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    Wednesday, December 31, 2008

    Seat Senator Burris - Follow Law - Impeach Secr. of State Jesse White

    I despise Gov. Blagojevic and condemn his many wrongful actions and omissions. However, I support the rule of law.

    Under Illinois law concerning the duties of the Secretary of State, it is the mandatory DUTY of the Secretary of State to sign, seal, deliver, and file all documents issued by the Governor. For Secretary of State White to refuse to sign and seal the Governor’s documents amounted to usurping the powers of the Governor and violating the law in regards to powers of the Secretary of State. Gov. Blagojevic has a mandatory duty to appoint a Senator to fill a vacancy. The Senate rules require them to seat a Senator when the appointment paper signed by the Governor and the Secretary of State is received. End of story!

    Anyone refusing to obey these laws and rules is snubbing their nose at the Constitution and the rule of law. Shame on Obama, Reid, White, and all the Senators who oppose seating Burris. I expect more from Obama - a constitutional law professor! People in Illinois have a right to be represented by two Senators at this critical moment in history, when the United States is in crisis.

    The Senate is hypocritical. They have seated a convicted felon - Alaska Senator, a Senator convicted of a sex crime, and they acknowledge that Burris is honest, qualified, and a Governor has a legal duty to fill a vacancy. Roland Burris is one of the few African-American elder statesmen who is untainted and qualified for this office. We should rapidly embrace his appointment. The arrest of Blagojevic pushed him to abandon pay-to-play and we should be thankful of this development.

    Burris has donated money to Blagojevic campaign and many other Democrats’ campaigns and this is not pay-to-play in such small amounts, consistently given over years. His law firm has had a few relatively small contracts with people seeking state contracts and with the State. This is reasonable considering the narrow expertise of his law firm and goal of helping businesses obtain minority contracts. This is not pay-to-play. This is a normal business practice for a specialty law firm in this area. Anyone who tries to make more out of this is unfair.

    Burris has lost several elections for Governor and Chicago Mayor because he is independent and NOT completely controlled by the cabal of corruption. He is exactly the person we need as Senator to help break the back of the machine in Illinois.

    Burris should immediately seek an emergency mandamus from the courts to FORCE Secr. of State Jess White to sign and seal the Senate appointment document from the Governor. If ten days pass by law without his signature and seal, the document becomes void. Then Governor Blagojevic may just keep re-issuing his appointment letter every ten days until White signs it. If Secr. of State White refuses this mandatory and NOT discretionary duty, he should be impeached and removed from office for dereliction of duty harming the State and the Country for denying a full complement of Senators to the State and the Country. I find White’s refusal to sign the document and seal it as arrogant, misguided, illegal, and harmful to the State and the Country.

    If Roland Burris is indicted and convicted for something he would automatically lose his position as Senator by law. If he was found mentally or physically unfit for duty, then there are procedures the Senate can take to remove him. I find it obscene that our incoming President and the majority of our Senators, as well as Secretary of State Jesse White would DEFY the rule of law and SNUB THEIR NOSES at the Constitution. They should not be allowed to act so atrociously! People should donate funds to Burris to help him quickly seek court orders to ensure he is seated.

    Blogojevic is tainted but legally the Governor with duties he MUST perform. Would you want to invalidate any pardons he might give for prisoners who are proven innocent due to DNA evidence because of the taint over Blagojevic? I have to assume the only reason to NOT SEAT Burris is because the politicians cannot control him - they didn’t choose him, and their cabal of corruption, along with their oligarchy, would be in jeapardy if he is seated!

    Go Roland! Kick their ****!!

    Tuesday, December 30, 2008

    Stop Abu Ghraib like Abuse, Medical Neglect, Torture, and Battery in US Prisons and Jails

    It is so important to act and not just talk. We live in a totalitarian police state because people have NOT spoken up and acted. Are you willing to help me write a white paper saying what is wrong with the prison system and what we think should be done?

    I know of the lawsuit by Everett Hadix against the Michigan prison system for extreme systemic medical neglect and abuse causing for example the death of TH from dehydration while in restraints, or of another prisoner for failure to provide thyroid medication, and others from medical neglect, torture, and abuse. We have a similar situation in Illinois but no indictments yet. Read the US Atty report -

    There is also the gross case of death by ammonia inhalant of a Florida teen in a boot camp where the guards and nurse forced an ammonia inhalant on this prisoner because he wasn't running fast enough. He went into laryngospasm and died. The nurse and guards were tried for murder and acquitted!! But by the grace of God go I !!!

    I have been wrongfully incarcerated, suffered asthma attacks and ammonia inhalants forced on me until I passed out in laryngospasm because they said I was "faking" and "malingering" and they had to "deal with my dramatics"!! I thought I was going to die several times.

    I also was tied down and illegally shot up with psychotropic drugs to shut me up so I wouldn't ask for grievance forms, paper and pen to access the courts, or tell other prisoners their writes. This is while I was severely dehydrated on a dry hunger strike and despite the fact I go into very severe flashbacks from being tied down and suffocated in the past.

    I have been viciously beaten by guards and black and blue all over in retaliation for my complaints or resisting a psychotropic drug, un-needed and given illegally. Again these illegal acts were done in retaliation for my complaints and civil rights activities!!

    My goal is nothing short of congressional hearings on these topics. This is much worse than Abu Ghraib and is standard practice in US prisons and jails. It is so barbaric and cruel it makes me puke and I constantly suffer from PTSD. I cry and shake when even thinking about this stuff as I am doing now while writing this.

    We need to raise a lot of funds so we can hire good attorneys to do class actions and lobby for congressional hearings. We need much more press attention. I have been trying to do this unsuccessfully. I am destitute now and fortunately have a relative who has taken me in.

    We need an organization to fight this and a celebrity spokesman to help promote the cause.I would appreciate the guidance and assistance of this group in achieving these goals. Perhaps we can form a coalition with other mental health advocacy, disability advocacy, and prison reform groups, as well as with anti-torture groups.

    Please contact me with ideas in this regard, tell me if you have the skills or resources to help, and if you are willing to volunteer in some regard.

    Dr. Linda Lorincz Shelton

    Monday, December 29, 2008

    Quadraplegic Convicted of Resisting Arrest and Battery of Chicago Police Officers Sues for Excessive Force

    Quadriplegic Man Files a Lawsuit Accusing Chicago Police of Beating Him

    A paralyzed man convicted of resisting arrest and hitting a Chicago police officer in a 2006 incident is suing the city and several of its police officers for violating his civil rights. Daniel Casares, who is a quadriplegic, says that police pulled him from his vehicle and beat him even after he told them that he was paralyzed and could not get out of the car.

    Casares has been a partial C2 quadriplegic for a long time. He only has minimal movement only in his right arm, and of course is confined to a wheelchair. Most of his movements are muscle spasms not under his control. Emotions increase the muscle spasms as they did on the date in question. Casares was sitting in the passenger seat of a car in an alley where he had gone with his brother to admire a car. One of his interests is in cars so he is taken to look at interesting cars owned by his friends.

    The police were apparently suspecting that drug deals were done in that alley and suspected his brother. They pulled their guns and told everyone to get out of the car. When Casares did not get out, despite everyone yelling he was quadriplegic, Casares claims a female officer got in the driver's seat, pulled her gun and pushed it at his thigh and said "you're going to walk now." This great stress induced a muscle spasm that slapped her in the face. Immediately after that the police dragged him out of the car and beat him. His face was severely contused and swollen. They beat him more harshly because he refused to walk.

    Three police officers that testified at Casares’s criminal trial offer a different account. They claim that they never drew their guns during the altercation and accuse Casares of hitting a female cop when she asked him to exit his car.

    Cesares was charged with resisting arrest and misdemeanor battery. He was convicted at a bench trial. Judge Brown apparently was impressed with Caseras' muscles - he is well toned in the arms because of constant involuntary spasms. Caseras told the judge he had only limited movement of his right arm demonstrating that he could move it a little up and down. The judge was so incompetent and outrageously biased that he ignored the fact that Caseras is quadriplegic with mostly muscle spasms and limited movement and the likelihood that Caseras involuntarily slapped the officer in the face and convicted Caseras who was sentenced to probation. To say there is NO reasonable doubt is insane and unfair.

    Civil rights organizations and disability rights groups should jump onto this case and aid Caseras. We should also consider racial bias and discrimination against Caseras because he is Hispanic. Judge Brown should be removed from the bench for this outrage. The case should be overturned on appeal and if it is not, then we truly live in a totalitarian police state where police can beat, abuse, harass, and kill people with impunity!

    This is a case screaming for the intervention of the U.S. Attorney. To me this is felony violation of civil rights under color of law, excessive force, unlawful arrest, malicious prosecution, and racial discrimination.

    Friday, December 19, 2008

    Save a LIfe - Dr. Maisha Hamilton Bennett - From Corrupt Officials - I'm SERIOUS!!

    UPDATE - Sept. 17, 2009

    Dr. Hamilton was FREED from custody today. The charges of perjury were nolle pros'd and she pled guilty to violation of probation in exchange for being sentenced to jail time served. She believes she is and actually is innocent and will now focus on the appeal of her conviction for vendor fraud and theft. When that conviction is overturned, then the violation of probation will also be overturned as you can't be guilty of violation of probation if the probation never legally existed.

    The facts are that her indictment is void because it was legally insufficient. She was never arrested for the crime before trial so the trial was illegal. According to the Federal Medicaid Code, nothing she did was illegal so the charges are void according to the Supremacy clause of the Constitution. The IL Attorney General had no legal right to bring Medicaid fraud charges without the consent or participation of the Cook County States Attorney. The SA had brought the charges and then dismissed them. In addition to these facts there are several other reasons why the charges, the trial, the conviction and the sentence are null and void.

    I had filed a petition for habeas corpus that was heard by Judge Biebel. He appointed Prof. Daniel Coyne of the Kent School of law to represent Dr. Hamilton. Prof. Coyne should be thanked for helping orchestrate this deal to get her released. Now Dr. Hamilton can focus on her appeal and gather the necessary documents as a free woman with no strings attached. The part of her sentence on vendor faud and theft including $400,000 restitution and 600 hrs community service, as well as probation was vacated in the deal.

    The following is a letter to the Director of the Chicago FBI Office. I am asking him to save a life. Please help me by ACTING. Write a letter to Mr. Grant and Asst. US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. Write a letter to the press. The addresses are at the end of this post. Disseminate this information widely on every blog possible. This is a matter of life and death. This is a matter of preserving the Republic. In this terrible time in Illinois we need ANY help we can get. IF we could raise $200,000 we could pay the bail and get Dr. Hamilton out of jail and to a hospital if necessary. If we could raise $20,000 to $50,000 we could get her a good attorney. Help us wrench back our State of Illinois from the corrupt. Read the following link that gives you a brief idea what we are up against.

    HELP SAVE A LIFE, A TALENTED PERSON, HER CAREER, AND LET HER CONTINUE HER WORK TO HELP THE POOR, THE MENTALLY ILL, AND THE DISADVANTAGED. Talk is cheap. Please walk the walk and don’t just talk the talk. We are in desperate straits in Illinois. Gov. Blagojevic is the tip of the iceberg of corruption. He is merely a puppet. The real crooks are behind the scenes and spread out like an octopus with tentacles.

    Special Agent Robert Grant:

    Please discuss this with AUSA Patrick Fitzgerald. Please read this in detail. I am asking you to intervene to save a life of probably the most valuable witness against corruption in IL that you could have.

    I am writing to PLEAD WITH YOU to please meet with me and go to CCDOC and meet with Dr. Maisha Hamilton [Bennett]. This is to save her life and preserve a valuable witness for you to use against corruption. She has more knowledge about the Jacksons, Vrydoliak, Rev. Meeks, Stroger, and many African American politicians in IL than almost anyone!!!!

    Dr. Hamilton is a brilliant and talented person devoted to mental health care for the poor. She has studied at Harvard in post-graduate seminars. She is the first black Ph.D. psychologist in Illinois and graduated from the University of Chicago. She was until 2002 the Chief Mediator for the Postal Service. She was appointed Deputy Dir. of the Chicago Board of Health in charge of mental health clinics by Mayor Wahington. She is a law abiding citizen. She was the psychologist examining and treating the two boys, age 7 and 8, falsely accused in the Ryan Harris murder and is responsible in proving they could not have committed the crime. She was on the Board of Directors of Rainbow Push. I have attached her CV. Please look at it. When she took office a Daley operative came in and told her to just sit at her desk as a figure head and he would run the department. She kicked him out and has been the victim of retaliation for the last 20+ years!

    It is common knowledge that vendors pay a 10 % bribe in an act of pay to play in Cook County and Illinois to obtain government contracts. Dr. Hamilton ALWAYS said NO THANKS – I won’t pay a kickback. Dr. Markos is head of the forensic clinical services at the Cook Count Courts. It is likely that he would not be there if he didn’t pay the kick-back.

    Dr. Hamilton was fraudulently arrested and convicted of Medicaid vendor fraud (a state charge). I know absolutely she is innocent. She was convicted of having her company bill Medicaid for mental health services of her employees who were psychologists and counselors. They said that the Medical Director’s name was used as the provider. The issue is that the billing agent Louise Moore of Data Medical Works without Dr. Hamilton’s knowledge, and because Ms. Moore fraudulently holds herself out as an expert at setting up companies to bill Medicaid, and because the IL Medicaid provider unit told her to do so, wrongfully set up Dr. Hamilton’s company, Hamilton Wholistic Healthcare, to bill fee-for-service instead of as a licensed Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center (“ADTC”). ADTCs in IL can bill under the center’s name for services of employees who are not physicians! In addition her center was an inpatient treatment center and mostly billed for services to inpatients. She also billed legitimately for services to children of the patients who received counseling. She didn’t even know that Ms. Moore was billing under a medical director’s name, instead of billing under the center name, because the checks from Medicaid were made out to Hamilton Wholistic Healthcare.

    Ms. Moore by the way bills fraudulently by percentage instead of by each itemized service. According to the rules, this is Medicaid fraud and you have been ignoring this for a decade or more. Ms. Moore is becoming very wealthy off of this fraud and off of fraudulently holding herself out as an expert at not only billing but also setting up companies to bill. Ms. Moore actually is just setting people up to be wrongfully indicted by the sham prosecutor Lisa Madigan – who under IL law has brought these charges against Dr. Hamilton without any jurisdiction! I would like to explain this to you in detail, but if you do not understand – and want to figure this out yourself please read – a fed habeas case – 08 C 6216 AND 08 C 4627.

    Dr. Hamilton was fraudulently convicted and sent to County Jail for six months of a wrongful incarceration. They tried to kill her twice there – one time the officers told two deranged and violent inmates to shank her in the shower but she was saved by other inmates who warned her to stay away from the shower. During the 4 yr probation sentence following incarceration she fled to Virginia to her brothers house so she could file habeas petition with the US Supreme Court.

    She also testified against IL S. Court and at the time IL Appellate court judge Ann Burke. Judge Burke is up to her ears in corruption in that her husband accepts $10,000 bribes to get people elected to judgeships. Judge Burke has lawless control over the higher courts.

    Dr. Hamilton knows about this because her sister, Morgan Hamilton, is a Cook County Circuit Court Judge! Dr. Hamilton told me there was no way she would win an appeal in the IL Courts as they are corrupt and she testified against Judge Burke in the Baby T case where J. Burke illegally arranged to have guardianship of Baby T – Travis Oldelson. Judge Burke essentially kidnapped Baby T in order to have a black child she could parade on her Christmas cards to get the black vote! Isn’t that sick!!!! I would like to tell you how J. Burke accomplished this. I suggest you also talk to Baby T’s mother Tina.

    Any ways, Dr. Hamilton is so convinced that the fed court system HAS to hear her when she has no possibility of justice in IL – because the cabal of corruption at their highest level needs to shut her up and discredit her because they know how much information she has, that she fled and filed documents in the US Supreme Court for habeas which of course were dismissed for failure to exhaust state remedies – per my understanding.

    Dr. Hamilton is so INTENSELY FRIGHTENED of the justice system in IL and the cabal of corruption (consisting of her former “friends) – Judge Evans, Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife, Danny Davis, Bobby Rush, Ms. Adams, Rev/Sen Meeks, etc that this has seemingly irrationally colored her decision to refuse to participate in a state appeal. Extreme fear and personal knowledge of the extent of the corruption actually make her decision rational. The State Appellate Defender wrote a very good appeal that should get her conviction overturned because of MANY gross civil rights violations and due process violations. However the appeal was thrown out because she was a fugitive. Up to now she has refused to write a petition to the IL Appellate Court to reinstate the appeal.

    Anyways, the IL Atty Gen’s office FRAUDULENTLY CALLED the Washington DC Federal Marshall fugitive task force and told them a complete LIE. They said she was a major criminal who committed fraud and that her name was all over the papers and that if they didn’t pick her up immediately she would flee and they would lose her. They came into her brother’s house, breaking down the door, with guns up and arrested her. They were then furious when the IL Gov failed to send in a timely fashion a Governor’s warrant and the only charges pending against her were a probation violation and a warrant for perjury. Therefore, their arrest was ILLEGAL!!!

    Then Dr. Hamilton, in her extreme fear, (I would testify that she called me and was adamant about her fear of being killed by corrupt officials in Chicago) jumped the $2000 bail imposed by the Virginia courts and fled to St. Louise, where she spent a year filing habeas petition with the federal court in St. Louis. However they also dismissed it for failure to exhaust state remedies. The IL Atty Gen then traced her to St. Louis where she was living “under the radar.”

    She was arrested in St. Louis in April and extradicted to IL. She is now in CCDOC awaiting a trial on perjury - she testified in the Ryan Harris murder case- and the two boys whose murder charges were dismissed civil suit against the city that she was not convicted of making false statements – the Cook Co States Atty. then charged her with perjury for failing to state she had been convicted of Medicaid Vendor Fraud. I witnessed her testimony and she actually didn’t lie. She chose her words VERY carefully.

    She is now at CCDOC. Sadly as she is a raw foods vegetarian she does not eat much and is starving away. I believe this may be severely damaging her health because as you know medical care is denied at CCDOC for all practical purposes. Starvation may lead to more compulsive thinking and behaviors, as well as increase their fear and frustration. She has self-studied law and is overly verbose and doesn’t understand that the rules are VERY rigid and she can’t get around corrupt IL courts by ignoring the rules that she must exhaust state remedies. I believe she actually has a case that she cannot get justice in the IL courts and that the Fed. Court should hear her habeas for that reason, but this is not being properly presented to them.

    The judge in her case ordered a fitness exam. The problem is that the examiner is part of the cabal of corruption. He apparently has found her unfit – in my opinion this is impossible!!!! I actually examined Dr. Hamilton and filed a fitness exam report with the court a few years back. I know her well now and have reviewed her pleadings, CV, talked with people she worked with and her sister and wish I could see her now and evaluate her present physical condition, which I believe to be quite dire. I believe they may be using this to get rid of her and may obtain a fraudulent judgment to drug her out of her mind. She is estranged from her very ill sister Judge Hamilton and has no one to help her but me, a Chicago Police Homicide Detective who can verify that everything I am saying is true and a few friends. My hands are tied in ways you are well aware of!!! I can’t help her right now but you can. Please do so for your benefit, to protect a witness. Perhaps you can put her in a witness protection program after you verify everything.

    Dr. Hamilton was treating a person in the trucking department of the City of Chicago, - you know his name. He has obsessive compulsive disorder. He became director of the dept under the Washington administration and then was demoted under the Daley administration so their corrupt allies could take the job. This man’s condition caused him to zerox papers from that office for the past 20+ years and bring the copies to his house. He has 100s of papers including a document on Mayor Daley’s letterhead made out to one of the truckers who admitted paying a bribe stating that the bribe should be paid to the fund “friends of Madigan.” Why are you ignoring this?

    I believe she is in grave danger and may die or have permanent damage from inappropriately prescribed drugs if she is not rescued.


    What is wrong with you!!!!

    Linda Lorincz Shelton, Ph.D., M.D.

    Special Agent Robert Grant
    Director FBI Chicago
    2111 West Roosevelt Road
    Chicago, IL 60608-1128
    (312) 421-6700

    Assistant US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald
    Office of United States Attorney
    219 S. Dearborn, Fifth Floor
    Chicago, IL 60604

    Anita Alvarez
    Cook County States Attorney
    50 W. Washington, Room 500
    Chicago, IL 60602

    Judge Mary Brosnahan – (regarding perjury case)
    Criminal Court Building Room 303
    2600 S. California Ave
    Chicago, IL 60608

    Judge Thomas Gainer – (regarding fitness and Fraud Conviction)
    Criminal Court Building Room 303
    2600 S. California Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60608

    I don’t know the numbers or addresses of the press – please contact them, and please send me any contact information that you feel I might find useful.

    Please also send me names and contact information for any activists, ministers, politicians, or celebrities that you feel may be willing to join this cause.

    If you know any psychologists or psychiatrist willing to donate their services to examine Dr. Hamilton for the defense please contact me.

    If you wish to donate funds, please contact me. I am trying to set up a fund to pay for her defense. I have an attorney who will take the case if he is paid. I cannot afford to pay him.

    Saturday, December 13, 2008

    Be a TEAM Player! - Patronage and Corruption in Illinois

    How do politicians in Cook County garner 70-80% of the vote - BE A TEAM PLAYER!

    Every public employee during political fundraising season is given a book of tickets to the fundraiser - BE A TEAM PLAYER and sell the tickets [or lose your job]!

    Signs go up on lawns of employees of the Secretary of State’s Office and Cook County Sheriff’s Office - BE A TEAM PLAYER and support OUR candidates [or no promotions]!

    Public employees who take short lunches so that can finish their work are told - “look, you’re making everyone feel bad by not taking the full lunch that you deserve and a little more” - BE A TEAM PLAYER [or lose your job]!

    If a public employee does his work too fast or too well he is told - “look at your colleagues, you are making them look bad - slow down [so we can hire another patronage worker to get out the vote] - don’t hurt their feelings - BE A TEAM PLAYER [or find a new job]!

    Vote often and help the dead to vote - BE A TEAM PLAYER [keep the system going]!

    If your neighbors don’t vote for the right candidate - perhaps they don’t deserve the same public services that WE deserve - spill their garbage, send out the building inspector to harass them, defame them, discredit them - BE A TEAM PLAY [or you won't get services either]!

    For corporations and businesses doing business with the State, County, or City - don’t forget to “donate” [kick-back, bribery] 10 % of the income the State GIVES you to the political fund “Friends of Madigan” or “Friends of Blagojevic” or “Friends of Jesse Jackson Jr.” or whomever - you know we can’t give contracts to people unless you are willing to BE A TEAM PLAYER!

    Don’t forget the Sheriff’s staff, we need them out campaigning at all the polling places [in plain clothes on public time] to make sure no one “interferes” [or observes] our campaigning tactics [dirty deals] - BE A TEAM PLAYER!

    Don’t encourage any one immediately connected with the TEAM [Thompson, Daley, Stroger, Divine, Sheahan, Madigans, Burkes, Jones] to negotiate these “donations”, explain the rules to our employees, or manage the money - BE TEAM PLAYER!

    The team can be informed orally and be at meetings but lets keep this part of the TEAM and don’t put anything in writing - BE A TEAM PLAYER!

    Finally - defame, wrongfully arrest, destroy, maliciously prosecute on false charges, even murder any one who gets in our way - Spread Fear to keep the TEAM in check - BE A TEAM PLAYER!

    Illinois for too long has been under the control of the Kingdom of former Gov. Jim (Prince John) Thompson and his Lords, Chicago Mayor Richard M. and Cook Co. Commissioner John Daley (sons of former Mayor Richard J.), County Board Pres. John Stroger Jr. (son of former County Board Pres. John Stroger), House Speaker Michael and his daughter Atty Gen. Lisa Madigan, Alderman Ed (buddy of Fast Ed[dy] now convict Vrydoliak) and IL. Supreme Court Justice Ann Burke, former Sheriff (of Nottingham) Sheahan, and State’s Attorney Richard (Gisbourne) Divine, as well as other Lords such as former Sen. President Emil Jones and now his son Emil Jones Jr.

    Political office is inherited in Illinois, elected by political patronage paid for by bribery (10% of all contracts SHALL be donated (kicked-back) to political funds such as “Friends of Madigan” and “Friends of Blagojevic”), and decided in closed back room “deals” (bribes, tit-for-tat, nothing to do with competency or experience, etc.).



    Friday, December 12, 2008

    Why is Illinois So Corrupt?

    Watch the videos on this site:

    Robert Cooley is a former mafia lawyer who worked with corrupt Illinois officials and judges. He turned state's witness and he explains how the Chicago "Machine" still run by Alderman Ed Burke who "picks" the judges and controls the Chicago City Finance Committee and his wife corrupt Illinois Supreme Court Justice Ann Burke still are up to their ears in corrupt politics as usual. He talks how this cabal of corruption:

    1- controls the media,
    2-pays off the U S Attorney (former and probably still pays off his middle men, hired during this super corrupt era, who hide stuff from present US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald so the only people prosecuted are fall guys like Blagojevic so as to take the heat off the real top dog crooks like:
    A- Jim Thompson (former Gov X 16 years, Director of CIA oversight committee under 1st
    President Bush and member of 911 Commission under W)
    B-Madigans (Speaker of the House Michael and his daughter Attorney General Lisa, who
    lauder all the bribery money kicked back from State, County and City contracts through
    their political fund "friends of Madigan"),
    C-the Burkes, and
    D-the Daleys(Richard - Chicago Mayor and partner of John Burge [the torturer to get
    murder confessions] while he was state's attorney, John - Cook Co. Commissioner who
    controlled Co. Board President John Stroger Sr and his Son Todd who replaced him, and
    William former Commerce Secr. under Cliniton and now wants to be Gov of IL and
    therefore needs to discredit Blagojevic and Lisa Madigan).

    A summary of the "system" running Illinois in my view is as follows:

    Illinois for too long has been under the control of the:
    1- Kingdom of former Gov. Jim (Prince John) Thompson and
    2-his Lords, Chicago Mayor Richard M. and Cook Co. Commissioner John Daley (sons of former Mayor Richard J.), County Board Pres. John Stroger Jr. (son of former County Board Pres. John Stroger),
    3-House Speaker Michael and his daughter Atty Gen. Lisa Madigan,
    4-Alderman Ed (buddy of Fast Ed[dy] now convict Vrydoliak - both of them were leaders against African American Mayor Washington in the "cousel wars" 20 years ago) and IL. Supreme Court Justice Ann Burke,
    5-former Sheriff (of Nottingham) Sheahan, and
    6-State's Attorney Richard (Gisbourne) Divine, as well as
    7-other Lords such as former Sen. President Emil Jones and now his son Emil Jones Jr.

    Political office is inherited in Illinois, elected by political patronage paid for by bribery (10% of all contracts SHALL be donated (kicked-back) to political funds such as "Friends of Madigan" and "Friends of Blagojevic"), and decided in closed back room "deals" (bribes, tit-for-tat, nothing to do with competency or experience, etc.).Its time we have a truth commission in Illinois to give clemency to low level players so that we can reveal the true extent of the corruption, encourage witnesses to come out of the woodwork and reveal their evidence, as well as start anew with a high level of transparency. We desperately need new blood in Illinois and help from the U.S. Attorney in breaking the cycle of corruption, bribery, kick-backs, patronage, and nepotism.

    A UIC professor said: Patronage breeds corruption like garbage breeds flies. SOOO true in Illinois.

    Other examples of inherited office in Illinois include US Representative Lipinsky and his son who replaced him in Washington DC, and Illinois Senate President Emil Jones and his son who has replaced him in the Senate.

    Kim Long who authored a book about government corruption talks how corruption started in the colonial days and has continued with pockets of intense corruption in Illinois, Louisiana, and New Jersey.

    For the early days of the "Chicago Machine" and corruption see:

    Criminal History for Dr Linda Shelton





    05 CR 12718-01 720 ILCS 5.0/12-4-B-6 AGG BAT/CORRECT OFC 05/18/05

    Disp: Guilty by jury verdict August 23, 2007 , ON APPEAL
    Sentenced December 3, 2007 – two years IDOC, presently on MSR in custody of IDOC
    Parole Division

    $100,000 bail, bonded out from CCDOC 5/27/05

    Incarcerated 10/10/08 to 3/31/09

    Circumstances: Unlawful arrest and malicious prosecution for battery of correctional officer – in fact officer falsified records after attacking Shelton. There was no attack on officer and Shelton is innocent. Conviction was secondary to extreme judicial corruption and misconduct and Nifong-like prosecutorial misconduct. See details written in Shelton’s blog: Pending appeal.

    Presently before Fed. Judge David Coar on Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus. Judge Coar ruled exhaustion of state remedies WAIVED by State due to ILLEGAL actions of Illinois Appellate Court in impeding appeal by denying four Motions to Compel Court Reporter to produce and file transcripts due to indigency status of defendant.
    All Wrongful Arrests and All Malicious Prosecutions
    In Retaliation for Whistle Blower Activities and Legitimate Complaints

    2002-5-001557-01 720 ILCS 5.0/21-3-A-2 CRIM TRESPASS TO LAND 02/11/02

    Disp: Not Guilty by jury trial on October 17, 2003

    $1,000 bail

    Held in custody in Oak Lawn Lock-up 2/11/02 while booked and bonded out from police station.

    Circumstance: Unlawful arrested and malicious prosecution for trespass at Advocate Christ Hospital after Shelton complained about the malpractice, medical battery, false imprisonment, and civil rights violations perpetrated on her and her patients at Advocate Christ Hospital due to corporate corruption. Felony obstruction of justice committed by CEO Carol Schneider in lying to the police, by nursing administrator Susan and by Dr. Daniel Girzadas Jr. in lying to the police.

    Hospital used the wrongfully to revoke physician privileges for “interrupting hospital operations”, gave false information to IDPR investigator Duhig, resulting in suspension of medical license which was on non-renewed status due to medical problems and unlawful legal siege by corrupt officials and police. This has wrongfully resulted in the destruction of career and defamation of Dr. Shelton, essentially a civil death.

    02 CR 28530-01 720 ILCS 5.0/12-4-B-6 AGG BAT/PEACE OFC 10/22/02
    720 ILCS 5.0/12-4-B-6 AGG BAT/PEACE OFC

    Charges Amended 04/05/04
    720 ILCS 5.0/12-3 BATTERY

    Disp: Not Guilty, at end of prosecution case in chief, during Bench Trial on 8/23/2005 before
    Hon. Judge Rhodes, who declared that Dr. Shelton “thoroughly impeached the State’s witnesses [two Sheriff Deputies]” at Markham Courthouse

    $10,000 bail and added illegal charge of violation of felony bail (previous trespass was a misdemeanor) of $7,500, taken to CCDOC and bonded out of CCDOC.

    Pre-Trial incarceration at CCDOC 10/22/02-10/23/02

    Circumstance: Unlawful arrest and malicious prosecution when Deputies Doran and Caliendo who violated the ADA and refused to assist Shelton with briefcase on wheels at security entrance to Bridgeview Courthouse. They pushed Shelton causing her to flail her arms and nearly fall, then falsified their records, committed perjury on the stand, committed felony violation of civil rights under color of law, conspired to violate rights under color of law, committed aggravated battery of a handicapped person, and attempted to prosecute Shelton for aggravated battery to an officer – later reduced to simple battery. SA Devine to cover-up their misconduct refused to prosecute the officers for perjury and aggravated battery of a handicapped person, as well as official misconduct in violating the ADA.

    2003-1-260574-01 720 ILCS 5.0/21-5(a) CRIM TRESP TO ST SUP LAND 06/25/03

    Disp: SOL on 07/09/2003 then Dismissed Nunc Pro Tunc 18 mo later in 2004 or 2005

    Bail $1,000 I-Bond, bonded out from station

    Held overnight at CPD 1st Dist Woman’s Lock-up – Medically Neglected and Kicked by Officer After passing out – required removal to hospital by ambulance
    Battery by police and excessive force ignored by Office of Professional Conduct

    Circumstance: Unlawful arrest and malicious prosecution by investigator at IL AG office where Shelton had gone to serve AG with higher court pleadings as required by law. Receptionist refused to accept pleading and investigator unlawfully arrested Shelton falsely claiming she bypassed security in retaliation for Shelton asking to speak to a supervisor of receptionist. This was felony interference with constitutional rights to due process by the AG’s office. This was perjury by AG Inv. Sledge in falsely stating that Dr. Shelton bypassed security. Shelton’s name was written in entry log by CMS officer Baker and this can be verifed by looking at log book. So she was properly checked-in. AG Lisa Madigan and her staff condoned this felony official misconduct and violation of Shelton’s rights.

    2004-1-303654-01 720 ILCS 5.0/21-3-A-2 CRIM TRESPASS TO LAND 11/04/04

    Disp: SOL on 11/30/2004, reinstated and Dismissed 10/26/2005 for lack of probable cause

    Bail $1,000 I-Bond – bonded out from station

    Held overnight at CPD 1st Dist Woman’s Lock-up – Medically Neglected and eventually removed by ambulance to ER. Day after release diagnosed with untreated concussion.

    Circumstance: Unlawfully arrested and maliciously prosecuted by security staff at receptionist’s desk at building housing offices of Ruff Weidener & Reddy, a law firm representing Advocate Christ Hospital. Police illegally arrested Shelton, who had come to RWR office building to deliver court documents, during the middle of an asthma attack when she was trying to treat herself with equipment and medication from her portable medical bag. They grabbed her asthma medications out of her hands, pushed her to the floor causing brief unconsciousness and a mild concussion, handcuffed her, threw her in a paddy wagon and when she fell unconscious took her to the NMH ER to be cleared prior to booking her. Prosecution by security staff was in retaliation for Shelton insisting that her rights be honored and was maliciously induced by RWR attorneys in an act of felony retaliation against a witness.

    04 CR 17571-03 305 ILCS 5.0/8A-3-a VENDOR FRAUD 07/14/04

    Disp: Not Guilty by jury verdict 2/24/09

    Bail $10,000 I-Bond, bonded out from courthouse at arraignment. Raised excessively to $100,000 composite with battery case (05 CR 12718-01). Bonded out 5/27/05 after incarcerated 5/13/05 for criminal contempt and judge stayed criminal contempt sentence. Bail raised illegally without notice, without hearing, without counsel, without formal charge for allegedly not showing up at court on 12/8/05, despite court being given notice on 12/7/05 that Shelton had filed habeas petition in federal court and Judge Filip had scheduled hearing on 12/8/05 at same time. Bailed unconstitutionally raised to “No Bond”. IL Appellate Court overturned judge’s orders and reduced bail to $10,000 I-Bond on 12/31/05 after petition by Shelton for review of bail. Judge Pantle again increased bail to $500,000 on 1/6/06 claiming Shelton had “lied to Appellate court” without notice, without hearing, without counsel, and without formal charge or due process. Il Appellate Court again ordered bail reduced on Petition for review of bail by Shelton. She was released 1/20/06. However IL Appellate Court illegally reduced (actually raised bail from pre-incarceration bail of $100,000 composite to $100,000 independent from 05 CR 12718-01). Bail cannot be raised legally without due process hearing. Increase from $10,000 I-Bond ordered by Appellate Court on 12/31/05 to $100,000 independent from other case required due process hearing which was NOT provided by Appeallate court order. Shelton’s family again posted an additional $10,000 bond and Shelton released 1/20/06.

    Illegally incarcerated 4 times for alleged criminal contempt or without formal charges by Dishonorable Judges Kathleen Pantle and Jorge Alonso – see “petty offenses” on
    5/10/05 to 5/27/05, 12/13/05 to 12/31/05, 1/6/06 to 1/20/06, and 4/13/07-4/20/07
    Medically neglected, battered and abused during incarcerations. Hospitalization or ER visits required after each release.

    Circumstances: See federal suits pending available on PACER website: Habeas Corpus 08 C 4627 and tort 1:06-CV-04259 both pending and fairly complicated. For more information see Shelton’s website: – where evidence of government corruption involving police, judges, prosecutors, state and county officials, and corporations is being detailed – after it has been turned over to the U.S. Attorney and FBI

    Essentially Shelton prosecuted without prosecutorial authority, in violation of the federal Medicaid Code and the Supremacy Clause, with a legally insufficient indictment, in violation of statute of limitations and speedy trial statutes, in a case of ID theft by two employees/co-owners of the group who were counselors and running a branch office.

    These women fabricated patient encounters, sent bills to the billing agents with their names as counselors and the billing agent without knowledge of Shelton or CEO Glass substituted Shelton’s name on instructions from the Medicaid Provider Service Unit (that all bills must be under a doctor’s name) without knowledge of the two women. The billing agent did this because she was ignorant and mistakenly thought that her contract to do billing allowed her to write the doctors names on any form. Billing agent actually forged Shelton’s signature on power of attorney and alternate payee forms.

    Bills were sent to Medicaid by billing agent the year before Shelton began working at Right Frame of Mind & Associates and while she was recovering from extensive surgery on her spine for congenital spinal stenosis causing paralysis and dysfunction. Shelton had given corporation her Medicaid number so billing agent could pre-register her so that after she recovered she could work at the group.

    Billing agent had committed fraud on the CEO because she held herself out at an expert on billing but really didn’t know well what she was doing. She also has continued to commit Medicaid Fraud for over 10 years because she bills by percentage (8%) which illegally ties her fees to the services of the doctors instead of to her services. (8% of a $50,000 heart surgery procedure is not the same as 8% of a $150 pediatric office visit, when both fees should be the same for processing one bill)

    AG Lisa Madigan has participated in this criminal conspiracy to deny mental health care to persons on Medicaid and retaliation against whistle blowers who are mental health service providers including Dr. Maisha Hamilton, Naomi Jennings, Dr. Linda Shelton, and Vernon Glass.

    Asst AG John Fearon and MFCU Director Patrick Keenan committed discovery violations and contempt of court by telling witness John Singley of IDPA NOT TO TALK WITH DEFENSE COUNSEL! This is an offense that should make the ARDC revoke John Fearon’s law license as it is forbidden by the attorney code of ethics and the Illinois Supreme Court Rules.

    2005-1-092079-01 720 ILCS 5.0/21-5 CRIM TRESP TO ST SUP LAND 01/14/05

    Disp: Dismissed for lack of probable cause on 8/15/06

    Bail $1,000 I-Bond

    Held overnight in CPD 1st Dist Woman’s Lock-up – medically neglected, collapsed in police station and taken to ER, battered in ER police room by police and ignored by ER staff because CPD staff covered up by telling ER staff Shelton was “faking” her medical problems. After return to CPD collapsed, released to ambulance and required treatment at a different ER

    Circumstances: Unlawfully arrested and maliciously prosecuted at office of Illinois Medicaid Inspector General in Chicago who invited Shelton to come to office and deliver documents regarding Medicaid vendor fraud case then gave receptionist memo that Shelton was a “danger to the building” in an act of defamation and ordered that they have her arrested for trespass when she showed up.

    State agents in Medicaid OIG committed perjury in stating to court that they did not have a copy of the memo. This past year they produced an e-mails where they talk about the memo in discovery on Medicaid vendor fraud case. The e-mail was written Daniel Fitzgerald, Director of Chicago officer of Medicaid OIG. Their attorney Gerstein approved participated. Medicaid OIG acting director Wyona Johnson directed her staff to prevent ANY calls from Dr. Shelton from reaching her and to inhibit any attempt by Dr. Shelton to make a meeting to discuss the issues or to do anything but submit “evidence” of her innocence and reason to release “withhold” of funds owed the practice she worked for in writing. She and Dan Fitzgerald instructed staff to prevent Dr. Shelton from bringing to their offices 54 patient charts that proved her innocence. This was condoned by AAG John Fearon, Patrick Keenan, and Derrick Moscardelli, (chief of the bureau of internal affairs) along with John Singley (fraud and abuse investigator Medicaid OIG).

    2006-1-221401-01 720 ILCS 5.0/26-1-a-1 DISORDERLY CONDUCT 03/03/06
    720 ILCS 5.0/12-3-A-1 BATTERY 03/04/06

    Disp: DISORDERLY CONDUCT charge SOL on 4/14/2006
    BATTERY Nolle Prosequi 12/7/07

    Held overnight at CPD 1st Dist Woman’s Lock-up where officers assumed because of previous defamation and lies by their senior officers that Shelton always fakes her medical problems. Battered by lock up aid when upon release Shelton tried to take her medication when it was returned to her. Documented by ER staff when Shelton taken to ER after beating. Medically neglected and when released had difficulty standing and no transportation – just thrown out in the cold, despite disability and condition at about 2 a.m. in inner city neighborhood. Officers when they found Shelton sitting on sidewalk next to police station in cold having difficulty because of medical condition then took Shelton to NMH ER claiming she was trying to take an overdose in order to harass her and cover-up their misconduct.

    Circumstances: Unlawfully arrested and maliciously prosecuted when Shelton attempted to read transcript at office of Clerk of Administrative Law Court at Thompson Center Office of IDFPR.

    Unlawfully re-arrested and maliciously prosecuted for battery of lock-up aide at CPD 1st Dist lock-up when CPD Aide Shell battered Shelton when Shelton was released and still in station at time Shelton –up attempted to take her medication from her medical bag that had been returned to her. Lock Aid falsely claimed Shelton kicked her at this time. Shelton claimed she went into a flashback after being battered by Shell and doesn’t remember this – but if she did it was in self-defense.

    Initial interference with review of transcripts and arrest directed by Adm Law Judge Fox, now chief of all employees at IDFPR, and George Jones, former FBI agent and now chief of investigations for IDFPR. This revealed bias by ALJ Fox which should have made him recuse himself.

    2006-1-223632-01 720 ILCS 5.0/21-5-a CRIM TRESP TO ST SUP LAND 03/15/06
    720 ILCS 5.0/26-1-a-1 DISORDERLY CONDUCT

    Disp: SOL on 4/14/2006


    Circumstances: Unlawfully arrested and maliciously prosecuted when Shelton attempted to read transcript at office of Clerk of Administrative Law Court at Thompson Center Office of IDFPR.

    Orchestrated by ALJ Fox and George Jones to interfere with Shelton’s defense of her license.


    2006-1-223628-01 720 ILCS 5.0/21-5-a CRIM TRESP TO ST SUP LAND 03/21/06
    720 ILCS 5.0/26-1-a-1 DISORDERLY CONDUCT

    Disp: SOL on 4/14/2006

    Held in Thompson Center Lock-up by State Police for booking. Taken to Rush Hospital for acute asthma attack and treated. Returned to lock-up. Taken to Mt. Sinai on petition for involuntary admission as ALJ Fox and George Jones fraudulently stated that Shelton was mentally ill so that they could fraudulently suspend her medical license. Released by Mt. Sinai without involuntary admission as no mental illness. Released on I-Bond from Thompson Center State police lock-up.

    Circumstances: Unlawfully arrested and maliciously prosecuted when Shelton attempted to read transcript at office of Clerk of Administrative Law Court at Thompson Center Office of IDFPR.

    Orchestrated by ALJ Fox and George Jones to interfere with Shelton’s defense of her license.

    2006-5-012027-01 720 ILCS 5.0/21-3-A-2 CRIM TRESPASS TO LAND 11/9/06

    Disp: SOL on 12/06/2006

    Excessive bail $3,000 issued and taken to CCDOC where medically neglected and abused overnight until able to bond out.

    Circumstance: Unlawfully arrested and maliciously prosecuted for entering a building which had been
    Shelton’s office and had been illegally ½ sold to GoIn Realty – Joe Varan in a Sheriff’s lien sale. Then the Sheriff illegally gave a full deed to the building to them. Then the Sheriff allowed Varan to obtain an illegal eviction of Shelton from the building but then allowed Varan, the Evergreen Park Police, and Sheriff staff to steal a million dollars of property from the building which was being rented by other persons including a person who had bought the contents of Shelton’s office including all business records, syringes, drugs, patient records, personal medical books and tools of the trade, priceless historic documents from a professor at the U. of C, and other personal and business property including a $15,000 diamond ring, three fur coats, Elija Mohammed’s violin, the largest collection of African psychology books in the country, and evidence of corruption of state and county officials owned by renters. Shelton actually owned nothing in the building.

    2006-5-012028- 720 ILCS 5.0/21-3-A-2 CRIM TRESPASS TO LAND 11/9/06

    Disp: SOL on 12/06/2006

    Bail excessive at $3,000, bonded out from CCDOC next day

    Medically battered and abused at CCDOC

    Circumstance: Unlawfully arrested and maliciously prosecuted for entering a building which had been
    Shelton’s office and had been illegally ½ sold to GoIn Realty – Joe Varan in a Sheriff’s lien sale. Then the Sheriff illegally gave a full deed to the building to them. Then the Sheriff allowed Varan to obtain an illegal eviction of Shelton from the building but then allowed Varan, the Evergreen Park Police, and Sheriff staff to steal a million dollars of property from the building which was being rented by other persons including a person who had bought the contents of Shelton’s office including all business records, syringes, drugs, patient records, personal medical books and tools of the trade, priceless historic documents from a professor at the U. of C, and other personal and business property including a $15,000 diamond ring, three fur coats, Elija Mohammed’s violin, the largest collection of African psychology books in the country, and evidence of corruption of state and county officials owned by renters. Shelton actually owned nothing in the building.

    2007-5-000072-01 720 ILCS 5.0/21-3-A-2 CRIM TRESPASS TO LAND 01/04/07
    720 ILCS 5.0/12-3-a-2 BATTERY
    720 ILCS 5.0/26-1-a-1 DISORDERLY CONDUCT

    Disp: Nolle Prosequi

    Bail excessively set at $20,000 – bonded out from CCDOC next day

    Taken to CCDOC overnight until bonded out next day. Immediately taken to ER due to severe untreated asthma attack, dehydration, and medical neglect. Ambulance called at entrance to jail by friend who picked up Shelton.

    Circumstances: Unlawfully arrested and maliciously prosecuted for going to the Evergreen Park Police station, asking for incident reports, then complaining about incompleteness of reports she had bought from them. Arrested when she asked for appointment with the police chief or to speak to chief of detectives about their failure to investigate above thefts and about their complicity in the crime of theft. Officer pushed Shelton who nearly fell then arrested her for battery for hitting him in on his bullet proof vest on the chest with a few pieces of paper (the incident reports).
    2007-1-272967-01 720 ILCS 5.0/21-5-a CRIM TRESP TO ST SUP LAND 06/28/07
    720 ILCS 5.0/12-3-a-2 BATTERY
    720 ILCS 5.0/31-1-a RESIST PEACE OFFICER

    Disp: Nolle prosequi on 12/7/07

    Bail $1,000 I-Bond, bonded out from Sheriff’s Lock-up

    Circumstances: Unlawfully arrested and maliciously prosecuted by a Cook County Sheriff Courtroom Deputy Robinson for refusing to leave the Daley Center and trying to go to the library on the 29th floor after leaving the courtroom of Judge Epstein who had committed gross misconduct against Shelton and ordered her to leave the building after she had left his courtroom in retaliation for her annoying him and pointing out his misconduct (she didn’t hear the order herself and Judge Epstein has no jurisdiction over the building outside his courtroom). Deputy grabbed Shelton as she was trying to enter an elevator and told her to leave the building (without saying she was under arrest). Shelton tried to push his hand off of her arm feebly with her hand and say stop assaulting me – he then arrested her for battery.

    2007-1-206817-01 720 ILCS 5.0/21-5-a CRIM TRESP TO ST SUP LAND 10/10/07

    Disp: Nolle prosequi on 12/ /07

    Bail excessive at $25,000

    Immediately incarcerated at CCDOC, bail revoked on battery conviction where Shelton was awaiting sentencing.

    Circumstances: Shelton successfully came through security at 555 W Harrison courthouse to go to clerk’s office to pick up paper (shown on video surveillance). Unlawfully arrested and maliciously prosecuted for “failing to go through security” when deputies in retaliation for previous suits against their friends falsified their records and arrested Shelton. Deputy right committed perjury on the stand stating that the Magnetometer beeped when Shelton passed through it. Video proves this didn’t happen as lights that flash when magnetometer beeped clearly did not flash. Judge Petreone and other judges (Judge Joseph Kazmierski and Illinois Appellate Court) in acts of misconduct refused to this day to look at the videotape proving officers committed perjury.

    Petty Offenses: Cook County Circuit Court

    03 MC5 002031-01 Municipal ordinance violation - disorderly conduct 3/4/03

    Disp: Nolle Prosequi

    Circumstances: Unlawfully arrested and maliciously prosecuted for coming to Clerk’s office at Bridgeview courthouse and filing and trying to file a pleading as a pro se defendant after Chief of deputies in the building had illegally told Shelton she could not come to the building except to the courtroom.

    04 MC5 Municipal ordinance violation of trespass, 10-5-7-3 4/29/05

    Disp: Dismissed

    Circumstances: Unlawfully arrested and maliciously prosecuted for delivering several subpoenas to offices at Advocate Christ Hospital after Judge Zelezinsky order Shelton in writing to deliver her subpoenas herself. ACH had written Shelton that she was banned from the property (in retaliation for complaints of their corruption and criminal acts) and Oak Lawn Police looking at Judge Z’s order for Shelton to deliver subpoenas stated “we don’t have to follow this order – your under arrest at the request of Christ Hospital”.

    ACC 050087-01 Criminal Contempt 5/10/05

    Disp: Summary sentence of 30 days in CCDOC APPEALING

    Medically neglected and abused at CCDOC requiring transfer to hospital on 5/27/05.

    Circumstances: See federal habeas corpus petition and federal suits: 08 C 4627 and tort 1:06-CV-04259 available through PACER

    No case number Alleged violation of bail with no formal charge 5/13/05

    Disp: Bail order of “No Bond” overturned by Illinois Appelalte Court on 12/31/-05 to
    $10,000 I-Bond and immediately released from CCDOC.

    Medically neglected, battered and abused at CCDOC. Ill when released but able to self treat at home.

    Circumstances: Judge illegally and unethically issued arrest warrant 12/8/05 when Shelton did not appear in court after Shelton on 12/7/05 had informed court in writing that she had a hearing in federal court and would be late on 12/8/05. Shelton called co-defendant’s on 12/8/05 after federal hearing and co-defendant told her that judge had failed to appear so they had re-scheduled hearing for 1/19/06. Judge came several hours late to court and despite agreement from co-defendant’s attorney and prosecutor to continue hearing to 1/19/06 and despite written notice of federal hearing, judge issued arrest warrant. and on 12/13/05 refused to vacate it and ordered Shelton held on “No Bond” without notice, counsel, hearing, or formal charge in violation of her oath of office and constitutional due process rights.
    No case number Alleged violation of bail with no formal charge 1/6/06

    Disp: Bail order of $500,000 overturned by Illinois Appelalte Court on 1/20/06 to
    $100,000 bail separate from battery case and immediately released from CCDOC when bond paid.

    Medically neglected, battered and abused at CCDOC. Immediately taken by person picking up Shelton from jail to UIC ER and admitted for severe dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, contusions and joint pain, and inability to stand.

    Circumstances: Judge illegally and unethically raised bail to $500,000 form $10,000 I-Bond fraudulently stating Shelton had lied to Appellate Court and that she was incarcerating Shelton because she refused to answer questions at illegally ordered fitness exam (a statutory right where the court is not permitted to change bail to achieve the exam) without notice, counsel, hearing, or formal charge in violation of her oath of office and constitutional due process rights.

    ACC 070057-01 Criminal Contempt 4/13/07

    Disp: Summary sentence of 30 days in CCDOC, APPEALING
    reduced to time served on 4/20/07

    Medically neglected and abused in CCDOC, requiring ER treatment.

    Circumstances: Judge Alonso made summary finding of contempt when Shelton told him upon him taking over case from Judge Pantle who had been transferred to Chancery Division from Criminal Division that the vendor fraud case was illegal bullshit, and Judge Pantle was Dishonorable for illegally failing to hear Shelton’s fully briefed pleadings to dismiss case as void without jurisdiction for over two years.

    The fact is that Judge Pantle had violated law extensively, was extremely corrupt, and the case against Shelton for vendor fraud was fraudulent, malicious, and state actors had consistently refused Shelton due process or a meeting for her to present evidence of such.

    Tickets Federal District Court

    G004628 Causing disturbance in federal building 3/16/05
    G004629 Disobeying signs or orders

    Disp: Guilty, fined $25 X 2, APPEAL based on voidness in preparation of Dist. Crt decision on initial appeal (quoted false statements of AUSA’s brief instead of quoting transcript)

    Circumstances: Unlawfully arrested and maliciously prosecuted when Shelton went to FBI office at federal building to give them evidence about corrupt officials in Cook County. Agent on duty refused to copy papers and forward them to appropriate task force and Shelton arrested for asking for supervisor and politely waiting for one. Details available at federal courthouse in file – not on PACER. FBI agent and Fed. Marshall who testified at hearing committed perjury.

    Appealed but Judge Castillo or his clerk in memorandum and order (decision) quoted AUSA who had misquoted the transcript of hearing thus giving the judge false information. So the judge or his clerk made a decision based on false information and his order is thus void or should be voided and reconsidered.

    Curriculum Vitae of Dr Linda Shelton - Who is She?

    One individual wrote a comment for this blog that I will not post as he refuses to identify himself claiming he/she is a correctional officer and I am a "fraud." In his comment it is clear that he/she does not understand or have the knowledge that the officers at CCDOC have been committing gross civil rights violations including:

    1- refusing to give inmates grievance forms, paper or pen,
    2-committing battery and assaults against inmates,
    3-unlawful medical restraint and unlawful injections of psychotropic drugs to shut them up (this has been investigated by the Illinois Human Rights Authority which sustained my allegations of this class A misdemeanor violation of law but the Cook County States Attorney has refused to force a consent degree to stop this or to prosecute the perpetrators),
    4-denial of statutory right to initial phone call to an attorney and a family member (particularly inmates who didn't get a phone call during processing because of a medical problem and were brought directly to Cermak) when which a jailer violates this it is a class A misdemeanor but the Cook County States Attorney is refusing to prosecute,
    5-proper medical care including life-saving medication previously prescribed by outside physicians for serious medical conditions (in my case this was salt - 5 gms per day or I become continuously shocky when standing and unable to walk or even sit up at times, I also pass out and go into cardiac arrest; Norpace a heart medication to control abnormal heart rhythms, and other medication) - they take a body out of CCDOC almost every other day and many deaths are due to medical neglect or due to beatings by officers - again the Cook County States Attorney has refused to investigate or prosecute, and
    6-access to the courts including access to law library materials and the means to write and mail pleadings to the court and to get messages to the courts (I was denied access to the courts which is a constitutional violation despite the fact I was representing myself).

    The correctional officers at IDOC and CCDOC need better training so that:
    1- they understand the above civil rights and what their responsibilities are concerning seeing they are not violated,
    2-understand a little more about mental illness and medical illnesses so they do not neglect or harm patient/inmates as is rampant at the moment (a little knowledge is worse than none at all - it results in beatings or baseless discipline for refusing to obey orders when a person is physically or mentally unable to obey orders - I remain available to train them on a volunteer basis, but I know I won't be invited), and
    3 -better oversight (preferably by a panel of laymen, professionals, and citizens) to stop the the culture among the officers of gratuitous violence against the inmates, verbal denigration and defamation without basis against the inmates, grotesque medical neglect, medical battery with unwarranted psychotropic drugs instead of the officers properly responding to complaints and the psychiatric staff providing proper mental health treatment (very ill inmates are locked in their cells with not even a paper and crayon or a book to read or anything to distract them 23-24 hours a day - there is no psychotherapy except a feeble attempt by one competent psychologist perhaps a few minutes a day, no group therapies, no training on how to function in society or basic living skills - in regards to seriously mentally ill imates who should really be in a mental hospital).

    Law enforcement must start enforcing the rights enumerated about in a timely fashion. Until this happens CCDOC will remain a torture chamber of death, where the condition of the mentally ill is worsened, where people die of medical neglect, where officers are turned into and molded into sociopathic thugs and bullies, and where the rule of law does not apply. The US Attorney has YET TO ARREST and one involved in the instances of excessive force and gratuitous battery that resulted in deaths of inmates or medical neglect so bad an amputation occurred, among other crimes committed agaisnt inmates by CCDOC staff.

    Justice delayed is justice denied!

    Linda Lorincz Shelton, PhD, MD, F.A.A.P.

    Summary: Twenty years experience as a physician, with pediatric specialty board certification, in both inner city and suburban locations. Extensive experience in neonatology and emergency medicine consultations. Resuscitated and stabilized the world's lightest set of surviving triplets, according to the Guinness Book of World Records (1997 edition). Three years experience at managing in-hospital level II nursery, managing the opening of new pediatric department contract, and coordinating general pediatric services for neonatal/pediatrics in-hospital service corporation. Extensive knowledge of all aspects of management services for physicians. Experience as medical research scientist studying the immunopathology of chronic active hepatitis and the immunobiology of autoimmune disease. Experience in managing a research laboratory and in teaching at the high school, college, and graduate school levels. Particular interest in management and coordination of care for children with complex medical conditions and primary care of infants and children with chronic disease. Children’s civil rights advocate with experience in Congressional testimony and extensive advisory activities with legislators. Experience as fact and expert witness in Circuit Court of Cook County on child abuse cases, death from faulty product design, neonatal physiology, anatomy, and pathology. Federal witness against corrupt State and County officials. Civil rights activist and whistle blower.

    Professional Experience:

    2000 – 2003 Right Frame of Mind, & Associates, now RFOM, PC
    Medical Director and Treating Physician

    Psychiatry/Psychology group practice providing services to underserved inner city population, DCFS wards, and Arabic American Community Organization (SANAD)

    1999 – 2000 HighTech Nursing Services, Inc.
    Medical Director

    1994 - 2003 The Pediatric Institute of Chicago, SC (PIC)
    Founder, President, Pediatrician

    Closed after the Clark Gas Station next to my office spilled 14,000 gallons under the ground and I was overcome by fumes in 2001, and after extensive neurosurgery of the spine for congenital and spinal stenosis causing slow progression towards quadriplegia in 2000 and then a herniated disc in 2002 aggravated by battery by Sheriff Officer Deputy Rebecca Doran, and Correctional Officer Johnson and Sgt. Anthony Salemi at CCDOC who battered me. False arrests, malicious prosecutions, and batteries by officers, in retaliation for my whistle blower activities against corrupt officials including George Ryan, Lisa Madigan, Richard Divine, and Michael Sheahan and their staff have caused me to be unable to re-open my office and make an income.

    Single specialty general pediatric practice. Office temporarily closed due to Dr. Shelton’s civil rights activities and legal issues. The PIC has provided independent contractors to Chicago area pediatric practices and clinics during the past eight years. Dr. Shelton has provided pediatric clinical services, through PIC contracts from January 1994 to 2002 for the following offices:

    The Midwest Physician Group - Olympia Fields, IL 1/94-7/94
    Dr. George Skarpathiotis - Palos Heights, IL 9/94-6/95
    Dr. Anna Ignaczewski - Palos Hills, IL 1994-1996
    Dr. Henry Abusharif - Palos Heights, IL 9/95-11/95
    Dr. Juan Pablo Cueva - Olympia Fields, IL 1/96- 11/96
    Claretian Medical Center - Chicago, IL 4/96-10/98
    St. Colletta's of Illinois - Palos Park, IL 1996-2002
    Dr. Shelton held the title of "laboratory director" of a medium complexity laboratory at Claretian Medical Center from 11/96 to 11/98, through a PIC contract.
    Dr. Shelton also held the position of "consultant in pediatrics" for St. Coletta's of Illinois.

    1994 - 1996 Doctor's Office Support Organization, Ltd.
    Founder, President, CEO
    Willowbrook, IL

    Healthcare management services organization. We are not currently active due to the death, in July of 1996, of cofounder and Vice-President Paul Wowk.

    Neonatal and Pediatric Services, SC
    Oak Brook, IL
    1993-1994 Coordinator of Pediatric Services
    1993-1994 Regional Director
    1991-1994 Unit Director
    1989-1994 Staff Pediatrician

    Recruited staff for and coordinated development of new county hospital pediatric department - Provident Hospital of Cook County [where Dr Shelton witnessed patronage hiring fraud and corruption - by Cook County Board President John Stroger Sr's godson Orlando Jones who he appointed the CEO - Mr. Jones committed suicide after he was indicted by the US Attorney in Fall 2007] , directed level II inner city neonatal unit with 400 admissions per year, developed new ambulatory pediatric/teaching service for family practice residency program, coordinated corporations teaching of graduate and medical students at medical university, developed improved compliance with government regulations and reporting requirements, developed tools for information management in neonatal unit and pediatric department, saved millions of dollars for inner city hospital with CPT optimization and improved documentation.


    1990-1991 PGY-3 Resident in Pediatrics
    Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center and
    Christ Hospital and Medical Center

    1989-1991 Fellow in Neonatology/Pediatrics
    Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

    1987-1989 PGY1 & 2 Resident in Pediatrics
    Wyler Children's Hospital at University of Chicago
    Kunstadter Children's Hospital and Medical Center
    La Rabida Children's Hospital and Research Center

    1983-1987 M.D. (Doctor of Medicine)
    Medical University of South Carolina

    1979-1983 Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy in Pathology)
    State Trainee
    Department of Pathology
    Medical University of South Carolina

    1976-1978 S.M. (Master of Science in Immunology)
    Committee on Immunology
    University of Chicago

    1972-1976 A.B (Bachelor of Arts with honors in Biology)
    University of Chicago

    Certificate and Licensure:

    March 18, 1993 Neonatal Resuscitation Certification
    Hospital-Based Instructor
    October 28, 1992 – Dec. 31, 1999 American Board of Pediatrics Certification
    Recertified 2000 - 2007
    March 5, 1990 Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certification
    May 5, 1988 Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification
    August, 1989 - expires July 2005 Physician and Surgeon
    State of Illinois
    License number 036-078411
    Controlled substance license number 0336-041477
    Placed on non-renewed status August 1, 2005
    State unlawfully has claimed they have suspended license indefinitely under false pretenses – this is being litigated in court at present.
    January, 1998 - expires Feb. 2007 DEA Number XXXXXXX

    Hospital Affiliations:

    June 19-2001 Children’s Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL
    Urgent Temporary Staff Privileges granted
    for the purpose of caring for one medically
    complex patient at the request of Illinois Department of
    Services for Crippled Children and hospital administration

    Christ Hospital and Medical Center, Oak Lawn, IL
    Hope Children’s Hospital, Oak Lawn, IL

    2001 – 2004 (2002 unlawful suspension, 2004 unlawful retaliatory revocation of privileges in appeal process at present before circuit court)

    Active Staff, Pediatrics
    1998-2000 Associate Staff, Pediatrics
    1995-1998 Provisional Staff, Pediatrics,
    1992-1994 Associate Medical Staff

    Chicago Osteopathic Hospital & Medical Center, Chicago, IL
    Olympia Fields Osteopathic Hospital & Medical Center,

    Olympia Fields, IL
    1989-1991 Fellow in Neonatology/Pediatrics (non-accredited program)

    Provident Hospital of Cook County, Chicago, IL
    1993-1994 Attending Pediatric Staff

    St. Joseph’s Medical Center, Joliet IL
    1991-1994 Consulting Pediatric Staff

    Jackson Park Hospital, Chicago, IL
    1993-1994 Consulting Pediatric Staff

    St. Bernard Hospital, Chicago, IL
    1993-1994 Consulting Pediatric Staff

    (I resigned due to contract requirement before I had the opportunity to treat any patients)

    (All staff resignations were voluntary and required by restrictive covenant in previous contracts with Neonatal and Pediatric Services, SC, or with the Midwest Physician Group.)

    Honors, Awards and Achievements:

    2005 Ronald Reagen Gold Medal from National Republican Congressional Committee

    2000 Honorary Co-Chairman Physician Advisory Board
    The National Republican Congressional Committee

    Appointed by Speaker Hastert and Majority Whip Tom DeLay
    National Leadership Award – advocating for the handicapped

    1990 Resuscitated and stabilized the world's "Lightest triplets....the Vincent
    triplets..." as noted on page 637 of The Guinness Book of World Records, 40th edition, 1997. The Vincent triplets were born at a community inner city hospital in Chicago weighing 519 gm, 660
    gm and 700 gm, to a woman in serious condition with no prenatal care at approximately 28 weeks of gestational age.

    1985 Outstanding Student in Physical Diagnosis and Medical Interview
    Medical University of South Carolina

    1981 Waring Historical Library Essay Contest - Runner-up
    Medical University of South Carolina

    1976 National Science Foundation
    Fellowship Program - Honorable Mention

    1976 Received A.B. degree with honors in biology

    Professional and Community Affiliations:

    Former Pianist Oak Lawn Park District Children's Drama Group
    Associate Member Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society - 1983 to 2005
    Founding Member Electrophoresis Society - 1988
    Diplomat National Board of Medical Examiners - 1988 to Present
    Member American Medical Women's Association - 1990 to Present
    Fellow American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) - 1993 to Present
    Member Governmental Affairs Committee Illinois Chapter AAP - 1994 to Present
    Member National Association of Female Executives - 1995 to 2001
    Member Coalition for Educational Rights - 1995 to 1997
    Oak Lawn Education Summit - 1995 to 2000
    Chair Legislative Committee – 1999 to 2000
    Member Unitarian Universalist Church - 1995 to Present
    Pediatric Consultant to St. Colletta's of Illinois - 1996 to 2002
    Christ Hospital Customer Service Steering Committee – 1996 to 2002
    Oak Lawn Community Partnership Council - Appointed by Mayor Kolb 1996
    Chair 1999 Fall on the Green Committee
    Member Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, Christ Hospital 1997-1999
    Member Home Health Committee, American Academy of Pediatrics 1998-present
    Member Ad Hoc Committee to Defend Health Care 1998
    Member Illinois Campaign for Better Health Care 1998
    Working Group on Children With Special Health Care Needs
    Member AMA Women’s Physician Congress 1998 – present
    Member Democratic Party until 2000
    Member Republican Party 2001 to 2005
    Honorary Co-Chairman Physician Advisory Board to the Republican
    Congressional National Committee
    Member Libertarian Party 2006
    Candidate for Mayor of Oak Lawn, 2005
    Member of Green Party 2007
    Presently unaffiliated to a Party


    Marital Status: Divorced from Vietnam era veteran who suffers mental health problems, one child, age 21

    Date of Birth: September X, 19XX

    Maiden Name: Linda Lillian Lorincz

    Place of Birth: Washington, D.C.

    Languages Spoken: Spanish but not fluently

    Other Activities:

    Expert Witness:

    1 - McDuffie v. Graco Children's Products, Inc, 1996-1997
    court No: 95 C 5384
    Settled out of court

    Testimony provided pertaining to neonatal resuscitation, neonatal anatomy and
    airway physiology, and neonatal forensic pathology. Reviewed and provided
    opinions concerning expert testimony by epidemiologist, neonatologist,
    pathologist, and product design investigator. Reviewed and commented on
    all testimony by parents of deceased and police. I was original reporter to
    product safety commission regarding initial infant death in a swinging crib.
    Product was removed from the market after 15 deaths.

    2 - Mario v. Ryan, 2001
    court No: 94 C 1471 United States District Court for the Northern District
    of Illinois, Eastern Division

    Declaration as to deliterious affect of cutting services for physically and mentally
    challenged children in 0-3 program. Judge order State of Illinois not to cut 73
    million dollars from budget.

    3 - Written testimony provided to United States House of Representatives,
    Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy, and Human Resources, “Hepatitis
    B Vaccine: Helping or Hurting Public Health,” May 18, 1999.

    4- Writen testimonay provided to United States House of Representatives, House
    Oversight Committee on varicella vaccine to be used in hearing scheduled about varicella
    vaccine sometime in the coming year, 2000 and 2001

    Expert Advice:

    1 - Provide expert advice to Representative Burton of Indiana pertaining to
    vaccine issues, and civil rights as they impact health care. 1998 - 1999

    2 - Provide expert advice to former Illinois Senator Patrick O’Malley pertaining to
    health issues and civil rights impacting health issues 1998-2000

    3- Requested by Governor Blagojevich to provide Brief on DCFS Reform to
    Task Force on DCFS Reform 2003


    1 - Provided evidence of abuse and neglect of children in DCFS custody to
    Mr. Benjamin Wolf of ACLU – Mr. Wolf was appointed by Federal Court to
    oversee compliance of DCFS with previous consent decree. 1998 – present

    2 - Testified pertaining to Chickenpox vaccine mandate before Illinois Board of Health
    2000-2001. Urged State of Illinois not to mandate vaccine due to civil rights violations
    (no clear and present danger to public health justifying suspension of civil rights) and due
    to increased risk of death in infancy if vaccine widely utilized.

    3 - Testified before Minnesota House of Representatives Government Operations
    Committee against House File 886 File would have placed decisions to suspend
    citizens’ civil rights in the hands of a one-sided bureaucrat who was advised by a
    sham committee of one-sided interests. Defeated 19-1.

    4 - Witness and Advocate for parents wrongly accused of abuse and neglect in
    Circuit Court of Cook and Lake County, Illinois, Child Protection Division

    1998- present

    5 - Served as volunteer “authorized representative” for C. H. in DCFS
    expungment hearing June 2003 and successfully obtained expungment of all child
    abuse findings for C.H.

    6 - Activist and delegate at 2004 Illinois PTA Convention and convinced delegates
    to pass resolutions asking legislature to rescind mandate requiring schoolchildren to
    have hepatitis B vaccine, to ask legislature to require entering schoolchildren to have eye
    exam not just inaccurate eye screen, and to ask legislature to recommend strongly that
    adults not smoke in automobiles that carry small children.

    7 - Federal witness regarding excessive force, medical neglect, torture, civil rights violations
    at CCDOC - Dir. of US Attorney Task Force on Civil Rights Violations at CCDOC of ASA
    Joan Laser - evidence has been given to her. Potential federal witness against corrupt
    State and County officials in Illinois and Cook County. Evidence given to U.S. Attorney
    and FBI.

    8. Successfully sued Cook County Sheriff for violation of FOIA, court ordered him to
    produce compliance plan with ADA and he admitted he didn’thave one. April 2005.

    9. Successfully sued State of Illinois agency (Human Rights Authority) in mandamus for
    failing to investigate compliant about torture, medical neglect and abuse of mental health
    patients at Cook County Jail. State capitulated and agreed to begin investigation. August

    Teaching Experience:

    1997 - 2002 Instructor for pediatric residents in care of institutionalized patients
    with chronic disease - Hope Children's Hospital

    1993-1994 Hospital based neonatology resuscitation instructor certified by
    American Heart Association and American Academy of

    1989-1994 Medical staff in neonatology/pediatrics - instructed family practice, pediatric, and ob/gyn residents, as well as medical students
    in neonatology and general pediatrics, as well as community
    medicine - Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

    1987-1991 Resident in pediatrics with teaching responsibility for medical students
    and interns on my service - University of Chicago Hospitals and
    Clinics and Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center

    1979-1983 Instructor in course segment "Pathology of the Nucleus"
    Teaching assistant (medical and nursing schools) pathology, histology,
    immunology - Medical University of South Carolina

    1976 Graduate level cell biology teaching assistant (advanced microscopy)
    - University of Chicago Graduate School, Biological
    Sciences Division

    1975-1976 Director of student guided tutoring services - University of Chicago College

    1971 Algebra teaching assistant - University of Chicago Laboratory Schools

    Thursday, December 11, 2008

    Questions and Answers About Cook County Jail - Corruption in Jails

    A continuing blog discussion about what is going on at Cook County Jail and information that inmates and families of inmates need to know. Extensive civil rights violations are detailed in many of the posts. Dr. Shelton "Linda" provides a lot of the answers:

    Wednesday, December 10, 2008

    The Secretive Atmosphere in Illinois, Government Corruption, and Gov. Blagojevic Arrest

    I am concerned about the lack of transparency regarding the overall atmosphere in Illinois in particular related to the Gov. Blagojevic arrest, and I presume soon to be announced indictment.

    Illinois for too long has been under the control of the Kingdom of former Gov. Jim (Prince John) Thompson and his Lords, Chicago Mayor Richard M. and Cook Co. Commissioner John Daley (sons of former Mayor Richard J.), County Board Pres. John Stroger Jr. (son of former County Board Pres. John Stroger), House Speaker Michael and his daughter Atty Gen. Lisa Madigan, Alderman Ed (buddy of Fast Ed[dy] now convict Vrdolyak) and IL. Supreme Court Justice Ann Burke, former Sheriff (of Nottingham) Sheahan, and State's Attorney Richard (Gisbourne) Divine, as well as other Lords such as former Sen. President Emil Jones and now his son Emil Jones Jr. Political office is inherited in Illinois, elected by political patronage paid for by bribery (10% of all contracts SHALL be donated (kicked-back) to political funds such as "Friends of Madigan" and "Friends of Blagojevic"), and decided in closed back room "deals" (bribes, tit-for-tat, nothing to do with competency or experience, etc.).

    Its time we have a truth commission in Illinois to give clemency to low level players so that we can reveal the true extent of the corruption, encourage witnesses to come out of the woodwork and reveal their evidence, as well as start anew with a high level of transparency. We desperately need new blood in Illinois and help from the U.S. Attorney in breaking the cycle of corruption, bribery, kick-backs, patronage, and nepotism.

    Fear is powerful. It keeps witnesses from talking. Fear in IL is used by making patronage workers fear job loss, fear loss of promotion, fear poverty. Whistle blowers are threatened by defamation, false arrests, and false statements about their sexual life or sexual preferences. This is topped off with death threats on the phone and a history of "suicide" by those arrested and charged with corruption who have positions just under the powerful like John Stroger Sr.'s godson Orlando Jones.

    A UIC professor said: Patronage breeds corruption like garbage breeds flies. SOOO true in Illinois.

    For more information about Illinois Corruption see the blogs:

    and other posts on this blog.

    Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. is identified as Candidate # 5 in the U.S. Attorney complaint against Gov. Blagojevic. Apparently someone connected with him was approached by Gov. Blagojevic operatives in order to negotiate Rep. Jackson “compensating” Gov. Blagojevic with funds for his political campaigns IF Rep. Jackson was placed higher on the list for appointment as Senator. Rep. Jackson should reveal the name of his associate and exactly what was discussed between his associate and Gov. Blagojevic’s operatives. If he is unwilling to do so, I MUST presume he has something to cover up. If he made NO inappropriate offer to produce campaign funds for Gov. Blagojevic (bribe) in exchange for or compensation for obtaining the Senate seat, then he should have nothing to hide and be totally willing to reveal all conversations occurring between his staff or operatives and Gov. Blagojevic’s staff or operatives, as well as the names of these people.

    The same holds true for Pres.-Elect Obama. If someone from his staff spoke to someone in Gov. Blagojevic’s staff concerning filling his Senate seat he should reveal their name and insist that the staff member be totally transparent about the conversation. If he doesn’t do this quickly the public and press will assume he has something to hide.

    Senator Durbin has requested that Gov. Ryan be granted clemency. I think he should withdraw that request because of reasons I state elsewhere,,

    as well as the fact that it would diminish the seriousness of his offense. Persons in office deserve VERY stiff sentence when they break the public trust. This is essentially treason. For Gov. Blagojevic to try to corrupt the US Senate by appointing someone who bought the office is also tantamount to treason but at a higher level. It should be treated as such in my book. His acts, if true, were so blatant, arrogant, and beyond the pale to astonish all. The punishment if he is convicted should be EXTREMELY steep.

    I have informed Senator Durbin of a lot of facts related to corruption in the courts and government offices in Illinois that violate state law and amount to felony conspiracy to violate rights under color of law. I had asked him to consider holding congressional hearings on this topic and review the federal law regarding this to find ways to better enforce civil rights law and the right to a fair trial. I was exceedingly disappointed in his response. He said its not a federal issue and I should consult a state legislator. He is Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. As such he should clearly see this IS A FEDERAL ISSUE. He has a sworn duty to uphold the laws of this land. He was informed of felony conduct of government officials and members of the courts in Illinois. He should have referred the issue to the US Attorney and considered holding hearings. His failure to do so means he has disregarded his DUTY to uphold the laws of the land, failed to respond to a citizen in Illinois about pressing civil rights issues and government corruption issues that have culminated with with the arrest of Gov. Blagojevic, and makes me assume he is more interested in covering up corruption and forgiving corruption in Illinois than addressing these issues. I now must question his loyalty to the constitution and the citizens of Illinois.

    His e-mail to me is as follows:

    December 9, 2008

    Dr. Linda Shelton
    9905 S. Kilbourn Ave
    Oak Lawn, IL 60453

    Dear Dr. Shelton:

    Thank you for contacting me about a blog alleging corruption in the Illinois judicial system. I appreciate hearing from you.

    This issue is under the jurisdiction of state and local government. As a federal official, I do not have a formal role in this matter. However, I appreciate knowing your concerns.

    You may want to contact your State Senator and State Representative to let them know your views. You can find their names and office telephone numbers by entering your home address at the website of the Illinois State Board of Elections,, or by calling the Board at (866) 262-6663.

    Again, thank you for your message. If I can be of any service regarding an issue before the United States Senate, please do not hesitate to contact my office.

    Richard J. Durbin
    United States Senator