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    Friday, December 12, 2008

    Curriculum Vitae of Dr Linda Shelton - Who is She?

    One individual wrote a comment for this blog that I will not post as he refuses to identify himself claiming he/she is a correctional officer and I am a "fraud." In his comment it is clear that he/she does not understand or have the knowledge that the officers at CCDOC have been committing gross civil rights violations including:

    1- refusing to give inmates grievance forms, paper or pen,
    2-committing battery and assaults against inmates,
    3-unlawful medical restraint and unlawful injections of psychotropic drugs to shut them up (this has been investigated by the Illinois Human Rights Authority which sustained my allegations of this class A misdemeanor violation of law but the Cook County States Attorney has refused to force a consent degree to stop this or to prosecute the perpetrators),
    4-denial of statutory right to initial phone call to an attorney and a family member (particularly inmates who didn't get a phone call during processing because of a medical problem and were brought directly to Cermak) when which a jailer violates this it is a class A misdemeanor but the Cook County States Attorney is refusing to prosecute,
    5-proper medical care including life-saving medication previously prescribed by outside physicians for serious medical conditions (in my case this was salt - 5 gms per day or I become continuously shocky when standing and unable to walk or even sit up at times, I also pass out and go into cardiac arrest; Norpace a heart medication to control abnormal heart rhythms, and other medication) - they take a body out of CCDOC almost every other day and many deaths are due to medical neglect or due to beatings by officers - again the Cook County States Attorney has refused to investigate or prosecute, and
    6-access to the courts including access to law library materials and the means to write and mail pleadings to the court and to get messages to the courts (I was denied access to the courts which is a constitutional violation despite the fact I was representing myself).

    The correctional officers at IDOC and CCDOC need better training so that:
    1- they understand the above civil rights and what their responsibilities are concerning seeing they are not violated,
    2-understand a little more about mental illness and medical illnesses so they do not neglect or harm patient/inmates as is rampant at the moment (a little knowledge is worse than none at all - it results in beatings or baseless discipline for refusing to obey orders when a person is physically or mentally unable to obey orders - I remain available to train them on a volunteer basis, but I know I won't be invited), and
    3 -better oversight (preferably by a panel of laymen, professionals, and citizens) to stop the the culture among the officers of gratuitous violence against the inmates, verbal denigration and defamation without basis against the inmates, grotesque medical neglect, medical battery with unwarranted psychotropic drugs instead of the officers properly responding to complaints and the psychiatric staff providing proper mental health treatment (very ill inmates are locked in their cells with not even a paper and crayon or a book to read or anything to distract them 23-24 hours a day - there is no psychotherapy except a feeble attempt by one competent psychologist perhaps a few minutes a day, no group therapies, no training on how to function in society or basic living skills - in regards to seriously mentally ill imates who should really be in a mental hospital).

    Law enforcement must start enforcing the rights enumerated about in a timely fashion. Until this happens CCDOC will remain a torture chamber of death, where the condition of the mentally ill is worsened, where people die of medical neglect, where officers are turned into and molded into sociopathic thugs and bullies, and where the rule of law does not apply. The US Attorney has YET TO ARREST and one involved in the instances of excessive force and gratuitous battery that resulted in deaths of inmates or medical neglect so bad an amputation occurred, among other crimes committed agaisnt inmates by CCDOC staff.

    Justice delayed is justice denied!

    Linda Lorincz Shelton, PhD, MD, F.A.A.P.

    Summary: Twenty years experience as a physician, with pediatric specialty board certification, in both inner city and suburban locations. Extensive experience in neonatology and emergency medicine consultations. Resuscitated and stabilized the world's lightest set of surviving triplets, according to the Guinness Book of World Records (1997 edition). Three years experience at managing in-hospital level II nursery, managing the opening of new pediatric department contract, and coordinating general pediatric services for neonatal/pediatrics in-hospital service corporation. Extensive knowledge of all aspects of management services for physicians. Experience as medical research scientist studying the immunopathology of chronic active hepatitis and the immunobiology of autoimmune disease. Experience in managing a research laboratory and in teaching at the high school, college, and graduate school levels. Particular interest in management and coordination of care for children with complex medical conditions and primary care of infants and children with chronic disease. Children’s civil rights advocate with experience in Congressional testimony and extensive advisory activities with legislators. Experience as fact and expert witness in Circuit Court of Cook County on child abuse cases, death from faulty product design, neonatal physiology, anatomy, and pathology. Federal witness against corrupt State and County officials. Civil rights activist and whistle blower.

    For past ten years have been informally assisting pro se litigants in understanding legal research and legal pro se procedures. I have filed in every court including U.S. Supreme Court and won  pro se > 30 cases against me as well as mandamus and injunction cases against state in public interest.

    However, Huffington Post and have cancelled my posting and comment privileges due to false allegations they won't tell me about violating their policies (likely stating names & criminal acts of officials or officers), has removed me as Cook County Government Examiner as they have policy of not allowing anyone with a felony in last 7 years to write for them. I have been defamed, falsely convicted of felony battery & sentenced to 2 yrs in prison for  "bumping an officer with my wheelchair" - the officer actually attacked me in jail, grabbing my neck, in retaliation for my complaints & falsified his record and charges against me. I have been wrongfully convicted of criminal contempt times and one time unlawfully sentenced to 16 months in jail without a trial!

    At present in 2014 I am defending against another felony charge of battery for "touching an officer's ear" during a PTSD flashback triggered purposely by officers.  The possible sentence is up to 14 years in prison.  The corrupt are determined to take me out. See:

    Professional Experience:

    2000 – 2003 Right Frame of Mind, & Associates, now RFOM, PC
    Medical Director and Treating Physician

    Psychiatry/Psychology group practice providing services to underserved inner city population, DCFS wards, and Arabic American Community Organization (SANAD)

    1999 – 2000 HighTech Nursing Services, Inc.
    Medical Director

    1994 - 2003 The Pediatric Institute of Chicago, SC (PIC)
    Founder, President, Pediatrician

    Closed after the Clark Gas Station next to my office spilled 14,000 gallons under the ground and I was overcome by fumes in 2001, and after extensive neurosurgery of the spine for congenital and spinal stenosis causing slow progression towards quadriplegia in 2000 and then a herniated disc in 2002 aggravated by battery by Sheriff Officer Deputy Rebecca Doran, and Correctional Officer Johnson and Sgt. Anthony Salemi at CCDOC who battered me. False arrests, malicious prosecutions, and batteries by officers, in retaliation for my whistle blower activities against corrupt officials including George Ryan, Lisa Madigan, Richard Divine, and Michael Sheahan and their staff have caused me to be unable to re-open my office and make an income.

    Single specialty general pediatric practice. Office temporarily closed due to Dr. Shelton’s civil rights activities and legal issues. The PIC has provided independent contractors to Chicago area pediatric practices and clinics during the past eight years. Dr. Shelton has provided pediatric clinical services, through PIC contracts from January 1994 to 2002 for the following offices:

    The Midwest Physician Group - Olympia Fields, IL 1/94-7/94
    Dr. George Skarpathiotis - Palos Heights, IL 9/94-6/95
    Dr. Anna Ignaczewski - Palos Hills, IL 1994-1996
    Dr. Henry Abusharif - Palos Heights, IL 9/95-11/95
    Dr. Juan Pablo Cueva - Olympia Fields, IL 1/96- 11/96
    Claretian Medical Center - Chicago, IL 4/96-10/98
    St. Colletta's of Illinois - Palos Park, IL 1996-2002
    Dr. Shelton held the title of "laboratory director" of a medium complexity laboratory at Claretian Medical Center from 11/96 to 11/98, through a PIC contract.
    Dr. Shelton also held the position of "consultant in pediatrics" for St. Coletta's of Illinois.

    1994 - 1996 Doctor's Office Support Organization, Ltd.
    Founder, President, CEO
    Willowbrook, IL

    Healthcare management services organization. We are not currently active due to the death, in July of 1996, of cofounder and Vice-President Paul Wowk.

    Neonatal and Pediatric Services, SC
    Oak Brook, IL
    1993-1994 Coordinator of Pediatric Services
    1993-1994 Regional Director
    1991-1994 Unit Director
    1989-1994 Staff Pediatrician

    Recruited staff for and coordinated development of new county hospital pediatric department - Provident Hospital of Cook County [where Dr Shelton witnessed patronage hiring fraud and corruption - by Cook County Board President John Stroger Sr's godson Orlando Jones who he appointed the CEO - Mr. Jones committed suicide after he was indicted by the US Attorney in Fall 2007] , directed level II inner city neonatal unit with 400 admissions per year, developed new ambulatory pediatric/teaching service for family practice residency program, coordinated corporations teaching of graduate and medical students at medical university, developed improved compliance with government regulations and reporting requirements, developed tools for information management in neonatal unit and pediatric department, saved millions of dollars for inner city hospital with CPT optimization and improved documentation.


    1990-1991 PGY-3 Resident in Pediatrics
    Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center and
    Christ Hospital and Medical Center

    1989-1991 Fellow in Neonatology/Pediatrics
    Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

    1987-1989 PGY1 & 2 Resident in Pediatrics
    Wyler Children's Hospital at University of Chicago
    Kunstadter Children's Hospital and Medical Center
    La Rabida Children's Hospital and Research Center

    1983-1987 M.D. (Doctor of Medicine)
    Medical University of South Carolina

    1979-1983 Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy in Pathology)
    State Trainee
    Department of Pathology
    Medical University of South Carolina

    1976-1978 S.M. (Master of Science in Immunology)
    Committee on Immunology
    University of Chicago

    1972-1976 A.B (Bachelor of Arts with honors in Biology)
    University of Chicago

    Certificate and Licensure:

    March 18, 1993 Neonatal Resuscitation Certification
    Hospital-Based Instructor
    October 28, 1992 – Dec. 31, 1999 American Board of Pediatrics Certification
    Recertified 2000 - 2007
    March 5, 1990 Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certification
    May 5, 1988 Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification
    August, 1989 - expires July 2005 Physician and Surgeon
    State of Illinois
    License number 036-078411
    Controlled substance license number 0336-041477
    Placed on non-renewed status August 1, 2005
    State unlawfully has claimed they have suspended license indefinitely under false pretenses – this is being litigated in court at present.
    January, 1998 - expires Feb. 2007 DEA Number XXXXXXX

    Hospital Affiliations:

    June 19-2001 Children’s Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL
    Urgent Temporary Staff Privileges granted
    for the purpose of caring for one medically
    complex patient at the request of Illinois Department of
    Services for Crippled Children and hospital administration

    Christ Hospital and Medical Center, Oak Lawn, IL
    Hope Children’s Hospital, Oak Lawn, IL

    2001 – 2004 (2002 unlawful suspension, 2004 unlawful retaliatory revocation of privileges in appeal process at present before circuit court)

    Active Staff, Pediatrics
    1998-2000 Associate Staff, Pediatrics
    1995-1998 Provisional Staff, Pediatrics,
    1992-1994 Associate Medical Staff

    Chicago Osteopathic Hospital & Medical Center, Chicago, IL
    Olympia Fields Osteopathic Hospital & Medical Center,

    Olympia Fields, IL
    1989-1991 Fellow in Neonatology/Pediatrics (non-accredited program)

    Provident Hospital of Cook County, Chicago, IL
    1993-1994 Attending Pediatric Staff

    St. Joseph’s Medical Center, Joliet IL
    1991-1994 Consulting Pediatric Staff

    Jackson Park Hospital, Chicago, IL
    1993-1994 Consulting Pediatric Staff

    St. Bernard Hospital, Chicago, IL
    1993-1994 Consulting Pediatric Staff

    (I resigned due to contract requirement before I had the opportunity to treat any patients)

    (All staff resignations were voluntary and required by restrictive covenant in previous contracts with Neonatal and Pediatric Services, SC, or with the Midwest Physician Group.)

    Honors, Awards and Achievements:

    2005 Ronald Reagen Gold Medal from National Republican Congressional Committee

    2000 Honorary Co-Chairman Physician Advisory Board
    The National Republican Congressional Committee

    Appointed by Speaker Hastert and Majority Whip Tom DeLay
    National Leadership Award – advocating for the handicapped

    1990 Resuscitated and stabilized the world's "Lightest triplets....the Vincent
    triplets..." as noted on page 637 of The Guinness Book of World Records, 40th edition, 1997. The Vincent triplets were born at a community inner city hospital in Chicago weighing 519 gm, 660
    gm and 700 gm, to a woman in serious condition with no prenatal care at approximately 28 weeks of gestational age.

    1985 Outstanding Student in Physical Diagnosis and Medical Interview
    Medical University of South Carolina

    1981 Waring Historical Library Essay Contest - Runner-up
    Medical University of South Carolina

    1976 National Science Foundation
    Fellowship Program - Honorable Mention

    1976 Received A.B. degree with honors in biology

    Professional and Community Affiliations:

    Former Pianist Oak Lawn Park District Children's Drama Group
    Associate Member Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society - 1983 to 2005
    Founding Member Electrophoresis Society - 1988
    Diplomat National Board of Medical Examiners - 1988 to Present
    Member American Medical Women's Association - 1990 to Present
    Fellow American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) - 1993 to Present
    Member Governmental Affairs Committee Illinois Chapter AAP - 1994 to Present
    Member National Association of Female Executives - 1995 to 2001
    Member Coalition for Educational Rights - 1995 to 1997
    Oak Lawn Education Summit - 1995 to 2000
    Chair Legislative Committee – 1999 to 2000
    Member Unitarian Universalist Church - 1995 to Present
    Pediatric Consultant to St. Colletta's of Illinois - 1996 to 2002
    Christ Hospital Customer Service Steering Committee – 1996 to 2002
    Oak Lawn Community Partnership Council - Appointed by Mayor Kolb 1996
    Chair 1999 Fall on the Green Committee
    Member Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, Christ Hospital 1997-1999
    Member Home Health Committee, American Academy of Pediatrics 1998-present
    Member Ad Hoc Committee to Defend Health Care 1998
    Member Illinois Campaign for Better Health Care 1998
    Working Group on Children With Special Health Care Needs
    Member AMA Women’s Physician Congress 1998 – present
    Member Democratic Party until 2000
    Member Republican Party 2001 to 2005
    Honorary Co-Chairman Physician Advisory Board to the Republican
    Congressional National Committee
    Member Libertarian Party 2006
    Candidate for Mayor of Oak Lawn, 2005
    Member of Green Party 2007
    Presently unaffiliated to a Party


    Marital Status: Divorced from Vietnam era veteran who suffers mental health problems, one child, age 21

    Date of Birth: September X, 19XX

    Maiden Name: Linda Lillian Lorincz

    Place of Birth: Washington, D.C.

    Languages Spoken: Spanish but not fluently

    Other Activities:

    Expert Witness:

    1 - McDuffie v. Graco Children's Products, Inc, 1996-1997
    court No: 95 C 5384
    Settled out of court

    Testimony provided pertaining to neonatal resuscitation, neonatal anatomy and
    airway physiology, and neonatal forensic pathology. Reviewed and provided
    opinions concerning expert testimony by epidemiologist, neonatologist,
    pathologist, and product design investigator. Reviewed and commented on
    all testimony by parents of deceased and police. I was original reporter to
    product safety commission regarding initial infant death in a swinging crib.
    Product was removed from the market after 15 deaths.

    2 - Mario v. Ryan, 2001
    court No: 94 C 1471 United States District Court for the Northern District
    of Illinois, Eastern Division

    Declaration as to deliterious affect of cutting services for physically and mentally
    challenged children in 0-3 program. Judge order State of Illinois not to cut 73
    million dollars from budget.

    3 - Written testimony provided to United States House of Representatives,
    Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy, and Human Resources, “Hepatitis
    B Vaccine: Helping or Hurting Public Health,” May 18, 1999.

    4- Writen testimonay provided to United States House of Representatives, House
    Oversight Committee on varicella vaccine to be used in hearing scheduled about varicella
    vaccine sometime in the coming year, 2000 and 2001

    Expert Advice:

    1 - Provide expert advice to Representative Burton of Indiana pertaining to
    vaccine issues, and civil rights as they impact health care. 1998 - 1999

    2 - Provide expert advice to former Illinois Senator Patrick O’Malley pertaining to
    health issues and civil rights impacting health issues 1998-2000

    3- Requested by Governor Blagojevich to provide Brief on DCFS Reform to
    Task Force on DCFS Reform 2003


    1 - Provided evidence of abuse and neglect of children in DCFS custody to
    Mr. Benjamin Wolf of ACLU – Mr. Wolf was appointed by Federal Court to
    oversee compliance of DCFS with previous consent decree. 1998 – present

    2 - Testified pertaining to Chickenpox vaccine mandate before Illinois Board of Health
    2000-2001. Urged State of Illinois not to mandate vaccine due to civil rights violations
    (no clear and present danger to public health justifying suspension of civil rights) and due
    to increased risk of death in infancy if vaccine widely utilized.

    3 - Testified before Minnesota House of Representatives Government Operations
    Committee against House File 886 File would have placed decisions to suspend
    citizens’ civil rights in the hands of a one-sided bureaucrat who was advised by a
    sham committee of one-sided interests. Defeated 19-1.

    4 - Witness and Advocate for parents wrongly accused of abuse and neglect in
    Circuit Court of Cook and Lake County, Illinois, Child Protection Division

    1998- present

    5 - Served as volunteer “authorized representative” for C. H. in DCFS
    expungment hearing June 2003 and successfully obtained expungment of all child
    abuse findings for C.H.

    6 - Activist and delegate at 2004 Illinois PTA Convention and convinced delegates
    to pass resolutions asking legislature to rescind mandate requiring schoolchildren to
    have hepatitis B vaccine, to ask legislature to require entering schoolchildren to have eye
    exam not just inaccurate eye screen, and to ask legislature to recommend strongly that
    adults not smoke in automobiles that carry small children.

    7 - Federal witness regarding excessive force, medical neglect, torture, civil rights violations
    at CCDOC - Dir. of US Attorney Task Force on Civil Rights Violations at CCDOC of ASA
    Joan Laser - evidence has been given to her. Potential federal witness against corrupt
    State and County officials in Illinois and Cook County. Evidence given to U.S. Attorney
    and FBI.

    8. Successfully sued Cook County Sheriff for violation of FOIA, court ordered him to
    produce compliance plan with ADA and he admitted he didn’thave one. April 2005.

    9. Successfully sued State of Illinois agency (Human Rights Authority) in mandamus for
    failing to investigate compliant about torture, medical neglect and abuse of mental health
    patients at Cook County Jail. State capitulated and agreed to begin investigation. August

    Teaching Experience:

    1997 - 2002 Instructor for pediatric residents in care of institutionalized patients
    with chronic disease - Hope Children's Hospital

    1993-1994 Hospital based neonatology resuscitation instructor certified by
    American Heart Association and American Academy of

    1989-1994 Medical staff in neonatology/pediatrics - instructed family practice, pediatric, and ob/gyn residents, as well as medical students
    in neonatology and general pediatrics, as well as community
    medicine - Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

    1987-1991 Resident in pediatrics with teaching responsibility for medical students
    and interns on my service - University of Chicago Hospitals and
    Clinics and Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center

    1979-1983 Instructor in course segment "Pathology of the Nucleus"
    Teaching assistant (medical and nursing schools) pathology, histology,
    immunology - Medical University of South Carolina

    1976 Graduate level cell biology teaching assistant (advanced microscopy)
    - University of Chicago Graduate School, Biological
    Sciences Division

    1975-1976 Director of student guided tutoring services - University of Chicago College

    1971 Algebra teaching assistant - University of Chicago Laboratory Schools


    Anonymous said...

    Can you identify your name with "Doctor" or "Dr." if you do not hold an active license to practice medicine in Illinois? I looked up this name on the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations and found in the Illinois Medical Act that a person cannot use the title "Dr." or "Doctor" without a license which leads someone to believe you are a physician.

    Dr Linda Shelton said...

    The Title "Dr" can be used by anyone with a Ph.D., M.D., or D.O. degree. You don't have to have a medical license. You just can't practice medicine unless you are a licensed M.D. or D.O. and you cannot advertise that you are practicing medicine or seeing patients unless you are licensed. I am a retired physician.

    Dr Linda Shelton said...

    I hold both an M.D. degree and a Ph.D. degree so I can call myself "Dr" for two reasons.