing remorse for the first time, but never mentions the death of the Willis family’s six children that resulted from his actions.

    He has it better than most convicts who lose much much more including their home, friends, family, reputation, employability, often right to vote in other states, etc. Prisoners often are not allowed even to go to the funerals of loved ones or visit at their deathbeds. I feel sorry for his wife, but Ryan should realize that the consequences to his family are a result of his actions. You don’t release murderers because their family is sick. Ryan is a murderer. He deserved a far longer sentence.

    He shouldn’t get special treatment, especially because he told the families with handicapped children through his aide that he would not increase slots for the waiver program to keep severely disabled children at home instead of in nursing homes or institutions because “they should die.” He was ruthless as a Governor despite some good things that he did. Power, influence, control, no matter who it hurt was his goal. He gave very little empathy to others in need. He was out of touch with the people who needed government help most.

    As a politician Ryan is even more culpable for his crimes than an average citizen. He had a heightened duty to follow the law in that he took an oath of office. Violation of the public trust and constitution requires harsher sentencing to prevent others from following in his footsteps.

    Prisoners deserve mercy and rehabilitation, but lets be reasonable. Mercy is not just for the elite, wealthy, and connected. Let the punishment fit the crime! He doesn’t deserve shortening of an already ridiculously short sentence considering his crime. People died because of what he did! He has NEVER specifically acknowledged this fact and asked for forgiveness for this.
    He may have made a good decision to commute death sentences, but in general he was heartless, arrogant, and deserves a far longer sentence.

    No special treatment for Ryan!

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