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    Wednesday, December 10, 2008

    The Secretive Atmosphere in Illinois, Government Corruption, and Gov. Blagojevic Arrest

    I am concerned about the lack of transparency regarding the overall atmosphere in Illinois in particular related to the Gov. Blagojevic arrest, and I presume soon to be announced indictment.

    Illinois for too long has been under the control of the Kingdom of former Gov. Jim (Prince John) Thompson and his Lords, Chicago Mayor Richard M. and Cook Co. Commissioner John Daley (sons of former Mayor Richard J.), County Board Pres. John Stroger Jr. (son of former County Board Pres. John Stroger), House Speaker Michael and his daughter Atty Gen. Lisa Madigan, Alderman Ed (buddy of Fast Ed[dy] now convict Vrdolyak) and IL. Supreme Court Justice Ann Burke, former Sheriff (of Nottingham) Sheahan, and State's Attorney Richard (Gisbourne) Divine, as well as other Lords such as former Sen. President Emil Jones and now his son Emil Jones Jr. Political office is inherited in Illinois, elected by political patronage paid for by bribery (10% of all contracts SHALL be donated (kicked-back) to political funds such as "Friends of Madigan" and "Friends of Blagojevic"), and decided in closed back room "deals" (bribes, tit-for-tat, nothing to do with competency or experience, etc.).

    Its time we have a truth commission in Illinois to give clemency to low level players so that we can reveal the true extent of the corruption, encourage witnesses to come out of the woodwork and reveal their evidence, as well as start anew with a high level of transparency. We desperately need new blood in Illinois and help from the U.S. Attorney in breaking the cycle of corruption, bribery, kick-backs, patronage, and nepotism.

    Fear is powerful. It keeps witnesses from talking. Fear in IL is used by making patronage workers fear job loss, fear loss of promotion, fear poverty. Whistle blowers are threatened by defamation, false arrests, and false statements about their sexual life or sexual preferences. This is topped off with death threats on the phone and a history of "suicide" by those arrested and charged with corruption who have positions just under the powerful like John Stroger Sr.'s godson Orlando Jones.

    A UIC professor said: Patronage breeds corruption like garbage breeds flies. SOOO true in Illinois.

    For more information about Illinois Corruption see the blogs:

    and other posts on this blog.

    Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. is identified as Candidate # 5 in the U.S. Attorney complaint against Gov. Blagojevic. Apparently someone connected with him was approached by Gov. Blagojevic operatives in order to negotiate Rep. Jackson “compensating” Gov. Blagojevic with funds for his political campaigns IF Rep. Jackson was placed higher on the list for appointment as Senator. Rep. Jackson should reveal the name of his associate and exactly what was discussed between his associate and Gov. Blagojevic’s operatives. If he is unwilling to do so, I MUST presume he has something to cover up. If he made NO inappropriate offer to produce campaign funds for Gov. Blagojevic (bribe) in exchange for or compensation for obtaining the Senate seat, then he should have nothing to hide and be totally willing to reveal all conversations occurring between his staff or operatives and Gov. Blagojevic’s staff or operatives, as well as the names of these people.

    The same holds true for Pres.-Elect Obama. If someone from his staff spoke to someone in Gov. Blagojevic’s staff concerning filling his Senate seat he should reveal their name and insist that the staff member be totally transparent about the conversation. If he doesn’t do this quickly the public and press will assume he has something to hide.

    Senator Durbin has requested that Gov. Ryan be granted clemency. I think he should withdraw that request because of reasons I state elsewhere,,

    as well as the fact that it would diminish the seriousness of his offense. Persons in office deserve VERY stiff sentence when they break the public trust. This is essentially treason. For Gov. Blagojevic to try to corrupt the US Senate by appointing someone who bought the office is also tantamount to treason but at a higher level. It should be treated as such in my book. His acts, if true, were so blatant, arrogant, and beyond the pale to astonish all. The punishment if he is convicted should be EXTREMELY steep.

    I have informed Senator Durbin of a lot of facts related to corruption in the courts and government offices in Illinois that violate state law and amount to felony conspiracy to violate rights under color of law. I had asked him to consider holding congressional hearings on this topic and review the federal law regarding this to find ways to better enforce civil rights law and the right to a fair trial. I was exceedingly disappointed in his response. He said its not a federal issue and I should consult a state legislator. He is Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. As such he should clearly see this IS A FEDERAL ISSUE. He has a sworn duty to uphold the laws of this land. He was informed of felony conduct of government officials and members of the courts in Illinois. He should have referred the issue to the US Attorney and considered holding hearings. His failure to do so means he has disregarded his DUTY to uphold the laws of the land, failed to respond to a citizen in Illinois about pressing civil rights issues and government corruption issues that have culminated with with the arrest of Gov. Blagojevic, and makes me assume he is more interested in covering up corruption and forgiving corruption in Illinois than addressing these issues. I now must question his loyalty to the constitution and the citizens of Illinois.

    His e-mail to me is as follows:

    December 9, 2008

    Dr. Linda Shelton
    9905 S. Kilbourn Ave
    Oak Lawn, IL 60453

    Dear Dr. Shelton:

    Thank you for contacting me about a blog alleging corruption in the Illinois judicial system. I appreciate hearing from you.

    This issue is under the jurisdiction of state and local government. As a federal official, I do not have a formal role in this matter. However, I appreciate knowing your concerns.

    You may want to contact your State Senator and State Representative to let them know your views. You can find their names and office telephone numbers by entering your home address at the website of the Illinois State Board of Elections,, or by calling the Board at (866) 262-6663.

    Again, thank you for your message. If I can be of any service regarding an issue before the United States Senate, please do not hesitate to contact my office.

    Richard J. Durbin
    United States Senator


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